Top 10 Best Remote Control Dinosaurs (Gift Idea) For Toddlers

When you looking for the best remote control dinosaur toys, you must consider not only the quality but also price and customer reviews. But among hundreds of products with a different price ranges, choosing best remote control dinosaur toys is not an easy task.

Best Remote control toys are among the most famous these days. They are created to keep kids entertained while facilitating quick development. In fact, the control helps kids to develop improved coordination. Dinosaurs are some of the ideal toys of choice to give your little young a reason to enjoy. They are designed to create special feeling by evoking historical animals to kids.

Best Remote Control Dinosaurs

So dinosaur toys are still a massive attraction with boys and girls. Kids will learn about this prehistoric creature through these dinosaur toys.

There are many dinosaur toys for every age group that stimulates their brainstorm. We have created a list of dinosaur toys of various age groups so you can select your best.

There is a list below with a detailed guide of the best remote control dinosaurs toys which is suitable for your children. Here we have discussed some of the most beautiful dinosaur toys that will fascinate your toddler.

These best remote control dinosaurs toys come in different shapes and styles. However, they have more of a dinosaur shapes hence the name. Some have dinosaur truck nature while others have real looking animal looks. To control these toys, they are designed with wireless connectivity, especially radio frequency channels. This ensures they can move several feet without losing connection. Stable connectivity is vital as well as easy to use control pad. For ultimate kids entertainment, here are the best dinosaur toys to buy in 2021.

In this post, we show you how to find the best remote control dinosaurs toys along with our top-rated reviews. Please check out our suggestions to find the best remote control dinosaur toys for you.

Top 10 Best Remote Control Dinosaurs in 2021

1.  Discovery Kids Remote Control RC T Rex Dinosaur Electronic Toy

Top 10 Best Remote Control Dinosaurs (Gift Idea) For Toddlers 1Check Prices on Amazon

This electronic dinosaur toy is the king of dinosaurs for its exciting sounds, movement and striking power. Your child will be able to use the remote control with two simple buttons.

The left button makes the dinosaur active and right button commends it roar and attack before it. Wheels make easy movement of the T-rex across the floors.

The button of the remote control makes the T-rex realistic mode. The realistic soft skin around the head and neck make it alive.

It is 19 inches long when assembled 3AA batteries are included in the remote control but it requires 2 batteries to ready this toy. Manufacturer recommended age is 6 years and up.


  • All of the parts of the T-Rex as the legs, head and neck will move along with each step and roar.
  • Your kids will enjoy its loud roar and ferocity.

2.   Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur

Top 10 Best Remote Control Dinosaurs (Gift Idea) For Toddlers 2

Check Price on Amazon

This Fistone RC Dino comes with a remote control. It gives your child complete control over the toy throughout the different modes available. These include an independent mode, Sucker Bullet, Fight, Auto Demo, as well as a music and dance function.

We liked these movement features as they’re fun to control and watch while also ensuring your child is visually and audibly stimulating.

Another one of the impressive features this toy has is the intelligent touch sensitive mode. When your child touches the toy in certain areas, it responds by either moving its head, making noises or wagging its tail. This is highly interactive and teaches your children about cause and effect.

The grey and white intelligent Fistone Robot Dinosaur can change from a tail-swinging, dancing dinosaur to a fierce screaming combative dinosaur with the flick of a button. Its multi-functions may entertain boys and girls.  

The friendly robot dinosaur has three dancing modes controlled by the remote. Blinking its eyes, it dances in its mechanical pop style. Kids may dance alongside on the rhythm of the music or watch it flashing emoji displayed by the built-in LED flashing lights.  

The dinosaur gladly shakes its head and wags its tail indicating it’s friendly or as a warning when in fighting mode. With flexible movements, the robot dinosaur walks around, can rotate in 360 degrees and slide. Four pulleys in the soles of its feet promote the sliding motion.   

