Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021)

Best Night Light Projector for kids provides a relaxed, sometimes even cool atmosphere when it is dark. Therefore it is a really great alternative to lava lamps or candles. It can also be used as a sleeping light for adult.

Night light projectors are mainly designed to fascinate young children and toddlers. However, they can stimulate the sense of wonder in anyone even adults as long as a person has even the least amount of imagination.

The best night light projector is not only functional indoors but also outdoors as well. During special occasions, like parties and holiday celebrations, you can use these light projections to lighten up the mood.

If you’ve been looking for a starry night projector or a night light color for babies, here’s the collection that’s sure to give you just what you need.

With these top ten-night light projectors, you’d not need to go through heart-wrenching moments searching for a decorative lamp.

Best Night Light Projector

Best Night Light Projector is a great way to make nights interesting, whether it’s for relaxation or setting a mood. These projectors project an array of light that, when said light hits a surface, makes it look like stars.

Also, choosing from this collection will make doubly sure you don’t have to pick a wrong light that doesn’t have what you need.
Aside from pinpointing the best lamps out there, this read will put a lot more essential info in your focus. You’d have concrete facts on what to consider before placing an order for a night light projector, and a lot more to help you pick better.
We have reviewed the top 10 best night projectors available in the market. With the help of our in-depth reviews, you will be able to save a lot of energy, time, and effort on your part. When you are finished reading the reviews, take a look at our compact yet comprehensive buying guide. It will help you in getting to know the features that best star projectors have and what you need to look out for.

Best Night Light Projectors in 2021

Need excellent decorative lighting in your home, office, or outdoor space? You’re sure to be spoiled for choice with so many night light projectors out there.

And to make the best choice for night light projectors, you’ve got to be kept abreast with a top collection and quality info.

Night light projectors come with a range of captivating features. And based on your preferences, these lights can do a lot more.

1. Bluetooth Ocean Wave Projector Lamp with 7 Color Mode

Bluetooth Ocean Wave Projector Lamp with 7 Color Mode 8 Built-in Music 4 Music Play Mode, Remote Control LED Projector Night Lights

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Do you need an impressive night light projector with a massive collection of breathtaking features? Check out this top-class choice Best Night Light Projector from iAVO Store.

If you’re keen on getting captivating, ambient light in your home, you’ve got to consider getting this. With its robot-shaped, rotating design, it’s an excellent choice for illuminating your home.

This is a classic night light projector that you will find amazing and will suit your budget thanks to the affordable cost. It features a total of eight color modes to choose from depending on what is going to light up the room. It’s super easy to operate this night light projector as a remote control comes packaged with this product. Here’s a lot more on what this projector’s got on offer;

In addition to this, it also features a built-in music player with a mini speaker. You can connect it with your PC or phone to listen to all your favorite songs. With an auto-off timer, you can easily set when you want this night light to go on or off. You can set a time limit within a few hours hassle-free.

The bright wave projector creates a relaxing, soothing, and comforting environment that you will definitely like. Its brilliant lights make it great for decorating every space and with the auto shut off, it will automatically shut off after one hour.

2.  ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp Best Night Light Projector

ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp

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This is one of the best night light projectors that you will love and which features a relatively low price.

With an ANTEQI night light projector, you can be sure of a lot more than just ambient lighting. Check out why this projector is a top choice among many buyers.

This projector is easy to use and has bright and clear projection. There are three different lighting modes, and you can use it on one color at a time or switch automatically between them.

It can also be set to run for quite a long time, or used as a night light in a baby’s room. The star projector is powered by 4 AAA batteries or a USB cable.

This will give you the freedom to take it with you wherever you need to go, whether you want it on vacation, at a party, or in the comfort of your own home. Although, the plastic parts can be easily broken, so be careful when you relocate it.

With this product, you can now time the length of time you want the light to be on using the timing control the light comes with. As a matter of fact, you can pick anywhere between 5 and 95 minutes. After the set time is over, the product automatically shuts off, saving you the trouble of waking up and doing it yourself. The product comes with a sophisticated design, making it an ideal home decorating piece.

