Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style

Today, we’re reviewing the ten best men’s wallets.

So, let’s get started with the review…

A big, fat wallet isn’t fun. That’s why we’ve assembled these luxe wallets that are both practical and trendy. These are tried and tested, with tons of positive vibes around them.

And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to shell out big bucks to own one. Simply put, these are the best men’s wallets, in every sense of the word. Check them out!

Best Men’s Wallets To Buy In 2019

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10- Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 1

It doesn’t get better than Tommy Hilfiger, does it? Available in a collection of 10 colors, the Ranger will make you look (and feel) like a real baller.

It is 100% cow leather, complete with a rugged masculine look. And with dimensions of 3.5 by 4.5 inches, the Ranger has enough room for everything from your cards to ID, cash, and coins.

More specifically, this wallet has one bill compartment and impressive six card slots. We love the smooth outer surface so you can slip it smoothly into your pocket.

Reviewers praise in the inner leather lining and the no-closure design that allows you to access your money and documents in a snap. For those asking, this wallet is super-slim, so it’ll fit into your pocket perfectly. No more sagging trousers!

We couldn’t help but notice the pebbled strip and the removable pass holder to let you flash your ID without removing it from your wallet. And there’s the unmistakably Tommy Hilfiger logo to show that you’re indeed a man of style!

9- Buffway Slim Minimalist

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 2

When it comes down to it, this is one of the best men’s wallets if you’re in for a compact option. In fact, those who’ve used this wallet describe it as stylish, small, and discreet. It measures 3 1/8″ x 4 7/16″ x 1/8″ to fit perfectly into your back pocket or travel pack without taking a lot of space.

It has four slots to hold your credit cards and one clear window with a finger glide for your ID or work badge. The two side slip pockets will carry your business card while the middle one holds your cash, tickets, coupons and so on.

The Buffway touts the exclusive RFID blocking technology to keep 13 to 14 MHz electronic signals at bay. By extension, this helps to protect your identity while shopping or traveling. Note – crooks use these signals to steal your credit card numbers, identifiable details, expiration dates and more.

Of course, just as you would expect, it is all leather, so there’s no question about its durability. Other than that, the slim minimalist is highly affordable.

8- Travelambo Slim Wallet

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 3

The Travelambo is a brilliant choice if you don’t like carrying your wallet in your back pocket. Not only it is chic and simple, but also comes with a silver embroidered lining to block RFID signal for the safety of your credit and debit cards.

It is 100% cowhide leather so you can bet that it’ll last you for months upon months. Measuring .3″ X 4.1″ X 0.12″, this thing will is big enough for two access cards, an ID badge, a driver’s license and two debit/credit cards (six slots in total).

Due to its simplicity, this wallet will suit any occasion and will quickly become your daily accessory.

And, the fact this you get to choose from a collection of 34 colors implies that’s there’s enough to satisfy everyone’s style and preference. And oh, for those who may want to know, the Travelambo weighs less than 0.3 ounces, so it is super lightweight – without your money and cards of course.

7- NapaWalli Leather Wallet

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 4

If we had to pinpoint one men’s wallet as a no-brainer purchase, the NapaWalli would be the one. Flaunting dimensions of 4”x 3”, not only will it fit nicely into your front pocket but also hold up to three cards. It even has two larger slots and one for your ID.

And just like any premium wallet, it uses RFID technology complemented by full grain carbon fiber leather to guarantee reliability time and again.  In the meantime, the detailed stitching makes the card holding slots strong.

The NapaWalli is a good leather wallet for men if you carry wads of cash around. It features up to 4 rare earth magnets (instead of two) to hold your money. Why rare earth? Well, these are simply the strongest magnets you can get.

Reviewers note that this is a great wallet that comes in small, beautiful packaging. There are those who say it an excellent pick if you want to get rid of your bulky wallet and we couldn’t agree more. =

6- HIMI Wallet for Men

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 5

You gotta love the HIMI. Showcasing a classic two-fold design, it uses vegetable, tanned cowhide leather to give you an incredibly smooth surface that’s comfortable to touch.

But that’s the only reason it appears in our men’s wallet reviews. It measures 4.5’’ x W 3.5’’ x H 0.4’’, so you can tell it’s super big. It has 10 card slots, enough to fit up to 18 credit/debit cards.

The two currency windows will hold all your cash while the two ID windows provide space for your driver’s license and school ID. Now, few wallets on this roundup have so much space.

Other striking features include RFID chips and the soft, fabric lining. Sure, the HIMI isn’t the slimmest of wallets but the generous space it has to offer makes it undeniably attractive choice.

Each package comes with a luxury box and a fabric dust bag. With such extras, the HIMI comes all set as a thoughtful gift for groomsmen or husband. Be sure to view it; you’ll love the vintage vibe that will never go out of style.