When in combat fighting mode, the friendly robot dinosaur becomes a fierce adversary when it receives the fighting signals from the transmitter. It’s piercing scream may distract the enemy from noticing the warning wagging tail indicating it is locking the target. The weapon launcher on its back shoots sucker bullets. The sucker bullets are harmless to humans.  

Touch its head, and the dinosaur comes alive. Activate the intelligent touch sensitive area on its head by selecting the sense interaction button on the keypad. It will wag its tail, shake its head and with multiple contacts scream in various “dinosaur” languages when activating the voice effects.   

The manufacturer recommends the Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur for five years old and up. The various buttons on the remote control may be too complicated for some 3-year old and more comfortable to control for five years and older. 

The independent programming feature allows for 50 programmable actions at a time. Older kids may program a sequence of motions while parents could create a sequence that delights toddlers and younger kids. 

Included in the package is the remote control, the rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery for the dinosaur, a USB charger, five sucker bullets, a screwdriver, and the user manual. The two AAA batteries for the remote control are excluded. 

Batteries last for about 20-30 minutes before it needs recharging, which takes about 2-3 hours. Only two batteries are necessary. The remote doesn’t require many batteries but charging the dinosaur takes time.   

Age: 5 to 10 years

Dimensions: 17.7 x 12.4 x 7.1 inches

Weight: 3.55 pounds

Battery Needed: 2 AAA batteries for RC


  • Responsive control
  • Music & dance features
  • Very stimulating for kids
  • Teaches cause and effect

3)   Zoomer Dino

Top 10 Best Remote Control Dinosaurs (Gift Idea) For Toddlers 3


First up is this awesome robot dinosaur toy from Zoomer. Below is my own remote control dinosaur toy that I have named Terror Rex! It is a really cool toy and I have seen kids engaged with it for hours.

Your children get to tame this little guy. If they are getting bored with their old robot dinosaur, this one will breathe a little of that spark back into their imaginations. While he may look a little fierce, he really just wants to be petted and loved.

Zoomer Dino (check price on Amazon) balances on two wheels and will go anywhere that they let him. Those wheels make him pretty quick. He can go back and forth, and even spin around if he’s surprised. He’ll also dance and play tag.

Like all Zoomer robotic toys, its main attraction lies in its ability to learn new commands and execute new actions. I have fun watching it explore and do all sorts of crazy things like roar, burp and fart. It can even laugh at itself! Its algorithm has been designed such as to make it a quick learner, therefore kids really appreciate such a toy that can mimic their actions.

Another fun fact about Zoomer’s dinosaur toy is its ability to keep itself balanced. It can even pick itself up if it topples forward. However, if it falls sideways, you will need to set it straight yourself.

The walking action is smooth, unlike the cheaper alternatives that don’t walk very well. For that, I think its higher price is justified as it is just a better quality toy all around.

One thing you should note is that you should read the instructions. That helps me get all mileage out of this cool dinosaur toy. If not, you might miss some of the cool things that Terror Rex can do which I have mentioned.

However, there is a certain flaw that I hope can be corrected in the next version. The battery life is a bit limited. Each charge lasts up to 40 minutes after an hour of charging so kids might get impatient. To know that the toy is fully charged up, look at its eyes. Green means it is ready to go!

His eyes will let your children know what he’s in the mood for. Blue eyes means that he sees them. His eyes are purple when he’s learning, and they turn red when he’s mad. And, when kids pat him on the nose, they turn green, and he almost gives them a little dino-smile.

When it’s time for some real action, kids can grab his tail to make him roar and chomp his teeth.

What we like:

  • His eyes change color depending on his mood. So, kids always know whether he wants to play or rough-house.
  • He’ll almost become a pet for kids as they train him to do different tricks.

Watch out for:

  • It’s not recommended for children younger than three.


4.  Remote Control Dinosaur by TEMI


TEMI’s Remote Control Toy Dinosaur is able to move in all directions. This enables kids to play with it in very creative ways. We also liked how its head can shake and turn in a 360 degree motion.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur toy is a giant T-Rex that is 17 inches long. It can make sounds, shake the head, open and close mouth, and move 360-degree rotation. It goes forward and backward, turns right/left. It can also roar and make various Jurassic sounds.