And since it comes with a Bluetooth speaker, you can comfortably get the sounds you love directly to your ears.

It also features an automatic timer you can take advantage of to set how long you want this light to remain on.

Additionally, the beauty that comes with this product makes it great for a romantic setting. This means that the light is multifunctional, saving you money in the long run. You also get to decide which source of power you want to use with this light. It can be powered by USB cable or through batteries. Therefore, you can use it indoors or outdoors.


3.  Hontry Star Light Rotating Best Night Light Projector

Need a top projector with real light rendering in your living room or bedroom, check this out. It features the right collection of functions to deliver you better, hassle-free ambient light.

If you are searching for the best night projector to set the mood at your party, or to have a romantic night you’re your better half, then you should give the Hontry Star Projector a look. The projector also makes a great night light for your kids.

If you are looking to have a romantic night with your significant other or set the mood at a party, then this is the star projector for you! It is simple to use, since it only has four different controls. These controls change the lighting mode, as well as help to set the timer, which can go from 5 minutes of run time to 995 minutes.

Even if you don’t want to project this device’s display onto the walls or ceiling of a room, it is completely mesmerizing to look at and will be a great fit for any bedroom.

The four LED’s that are used in this model to project the starry sky is exceptionally bright and don’t need complete darkness to be seen. The projector uses 4 AAA batteries for its power, or the included USB power cord. This, when coupled with the longevity of the LED bulbs, helps to keep this projector up and running for a good long time.

The Hontry Star Light doesn’t cease to amaze when it comes to providing illumination devices. And with this new laser projector, it’s a sure thing more quality is what buyers will get.

The projector is simple and easy to use. It has only 4 controls. With the help of these controls, you can change the lighting modes and set the timer. The timer can be set from 5 minutes to 995 minutes.

This device comes with a 120V AC adapter for connecting your projector to electrical current. Also, a six-hour timer to customize your lighting experience without hassle features in this projector.

Hontry Star Light Rotating Projector coupled with laser diodes makes this night light projector super-efficient when it comes to emitting light.

It is a rotating light star projector and is the perfect fit for your bedroom. 4 LEDs are present in this projector. They are very powerful, and the room/place doesn’t need to be completely dark for you to see them.

You can comfortably get a breathtaking ambient cobalt blue starlight in your home too. All these features are better experienced in an indoor environment, and the projector also comes with a dimmable feature to allow you to get the lighting that’s just right!

As the power source, the projector makes use of 4 AAA batteries. There is a USB cable that comes to this star projector, and you can use that to power up the projector as well.

4.  Delicacy 2 in 1 Ocean Undersea Lamp and Starry Sky Projector 360 Degree Rotating


Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 1

Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 2

Have you been looking for a highly versatile night light projector that you can use in both kids’ and adults’ bedroom or in the living room for decoration? This Delicacy product is everything you are looking for. For those who want to have a more amplified rendering of light in their home and office, it’s a great choice to buy this.

The best thing about this night light projector is that it comes with an auto shut-off timer. With this feature, the light can automatically shut off after the set period of time.

With eight rotating colors in this night light projector, buyers can be sure of a lot more pigment choices to light up their homes.

And with 360-degree rotation and replaceable batteries, you can place this device anywhere for that lighting you’ve always wanted.

Nonetheless, if you want the light to run all night long, you can cancel the timer. You do not have to get out of bed to do all these things. Additionally, this projector comes with a touch sensor and remote control. With it, you can turn the light on or off, program auto-off timer, modify the lighting mode and adjust the volume among other things. This is, therefore, one of the best night light projectors in 2021.

Also, pattern-changing films are included in this projector to produce more designs when slotted in.

An undersea lamp and starry sky designs make this projector an excellent choice that’ll deliver more patterns in your environment.

Night light projectors with a lot more features will get you a lot more value for money in the long run. And a cost-effective buy is what you’ve assured with a Delicacy night light projector.

5. Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation

Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 3

Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 2

Looking for an LED projector with decent rotation and numerous lighting functions, this could be what you need. This choice comes with an impressive setup that’ll make your home and office much brighter.

