10 Best Rain Gauges Review in 2021 – [Advanced Guide]

Want to know the best part of these top ten and best of all recommended rain gauges?

Then do check out the below-mentioned details.

These rain gauges are used to record the amount of rainwater which fall in that specific given time.

Furthermore, these instruments are made of PREMIUM & HIGH-QUALITY plastic material.

These are highly durable gauges and comes with an accurate scale so that you can easily read the readings.


A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Rain Gauge

rain gauges

You can easily and conveniently insert these rain gauges in the garden or in any field or even in the yard.

Moreover, you are free to mount them on the pole.

Even more, you can use and avail them to check the watering rate for the sake of experiencing better productivity.

What is a Rain Gauges?

You might be wondering what is a rain gauge?

Here is the explanation for you.

This instrument is too called with the name of udometer, pluviometer, or you can also call it with the name of the ombrometer.

This specific and subjected instrument is used and availed by the meteorologists and hydrologists.

In addition to, there are many and different kinds of gauges. You can use standard graduated cylinders, weighing gauges or you can also use tipping bucket gauge.

Then we have simply buried pit collectors. Each type and range of rainfall gauge, it comes with certain advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Rain Gauges!

Below you can check out some of the important benefits which are given by a rainfall gauge tool:

The use of high-quality rain gauge tools, it is getting common day by day.

Professionals use this instrument to collect the rain water and also to record the actual and accurate amount of rate which fall in the given amount of time.

Most importantly, these kinds of tools are easy to use and easy to read.

You can call them as one of the ideal devices for the sake of measuring the amount of rain whose average and maximum capacity is 25cm in terms of height.

You can use these rain gauge tools in your home or in your garden.

Most noteworthy, you can use them in your farm. If you are one of the keen weather watchers, then do buy and use this instrument.

Rain gauge tools improve productivity as well. In other words, they help and assist you to measure the amount and range of water.

At the same time, they improve the watering rate for better and ideal productivity.

Now, it is high time to have a look at the reviews about the top rain gauge options.

10- RouShun 5″ Capacity Rain GaugeRouShun 5" Capacity Rain Gauge

RouShun 5” Capacity Rain Gauge gives out precise rain measurement and that is the most catchy and reliable trait of it. This is a brand new recommendation which we have suggested to you.

It is made of high quality and durable materials it always give out and serves accurate measurement. It is its precise delivery of accurate and exact results which makes it one of the top rain gauges.

Most importantly, this tool is easy to read. Its readings do not rub off. You can clearly see the readings in a second. For measuring rainfall, lawn or garden watering, you can use this reviewed product.

Most noteworthy, this rain gauge is available in the clear color. It is made of glass material and its offered rainfall capacity is up to 5 inches. On the other hand, its readable calibration is up to 12cm.


  • 100% Brand new.
  • Gives accurate measurement.
  • It is easy to read
  • Ideal for measurement and recording of rainfall.


  • None.

9- Bonlting Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube

Bonlting Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube

Also, we have Bonlting 5” Capacity Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube for you. This rain gauge has the potential to ideally and accurately measure sprinkler fall and too rainfall.

Most probably, you may prefer to buy this rainfall gauge because it constantly gives and manage to deliver precise rain measurement. It comes with an easy to read scale and that is the USP of it.

It is both in inches and millimeters units that this instrument can record and measure rainfall for you. For the measurement of rainfall and for recording lawn and garden watering, you can use this reviewed instrument.

Most certainly, this rainfall gauge will come on your expectations because it is extremely durable. It contains weather-resistant construction and reliable to use.


  • Ideal to measure and record sprinkler fall.
  • Deliver accurate measurement.
  • Easy to read scale.
  • Weather-resistant construction.


  • Limited guarantee.

8- ROBTLE Rainfall GaugeROBTLE Rainfall Gauge

ROBTLE Rainfall Gauge is a reliable recommendation for you too. It is available in the black color. Its EAN number is 0707300555574 and it comes in the finished type.

In addition, its installation method is pretty much easy and quick. Its total weight is 1.63  pounds. It is its large outer cylinder which let and permit for some heavy rainfall.

On the other hand, its flat bottom is easy and convenient to stand. You can stand and place it on any of the flat positions. Besides, it measures and records the rains in centimeters along with white numbers.

Its numbers and readings are easy to read. So, what have you decided? Try out this perfect device that you can use to measure and also record the amount of rain.

Its maximum offered capacity is 25cm/9.8inch height. It is not easy to break and fade. Lastly, it contains all weather-resistant plastic construction elements in it.


  • Easy to read.
  • Quick installation method.
  • Lightweight.
  • Weather resistant construction.


  • Absence of dual scale.

7- EUGNN Rain Gauge Digital Weather Instrument

EUGNN Rain Gauge Digital Weather Instrument

Another suggestion we have for you, it is this EUGNN Rain Gauge Digital Weather Instrument. It comes with a manual setting option. You have to manually set the time and date settings in it.

It gives out the detailed and complete display of rainfall data in 1hour and 24hour and also total since last reset. You can either adjust the settings in inches or in millimeters, it is up to you.