This package contains one piece RCT T-Rex dinosaur toy, a 2.4 Ghz transmitter, a rechargeable Ni-cd battery and a USB charger.

Though there is a remote control, a push button can control some specific action. This remote can control in a range of 50 meters without any interference. It is equipped with rechargeable Ni-cd battery.

This big model dinosaur can encourage every child to learn paleontology and ages of dragon. It will make unlimited fun to your child. A child can enjoy its vivid light that ignites those eyes and back spine. Kids will receive it as a birthday or charismas gift with joy.

Furthermore, it comes with flashing lights which are very stimulating for your child’s visual senses. We also liked how this toy roars. It offers more interactive features that help children learn via their audible senses.

It’s equipped with a battery which can be recharged. So, there’s no need for replacing batteries! The toy takes around two hours to fully charge and it can last your child for 15 minutes of constant use. the USB charging cable makes it super easy. You could plug it into your computer or laptop.

All the materials used are free from toxins and pass the safety regulations for kid’s toys in the U.S. Therefore, you can be assured that it’s safe for your child.


  • Non toxic materials
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 360 degree head motion
  • Lights & sounds

5. Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino

Meet the Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino. This bright red remote control dinosaur provides plenty of wow factor for kids. The great thing about this model is its unpredictable behavior.

  • Best feature 1: Tamable model dinosaur
  • Best feature 2: Dino-sense responsiveness
  • Plus points: Realistic movements, sound effects, gesture or remote control, moods
  • Minus points: Fragile, takes a bit of working out

The Zoomer Dino is as life-like as you can get with a toy dinosaur. He’s a bit wild out of the box, and it’s up to the master to tame the ferocious beast. The way to do that is with hand gestures or by using the controller. This model is truly interactive and the reason kids 5-years and above love it so much.

A Truly Interactive Dinosaur

Here are some of the Krimson dinosaur’s unique features:

  • Realistic dinosaur-like movements and sounds
  • Pull its tail and watch him go into a tantrum
  • Put him on the attack
  • True Balance Technology™ keeps Krimson upright
  • Train him to roar, spin around, dance, chomp, and chase
  • Feed him Dino snacks and watch him eat
  • Tame his aggressive behavior

The model even has mood indicating eyes so you can tell how he’s feeling. The effects include clear bright eyes for happy, red for angry, and blue when he senses your hands. The eyes also change to a purple color when you’re training or taming him. How cool is that?

Tech Specs
Dimensions: 16 x 6.8 x 6.8”
Product Weight: 2.4 lbs.
Recommended age: 5-years and up
Battery: Lithium Polymer required, 3AAs for controller (not included)
Functions: Multiple functions, including physical movements, eye lights, sounds, and moods
The Pros
Tamable dinosaur with lots of interactive features
Good-looking model, striking colors
Dino-sense responsiveness
Realistic movements
Sound effects
Gesture or remote control
Mood indicating eyes
 Best Remote Control Dinosaurs

6. WowWee Roboraptor X



Roboraptor was one of the very first remote controlled robotic dinosaurs to incorporate artificial intelligence and realistic biomorphic motion and manufacturers Wowwee Robotics have given him a major upgrade and overhaul with all the model X upgrade. Roboraptor measures 32 inches from nose to tail, attributes remote control or loose roam modes and may even be controlled by your smart device as a result of its included infra red dongle. The ferocious looking and intelligent robot dinosaur ever made, buy Roboraptor X now, before he comes searching for you.

One of the most obvious differences between the Zoomer version and this is the speed at which the toy moves. As you can see from the images, the Wow Wee version has actual legs instead of wheels, so it moves slowly. However, it is a more realistic walk and depending on what your kid likes, there is a difference in the basic movement for the two dinosaur toys.