With the Luckkid baby night light, you can be sure of a lot more quality when you need ample illumination in your home.

Are you looking for the best night light projector that comes with a therapeutic effect? This product from Luckkid is exactly what you are looking for.

The Luckkid projector uses an innovative light bulb that can project light up to 3 meters. It has a 360-degree rotation mode to ensure a smooth and efficient rotating process. It has 9 different colors for you to pick either a single or multiple lights with ease. The USB power code gives you a natural charging experience.

It uses 110 volts that ensure the lowest electricity consumption. It features a manual that offers an in-depth usage instruction. The lovely design is perfect as a gift or an addition to interior decoration. It has a dual operating system that allows you to use it as a night lamp or a star projector.

Making use of four LED beads, this device produces very bright light all its colors are reliant on. These LED beads are supported by eight projection effects, making the colors and patterns you see more realistic.

It gives relaxation by creating a relaxed atmosphere with the different film shapes it projects. Therefore, this night light projector is a great asset for anyone who has a child who is afraid of darkness at night. Also, this night light is made with a durable ABS shell, ensuring very sturdy support that won’t break easily. By triggering your child into imagination, they feel highly relaxed, falling into sleep easily.

One of the things that you will love about this product is that it is multifunctional. This implies that you can use it as a projector by getting rid of the cover or simply use it as a night light without the film.

You can comfortably get a USB-C cable to charge up this device. With a user-friendly design and all its exceptional features, this projector is an excellent choice.It is also a versatile product that gives you powering options between batteries and USB connection.

6.  SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector and Sleeping Soothing White Noise Sound Machine


Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 5

Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 2

At this point, you may be wondering if we’re ever going to get to some products for you, the adult. Fret not, this SOAIY aurora projector has innovative features and respectable styling.

Here is a high quality night light projector that gives you the confidence to invest in it by coming with a 100 percent money back guarantee. Therefore, if it underperforms or you feel you do not like it, you can request back your money in a painless process. As though that is not enough, this product comes with a 1-year exchange warranty. Therefore, satisfaction is guaranteed, giving you value for your money.

If you need ambient light that’ll envelop your surroundings, giving it a beautiful look, this light is a great choice. With all the features it provides, you can be sure of nothing but the best lighting in your home, office, and anywhere else.

Technically, it projects something more akin to the Northern lights than stars, but it gives the same atmospheric feel. This updated version includes more features than ever before. It can be set on a 1 hour, 2 hour, or 4 hour timer. You can also use it without a timer.  If you’re keen on getting the very best views, an enticing sound should accompany your night light. And that’s what this device provides!

It comes with 8 lighting projection modes and you can choose what colors you want it to display. It will function as a night-light if you leave the protective dome on, but the dome can be easily removed to transform the atmosphere into a spectacular light show.

It comes with a collection of six nature sounds that’ll play on in the background. With these sounds, you’ll be assured of a more immersive lighting display that’ll fascinate you and everyone in your home.

One of the best features of this product is the built-in speaker. Just pass the aux cord and you can play your favourite music while surrounded by fascinating colors. This makes it the perfect addition to parties or to a romantic dance with your partner.

The product includes a remote that allows you to easily adjust the timer, light colors, light brightness, and music volume, besides turn it on and off. Another great aspect of buying this product is SOAIY’s wonderful customer service. They’re extremely responsive to questions and concerns and they’ll even replace your projector if anything should go wrong in the first year.

Three brightness levels and a Bluetooth speaker also feature in this night light projector to give you better, more illuminating choices.

Our only warning about this product is that the rotary gears can sometimes wear down and squeak. But considering it will function while stationary and it comes with a 1 year warranty, this product is more than worth your $23.

Aurora night lights produce nothing but awe-inspiring views in your home. And with this machine, you’ll get a lot more than breathtaking lighting for sure.

7.  YSD Modern Star Sky Best Night Light Projector


Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 7

Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 8

Need a night light with several essential functions? You’ve got to take a closer look at theYSD projector. It could be just what you need for more ambiances in your home, or anywhere else.