Note down that this is a Wireless Rain Meter and Rain Gauge instrument which comes with a Thermometer. It is installed with an Outdoor wireless sensor and its offered range is up to 100 meter.

To use this rain gauge, you have to use 2 x “AA” alkaline batteries. The package comes with a 1PC x Rain gauge and 1PC x Receiver as well as 1PC x User Manual. You will also get 2 Pieces of Screws.


  • Gives Detail display of rainfall data.
  • Comes with a User Manual.
  • Durable construction.


  • 2 x “AA” alkaline batteries are not included in the package.

6- C-Pioneer Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube

C-Pioneer Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube

Besides, you are free to buy and try this C-Pioneer 5″ Capacity Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube. It is one of the highest quality rainfall gauges so far. It gives the most precise, accurate and exact measurements.

You will not find any difficulty while reading the measurements from it. For rainfall measurement, for lawn watering recording or for garden watering measurement, you can use this rain gauge.

It is purely and specifically made of glass. With respect to its dimensions, its readable calibration is 12cm. The approximate height of this rainfall gauge is 140mm and its diameter dimensions are 22mm.

The package only comes with 1 x Rain Gauge. Most importantly, before you buy this gauge, then get the complete understanding as to how to use and operate it.


  • 100% high quality.
  • Gives accurate measurement.
  • Quick and easy to read.
  • Ideal to record and measure garden watering.


  • None.

5- Wakects Plastic Rain Gauge TubeWakects Plastic Rain Gauge Tube

This Wakects Plastic Rain Gauge Tube is made of premium materials and always give accurate scales. You can note down its construction details, it is made and manufactured with the help of plastic material.

This is immensely durable and and you are free to use this rain gauge for years and years. Furthermore, it is attached and installed with accurate and precise scale part.

Its offers capacity is 35mm and the presence of accurate scale makes it seamless for you to read the readings. All in all, this is extremely convenient to use rainfall gauge which you can use as well.

You can mount and set up it on a pole and you can too insert and install it in a garden. Hence, if you have decided to buy this Wakects Plastic Rain Gauge Tube, then do share your reviews with us. We are waiting for your feedback.


  • Made of top quality plastic material.
  • It is convenient to use.
  • Wide application.
  • 100% Durable.


  • Lacks weather resistant construction.

4- C-Pioneer 2pcs 5″ Capacity Rain GaugeC-Pioneer 2pcs 5" Capacity Rain Gauge

C-Pioneer 2pcs 5” Capacity Rain Gauge is recommended and suggested from our expert’s side too. You can use this rainfall gauge instrument because it is made of reliable and top quality materials.

Its unique selling point is that its calibration will not rub off. This instrument is the name of giving an accurate measurements. You can precisely and accurately record the amount of rain measurement which falls at that time period.

Its readings are easy, simple and quick to read. If you are a keen weather watcher, then this specific rainfall gauge is exclusively made and designed for you.

Lastly, this instrument measures rainfall, garden watering range and also lawn watering range.


  • Accurate measurement.
  • Gives precise and exact readings.
  • Easy to read
  • Calibration will not rub off.


  • None.

3- La Crosse Technology 724-1415BL-INT Wireless Rain StationLa Crosse Technology 724-1415BL-INT Wireless Rain Station

La Crosse Technology 724-1415BL-INT Wireless Rain Station has a dynamic icon installed in it. With the help of this icon, you can easily know about the days which comes with rainfall and without rainfall.

Furthermore, it even measure ad record indoor/outdoor temperature range (°F/°C) as well as humidity range (%RH). Moreover, it has a 12/24 Time display setting option which you have to manually set.

It has a calendar display in it in the format of Day/Month/Date. So, to know and measure how much rain you got, use this instrument. Most probably, you may get satisfied upon using this new and advanced digital wireless rain station.

It gives numeric measurements which are constantly monitored right on the digital indoor base. It also gives historical data and too a cylinder rain graph.

Lastly, this product is getting lots of positive reviews because of the presence of adjustable settings, customizable rain alert, optional back light feature in it.


  • Gives accurate rainfall readings.
  • Adjustable settings.
  • Customizable rain alert.
  • Comes with an Optional back light feature in it.


  • No friendly after sale service.

2- Rain Gauges 5-Inch Capacity Faucet Glass StakeRain Gauges 5-Inch Capacity Faucet Glass Stake

Another suggestion which you can try, it is this recommended Rain Gauges 5-Inch Capacity Faucet Glass Stake. Its gives effective and precise measurement and that is the most amazing part about it.

This is a very well made rainfall gauge. In addition, it is packed with a texture painted finish. It means you can use this instrument for long number of years. You are free to buy it because it is easy to assemble.

This is a weather-resistant Steel Stake and keep the complete track and record of changing weather conditions. It is packed with unique 5-Inch Capacity and specifically designed to compliment your deck or your patio and garden.

It measures and record precipitation approximately up to 5 inches. This is a maintenance-free and also easy to clean Faucet Rain Gauge, for the reason that we have suggested it to you.


  • Gives Effective Measurement.
  • Very Well Made.
  • Texture Painted Finish.
  • Easy To Assemble.


  • None.