Regarding intelligence, I will say the Zoomer has a slight edge in terms of the commands and actions it follows. However, don’t let that take anything away from the Wow Wee. I played it for some time and its range of actions is still impressive. For any 6-year-old and above kid, it should be entertaining enough for hours.

A cool thing about the Wow Wee remote control toy is that it comes with two types of remote control. The first is a standard remote control, and the other can connect to your smartphone allowing your child to control their dinosaur with their phone or tablet.

Unlike the Zoomer, the Woo Wee dinosaur toy is not rechargeable as normal batteries power it.

Overall, it is cool robot dinosaur toy and should appeal to kids who love big toys.


  1. Realistic legs and walk
  2. Two remote controls
  3. Battery powered so no need to charge frequently
  4. 32 inches long
  5. Three distinct moods
  6. Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  7. LR44 batteries included

7. The Learning Journey Early Learning – Remote Control ABC Dancing Dino

Top 9 Best Robot Dinosaur Toys For Kids & Toddlers (2021 Reviews) 7

It wasn’t easy finding a good dinosaur robot for toddlers, as most are for older kids, but at we always go the extra mile for you! This super cute RC dinosaur is ideal for your 2 year old, as its humorous movement, wiggly tail and exciting dance moves are just perfect for a toddler and will have them rolling around with laughter. Additionally, it plays some terrific tunes to sing and dance along to.

It is a prehistoric dancing machine. ABC dancing dino interacts with your child’s clapping, their brightly colored, spotted friend.

Remote control ABC Dancing dino responds to the various  button on the handheld remote.

This toy stimulates motor skills  of your child. It provides hours of interactive learning fun.

It measures 8″ long x 7″wide x 9.5″ high. It is suitable for 2+ years . 4 AA batteries are  included for the main unit.

In terms of purposes, the ABC dino has more than sufficient to excite your youngster. It can walk, dance or talk through utilizing the buttons on the remote, and it’s both an Action manner and a Let’s Learn mode, so there is lots to keep coming back to. It’s also worth noting that this was the Tillywig Tow Awards Brain Child Winner of 2016 because of its ability to blend fun and learning together.


  1. lead them to dance, to answer questions, and to explore sounds and lights.
  2. This remote control is infrared.
  3. Provides hours of interactive learning fun.

8.   SGILE RC Dinosaur Toy

This modern dinosaur toy is remote controlled and a suitable toy for age 5 years and older. Its robotic features are suitable for the curious and creative minds of this age level. It also has the battle mode which you can activate using the remote control. Once activated, the dinosaur toy will roar and eject his sucker bullets.

It has the bionic body of a tyrannosaurus which makes it effortless to move its tail, body, and head. With the use of the remote control, you can make the LED eyes of this dinosaur toy glow and make the sound of the dinosaur.

You can also program some actions for this dinosaur. Meanwhile, the head of the dinosaur has a touch sensor. Whenever you touch the head, the toy will move its tail and body. This is a highly interactive toy suitable for the curious and imaginative mind of your kid.

Product Specs

Dimension 26 x 6.3 x 9.8 inches
Item weight 2.65 lbs
Age 5 years and older
Package Dinosaur toy and remote control

Key Features

  • Remote control functions
  • LED light eyes and roar sound
  • Actions can be programmed
  • Touch sensor on dino head


  • Convenient to use
  • Innovative and modern
  • Interactive and great sounds and action


  • Works as expected

9. Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World, T-Rex Dinosaur

Top 10 Best Remote Control Dinosaurs (Gift Idea) For Toddlers 5


If you’re looking for a toy to impress your dino lover, then Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World (check price on Amazon) . Standing over 30 inches tall, this larger than life action packed robo-dinosaur devours all in its path. Being able to control the T-rex’s movements help teach your three year old cause and effect as well as hand eye coordination.

What we like

  • Along with the huge T-rex, this dinosaur comes with Owen (watch the movie to fully understand his crucial role), his Jeep, a projectile launcher, and 2 projectiles
  • The eyes change color to further the action.