YSD projector has a great design, which makes it perfect for your kid’s bedroom. The projector comes with remote control, which allows you to turn it on, set the timer, and change the rotation. This projector comes with five sets of the film that can be comfortably changed to provide you excellent room lighting.

With the help of the remote, you can also turn on the warm light function when you want to use the projector as a night light only.

It also comes with six lighting effects and three brightness settings. With these functions, you can easily have custom lighting in your home.

The projector is perfect for outdoor use; thus, you can take it along with you on your camping trips. The timer has different settings of up to 5 hours. Need an excellent rendering of the night sky in your home or anywhere else? Getting this night light could be just what you need.

The rechargeable battery in this projector can last for quite some time, almost 14 hours. There are several colors that you can choose the one that fascinates you. There is an included USB cord, which helps in charging.

And if you’re looking for a multifunction night light, this is an excellent buy. It comes with the ability to function as a night light and projector. So, with this device, you won’t have to spend extra.

All these come in a casing made from durable plastic that’ll maintain your investment and produce brighter, hassle-free lighting in your home.

8. Adoric Night Lighting Lamp Best Night Light Projector


Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 9

Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 8


Using a Adoric Night Lighting Lamp you are looking for a nice star projector with plenty of color options and won’t break the bank, then this might be your best choice. To get lighting in your home significantly improved, you’ve got to try out this night light projector. You’ll have much more precise, eye-catching lighting in your home at all times.

This star projector works well in pretty much any size room, thanks to its circular design. It can be used with either a USB power cable or 4 AAA batteries, which make it great for traveling.

Six projector films and 360-degree rotation make this night light an excellent choice for delivering eye-catching colors.

This projector also has tons of modes to choose from. You can utilize three different lighting modes and eight different lighting patterns.

And with a built-in battery and USB cable, you can comfortably enjoy the eight color modes this device provides. With multiple functions from this device, as well as brightness adjust, you can get the lighting that’ll beautify your room at all times.

This can be a bit tricky to figure out at first, since there are only three buttons to get to all of these settings. However, if you look through the manual carefully and practice a bit with it, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using it with ease.
Adoric Night Lighting Lamp could be the difference-maker, giving you a lot brighter lumen within a vast space.

9. Elmchee Best Night Light Projector


Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 11

Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 8

High-tech features make the Exelme night light a must-have in your home. With a massive collection of breathtaking features, it’s guaranteed you’ll place more than one order for this light.

The last star projector on our list is the Elmchee Night Light and star projector. With the help of this projector, your kids will sleep peacefully in a room full of stars. Sporting several new features and sounds, this night light projector is an excellent choice. It comes with a wide range capable of relaying a lot of more lighting effects in your home. The product is multi-functional, and be used as a night light or as a star projector.

A light timer features on this device, assuring you a customized experience. And with seven lighting options, you’ve got enough choices to boost up your rooms’ decorative lighting.

The projector is battery operated and has a USB power cable as well. You can either use the batteries or directly plug the product into a wall and get the projector up and running.

Touch keys help you operate this machine much better. And with its adjustable angle, you can direct it to any part of your room for maximum excitement.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the projector and get a full refund. The projector has 3 films which your kids can use with the shade. It is very easy to use. You can get rotating as well as still displays with this projector.

10.  Star Light Rotating Best Night Light Projector by MOKOQI


Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 13

Best Night Light Projector Reviews For kids (2021) 2

With one of the most elegant designs, the MOKOQI night lights assure buyers of top projections that’ll wow you and beautify your environment every time.

If you’re looking for an extra cool night light for your kid, this is it. The lamp has a neat egg shape and comes in either black or white. The black one costs $23 and the white variant costs $25.

A 100-minute timer features on this night light projector, making it ideal for tweaking its lighting to your taste. It comes with three lighting effects and a whopping seventeen color modes supported by four LED lamps.

The star cover is removable, so if you want to use it as an ordinary night light for any reason, you can do that. There are two ways to power it. You can either use the usb connection, or do it the old fashioned way with 4 AAA batteries (not included). The lamp projects light via 4 LED bulbs, which are colored red, green, blue and white.