5- HISSIMO Slim Wallet

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 6

The HISSIMO is ridiculously inexpensive. In fact, we put in the same category as the Buffway regarding affordability.

With a discreet design and smooth leather bill, this little thing will come in handy whenever you want to carry a few dollar bills and a couple of cards for short travel or holiday.

While this wallet doesn’t use cowhide leather like some of the options we’ve reviewed above; the synthetic leather is robust enough to take of business for several years. It offers RFID signal blocking though.

The HISSIMO is 4 by 3 inches in size. It has one cash pocket, three card slots, and one ID window. It doesn’t fall short when it comes to giving you a variety to choose from.

You can pick yours from a host of colors ranging from black to brown to gray, dark blue, green and coffee.

Those who’ve used it love the slim construction and the fact the synthetic leather feels softer than real leather. The trick is to ensure that you don’t stuff more than it can handle.

4- TRAVANDO Money Wallet

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 7

Simply trendy and far from boring, the TRAVANDO is the perfect minimalist wallet for rocking with your wardrobe neutrals.

Handmade with premium leather, it sports a German touch that combines elegance, first-class quality, and convenience. How about the space you ask? Well, wait for it.

This wallet has seven card pockets, one easy to access pocket and six inner compartments. That way, it will carry your business cards, bills (up to 15 bills to be specific), vouchers and more. What’s more? Keep reading.

The TRAVANDO features a strategically placed money clip, so you can tuck several dollar bills in your wallet comfortably. It has dimensions of 4.5″ in x 3.1″ in x .6″ so you can be sure that it’ll fit into your pocket without budging out.

You can even fit it in your front wallet. We love the embossed logo and the thumb notch for easy, unobstructed access.

Reviewers point out the outer surface feels good, and the overall design is pleasantly practical. On our part we think that the TRAVANDO is worth the bargain especially when you consider is has RFID insulation as a bonus.

3- Kinzd Leather Wallet

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 8

Our best men’s wallets wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this one by Kinzd. Boasting a super thoughtful design, it does the trick of storing your bills without the bulk. It comes with a carbon fiber money clip to ensure that your money remains arranged into place neatly.

Even more impressive the fact that Kinzd offers a one-year replacement guarantee, showing that they believe in the quality of their product and aren’t afraid to stand by it.

This wallet measures 4.3″ by 2.8″ by 0.1″.  It has three card slots, one ID window display, and one change pocket. We love the thumb hole that makes it easy to remove your cash or drivers license. The Kinzd can hold up to 30 bills folded in half without looking bulky thanks to the integrated four-piece magnets.

Reviewers say this wallet is well-made for extended use. Plus, the edges are oiled to prevent fraying over time. And you don’t have to worry about your card’s information being stolen – the RFID technology has got you covered on that front.  Grab the Kinzd; it is everything you’d want in a convenient, everyday wallet and more.

2- SERMAN BRANDS 1.0 Wallet for Men

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 9

Handcrafted with top grain leather, the SERMAN 1.0 is a handy wallet that will carry all your cards while remaining as thin as your smartphone. Compact and intuitive, it comes in six designer colors to match your taste and fashion sense.

And, unlike any other wallet on this roundup, this one will protect your cards from tampering likely to be caused by NFC-enabled smartphones. Those who’ve used it say you can stash more than 17 bills as long as you align them not to stick out from the ends.

Indeed, the SERMAN 1.0 is slim, but that doesn’t compromise what it can do. It can fit up to eight cards and US bills with minimal bulk. Besides, the smart-pull tab design works to reduce the size.

Measuring 4″ by x 3″ by 4″ it has a front pocket, two on the inside (with a photo ID slot) and a money clip to keep your cash intact. And then there is the smart pull strap so you can quickly access your cards. Simply put, if you’re scouting for a good bi-fold leather wallet that won’t disappoint, then this it.

1- Casmonal Men’s Leather Wallet

Best Men’s Wallets In 2021 Reviews – Carry your Money in Style 10

You don’t have to be a trendsetter to be pleased about the fashionable design of the Casmonal. Relatively smaller than most bifold wallets on the market, this pocket-friendly yet masculine leather wallet is an absolute must-have if small is your style.

It is all leather and comes in an attractive, well-packed gift box so you can as well pick it for your best friend who still thinks bulky wallets are cool.

Apart from its striking looks, the Casmonal is as functional as you’d want it to be. It has a strategically placed card slot on the surface so you can access your most frequently used card in a breeze. On the inside, it has an ID slot, two card slots and a big compartment for cash.

Get to choose from nine vibrant colors including vintage brown, Napa black and wax gray. Fans hail this wallet’s ability to withstand tear and the space to hold everything you need. Some note that it an up to 5 cards which is quite reasonable considering the size. Nice!

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