1- Yosoo Rain GaugeYosoo Rain Gauge

Lastly, we have Yosoo Rain Gauge. It is made of durable plastic and contains weather-resistant plastic construction factor in it. Most importantly, it is shipped from the US.

Its Maximum Capacity is up to 25 cm with respect to height. To measure the amount of rain, this is an ideal gauge which you can use. It gives out measurements in centimeters along with white numbers.

No hassle will be experienced by the user while noting down the readings. Besides, it has a flat bottom. It means you can easily place this rain gauge on any kind of flat position surface.

No doubt, you will get a reliable and also friendly customer service upon buying this rainfall gauge. Their team will respond and get back to you within 24-hour time frame.


  • Weather-resistant Plastic Construction.
  • Maximum Capacity.
  • Easy to Read.
  • Flat Bottom.
  • Friendly Customer Service.


  • None.

Best Rain Gauges – Buyer’s Guide

rain gauges

Gives Precise Rain Measurement

You need to buy that rainfall gauge which gives and deliver precise rain measurement. Look for the option which is brand new and also made of high-quality materials.

It should constantly give accurate measurement so that you can receive precise rain measurement every single time.

Easy to Read

In addition to, you can use and buy that rain gauge which is easy to read. If it is tough to read, then avoid buying that instrument for yourself.

Its given readings, results and measurements should be convenient and quick to read.

Wide Application

Go with that option which can carry out the measurement of rainfall, lawn and also garden watering. Even more, it should be able to measure and estimate the amount of sprinkler fall.

Apart from that, if its scale is available in both of inch and millimeters range, then that is amazing.

Weather-Resistant Construction

You can purchase that rain gauge which is durable and to contains weather-resistant construction aspect in it. It needs to give you a multiple numbers of options while installation.

As an example, it should get easily inserted into the ground or you can mount it on a fence or on a deck.

Types of Rain Gauges

Standard Rain Gauge

Firstly, we have a standard rain gauge for you. This instrument was developed and made at the starting phase and span of 20th century. It comprises a funnel and a graduated cylinder.

This cylinder gets to fit and adjust right inside a larger container

Pluviometer of Intensities

Note down that this pluviometer of intensities is a specific kind of tool that measures and predict the average intensity of rainfall. It is also called with the name of Jardi’s pluviometer.

Initially, it was made and manufactured to record and measure the rainfall amount in Catalonia. Later on, the use of this rain gauge tool was eventually and gradually spread throughout the whole world.

Weighing Precipitation Gauge

This is a weighing-type kind of precipitation gauge. It comprises and compose of a storage bin which is then weighed and measured to record the mass.

Using this rain gauge tool is far a better option because it does not underestimate the aspect of intense rain. It has the potential to measure other forms and kinds of precipitation as well.

This mainly includes rain, hail and also snow. These gauges are comparatively more expensive. They need an extensive amount of maintenance than that of the tipping bucket gauges.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Besides, this tipping bucket rain gauge, it is encompassed by a funnel presence which generally and usually collects and channels out the precipitation.

This whole process takes place in a small size seesaw like container.

Optical Rain Gauge

Moving on, we have another rainfall gauge type for you and it is this optical rain gauge. It contains and surrounded by a row of collection funnels.

Its sensor is set and adjusted at laser beam path and also at right angle direction to the laser.

Acoustic Rain Gauge

Lastly, we have an Acoustic rain gauge for you. It is often referred to as with the name of hydrophone.

This rainfall gauge tool has the capacity to sense and measure the sound signatures for every single rain drop size the minute rain strikes with a water surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Should You Put a Rain Gauge?

Where Should You Put a Rain Gauge?

To put a rain gauge, make sure that you place and set up it at least 2-5 feet distance off the ground. The top section of the cylinder should be several inches above from the the top zone of the pole.

This is necessary in order to prevent and avoid splashback. Furthermore, you have to make this thing sure that the top area of the rainfall gauge needs to be up to the level.

How Do You Make a Rain Gauge Accurate?

How Do You Make a Rain Gauge Accurate?

In order to make an accurate rain gauge, what you have to do is to place the rainfall gauge top approximately and about 2 feet off the ground.

However, if you are in one of the developed areas, then do place and set up the gauge top approximately 5 feet off the ground distance.

Besides, in order to reduce and decrease rain splashing, bevel the top section of the post into the gauge.

How Is Rain Measured Using a Rain Gauge?

How Is Rain Measured Using a Rain Gauge?

The total rainfall is recorded by measuring the total amount of height which is reached on the cylinder. You can either use a standard rain gauge or you can use a funnel rain gauge to record the rainfall.

Note down that the diameter of the collector is approximately 10 times more than that of the tube.

In this way, the rain gauge works and operates by magnifying the liquid or rain by a factor number of 10. Hence, magnifying the rain let and allow 100% precise measurements.

Over to You!

Hence, try out and any order of these rain gauges and share your views with us. If you want to know how much amount of rain you got overnight, then you are free to use these rainfall gauges.

Moreover, they offer numeric measurements. They give adjustable settings along with customizable rain alert options.

Keep tuned with us, we will let you know more about these rainfall gauges.

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