Also, a 59″ USB cable makes this device easy to place at any part of your room. There’s also a sky moon cover operated with push buttons to give you that home lighting you’ve always needed.

You might be worried about the lights being too bright to use with small children. The lights are soft and the cover makes the light even softer. The projector has 5 buttons, which change the color combinations and adjust the timer, rotation. This is a very customizable star projector.

Possessing an excellent collection of lighting features, this night light is a choice for every home. It can work with several functions, and with a dozen color modes, you’re sure of nothing but the best.

One minor downside is that it doesn’t work apart from the timer. This isn’t too much of a problem since you can set the time for over 16 hours. A bigger problem is that the lamp eats through batteries pretty quickly with the rotation on. However, with the usb power option, you can bypass this problem. Overall, this is a great option if you’re looking for something to calm your children to sleep. It’s affordable, customizable, and is the best selling new arrival for its category on Amazon.


What Should You Consider Before Buying A Night Light Projector?

  • Color/Brightness Modes: When looking for the best night light projector, you need to check out for the number of color modes. There are projectors with only three or four color modes while others have up to eight modes. Projectors with more color modes are convenient as you can switch the modes depending on your preference. In addition to this, it also needs to have a built-in sound system for a great sound system.


  • Power Source: The power source your night light projector works with is a significant point to look at to get maximum satisfaction. If you’re keen on getting a light that doesn’t require batteries to function, you’d have to select an exclusive USB-C projector. You can also get a night light projector with a rechargeable/replaceable battery build if you plan on using it outdoors.


  • Battery Life: Even though not all night light projectors are powered by battery, it is appropriate to consider it when buying the battery powered devices. The device should come with a built-in and rechargeable battery that offers a longer illumination. It also needs to come with a charger for recharging the battery. For the projectors that are not battery operates, check for the plug system. It needs to have a long power cord for reliable and flexible operation.
  • Length of USB cable: How well do you want your chosen night light projector to illuminate your room? You’d have to get one with an extensive length to make easy placement around your room comfortable. Luckily, many brands will mention how long their USB-C cord is on their product packaging, making your selection easy.
  • Remote Control: The night projector also needs to be user-friendly. You, therefore, need to look out for a device that comes with a remote control system for regulating the light modes, volume, and adjusting the brightness among others.
  • Battery Life:  If you’ve made up your mind on a rechargeable battery choice, how long it lasts should be another essential factor. Night light projectors come with batteries that deliver energy supply measured in mAh. The higher the mAh co-efficient, the more battery life you get.
  • Projection Modes:  How many projection modes your chosen night light projector possesses is another vital point to consider. If your preferred night light projector comes with more modes for emitting light, you’d have more choices to brighten your environment.
  • Number of Projectors: Most night light projectors only come with one projection disk, but there are a few brands with a lot more. Some of these brands make use of several films to change their devices’ lighting. Others come with a replaceable crown to alter the projection potential of their night lights. Your choice should rest on how versatile you want the projector to function.
  • Control Options: More comfortable options will make it natural to operate the night light projector of your choosing. With more relaxed settings, you can easily make the most of your investment in a night light.
  • Realistic Lighting: A lot of users will want the stars replicated in their bedroom with a starry light or nebula projector. Your preferred night light projector, in this case, should be one with a proven lifelike starry light rendering potential.
  • Durability: With a more durable night light projector, you can comfortably make the most of your investment. Durable lights will serve you for a lot longer, making sure you don’t have to pay for any unplanned replacements.



For all the best night light projectors, the above reviews provide you with the best-seller and highest rated products on the market. They are great and durable night projectors that will perfectly decorate your space. Apart from this, they are also compact and portable projectors recommended for both indoors and outdoors use. Furthermore, they have different lighting modes that you can choose from.

Some have up to eight different color modes that you can choose from while others provide six or four color modes. They are also user-friendly night light projectors thanks to the remote control systems and easily accessible buttons meant for regulating the volume, modes, and timer among others. The night projectors have been designed for use in different spaces as they suit both kids and adults; hence the top picks you

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