Watch out for:

  • There are lots of moving parts involved in this toy, so the chances of some aspect of it not working or malfunctioning are higher.
  • The size of this toy might make it harder to keep in smaller rooms, which usually seem to be already packed beyond capacity with toys.


10  Discovery RC T-Rex Radio Controlled Action Dinosaur

Discovery RC T-Rex Radio Controlled Action Dinosaur

This remote control dinosaur comes with a wireless controller, and roars with just one touch. The soft skin means you can really take advantage of in sensory activities for children. It has a built in speaker that sounds almost like a real dinosaur, enough to scare your friends.

At 16 inches, this dino is half the size of Wow Wee, but it also costs a lot less. 3 AA batteries are included in the package which is a great thing, because it’s such a nuisance to have to get separate batteries for such toys.

Otherwise complete, this dino only requires you to do a bit of work on its tail. But it is good to go after just a few minutes of assembly. Because of its simplicity and easy operation, this toy is better suited for little kids.

Children love anything that roars, and this little dino is sure to be their next favorite toy. You might need to get earbuds because they will be making this robot dinosaur toy roar all day!


  1. Lifelike toy
  2. Remote control to make little kids feel in control
  3. 16 inches long
  4. Suitable for toddlers

Buying Guide for Best Remote Control Dinosaurs

A lot of cute and cool electronic dinosaur toys are available in the online market. Many of them are suitable as dinosaurs gift for boys and girls. When you buy a gift, you should prefer the interest of your child like safety, age of your kids, education value as well as durable quality. It is your duty to introduce them to some cool and cute toy that adorable to them at first glance. It will be the best gift for dinosaur lovers. A giant dinosaur plush or a remote control dinosaur would be a great choice for your kids. There are some points below that you should follow carefully.


You should keep in mind the age of your child when you buy a toy for them. There are many age appropriate remote control dinosaur toys. Before buying a toy you should take a look into the manufacturer recommended age. You will find dinosaur gifts for toddlers, dinosaur toys for 3 years old, dinosaur toys for 3-year-olds, dinosaur gifts for kids, dinosaur toys for 2 years olds, etc. above in our list.

Always consider the age of the dino-lover on your list when shopping for your gift. There are prehistoric-inspired toys for young children who’ll enjoy pushing around a whimsical wheeled dinosaur, but this isn’t likely to capture the attention of a teenager who may want something more high-tech or hands-on. If you’re shopping for an adult, look for collectible dinosaur gifts or those that serve a practical purpose.


There’s no shortage of realistic, detailed collectible dinosaurs out there, but there’s also an abundance of educational gifts, like books or hands-on activities, that teach about science and natural history. Think about the personality of your recipient and choose accordingly.


Bring another world to life with a dinosaur gift that responds to commands via voice or an app. Or, for a low-tech but still interactive option, choose from Lego building kits or sets of realistic dinosaurs for imaginative play


These remote control dinosaurs not only give fun to your kids but learning material also. Many of the dinosaur toys have educational value. There are some educational dinosaur toys in the online market. 3 Bees & Me Dinosaur Learning Toys for Boys and Girls, Boely 14-pack 10 inch Educational Dinosaur toys, dinosaur (Knowledge Encyclopedia), 50 Piece Dinosaur Playset all are ultimate educational toys. Your children will learn about this pre-historic creature. These excellent educational toys will develop their imagination. It will teach cooperation with their friends. These STEM toy sets will encourage curiosity about science and develop their motor skills.


Most of the electronic remote control dinosaur toys are made of plastic material. You have to make sure that these plastic dinosaur toys are made of ABS materials, so it can endure any playful abuse from your kids. It is made out of high-quality sturdy non-toxic recyclable ABS plastic. Most of the toys above are fully tested and certified with ASTM & CPSC standards.


Customer reviews are the best indicator of product quality. A customer always observes the effect of the toys to their child. So in order to gain the best quality of a product, you should carefully read and follow customer reviews. As most of the dinosaur toys are made of durable non-toxic plastic and its overall performance is better, you can rely on these toys list above.

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