Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide

Here we have shared an amazing review on the best lightweight bike locks.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide of 2019.

Bicycle bolt is a standout amongst the essential embellishments that a bicycle client ought to have. The motivation behind why the secures must be utilized as a part of the bicycles is the security they give to your bicycles. By introducing the bolt, you can undoubtedly leave your bicycle in the stopping without being stressed over the criminals.

As the bicycle locks fill a noteworthy need, it is vital that you ought to pick the locks that are proficient, lightweight, strong and above all solid. Additionally, ensure that the bolt you are deciding for your bicycle is anything but difficult to utilize, and has awesome audits.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Light Weight Bike Lock

In any case, in the event that you take a gander at the online stores, or the games shop close you for the bicycle locks, you can discover several items that term themselves as the best in a showcase, and in quality. This extensive variety of items can clearly befuddle the purchaser, and will just make it harder to pick one item out from the group.

Picking the best bicycle bolt is a key piece of keeping your bicycle sheltered and secure when you’re all over the place, particularly on the off chance that you utilize the bicycle for driving and also end of the week rides.

Bicycle secures come to a wide range of sorts, shapes, sizes and with differing security accreditations. In any case, which is best to keep your bicycle safe when you need to abandon it all alone? Without a doubt, the best individual to make that inquiry to be a bicycle hoodlum, isn’t that so? Meet Shenol Shaddouh.

Londoner Shenol used to be a bicycle criminal until the point when he turned into a cycle workman, yet despite everything, he comprehends what a lawbreaker will be watchful for.

‘You’d be astonished what number of costly bicycles simply have link locks,’ Shenol let us know. ‘I once stole a Time bicycle with Campanology Super Record bolted up that way. I contemplate enormous locks harming their casings, however a bicycle at that cost with that kind of bolt? Silly.

‘I would give breaking a bolt a most extreme of five minutes for an extremely costly bicycle, less for a shoddy one. That is to say, in the event that you have all the time on the planet and any instruments you like, you can get past anything, yet criminals tend to utilize compact devices – like jolt cutters – and on the off chance that it takes too long you abandon it, as there’s presumably something unique around the bend that is less demanding to take.’

Along these lines, keeping in mind the end goal to make the things simpler for you, we are posting the main 10 best bicycle bolt audits. Along these lines, experience every item, their Pros, cons, and after that choose which one is the correct item for you. How about we begin:

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1. Master Lock 8143D Self Coiling Cable Lock

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 1


Without a doubt, the Master Lock Combination Cable Lock must be one of the world’s least expensive yet most helpful bike frill? This is a fundamental, cheap link with worked in the lock.

It’s anything but difficult to utilize and it may forestall easygoing leave unconstrained burglary of a head protector or coat.

It clearly isn’t a substitute for a strong cruiser and adornment security framework.

However, this is an extremely cheap item that I utilize relatively consistently, and it struck me that it is helpful to compose it up for other web Bike World readers to read.

Using a link lock for bike utilize was portrayed in this article about the Master Lock Python in 2005.

Ace Lock is as yet making that one and the costs are everywhere, similarly as they were the point at which the article was composed.

The Python is an intriguing gadget without a doubt: it’s a link and a two-sided lock. The link can be sustained through one side of the lock, where it would then be able to be clamped uptight as you’d get a kick out of the chance to secure heaps of different sizes.

No issue with that, aside from the 10 mm thick link is 1.8 m long (6′), making it a bit on the strong side for securing a protective cap as well as a coat to a bike.

Be that as it may, the greatest negative as I would like to think is that the Python link lock utilizes a key. On the off chance that there’s one thing I don’t have to convey, it’s another key.


  • Extra Strong Cable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Extremely Reliable.


  • Lock Mechanism could have been better.

2. Kryptonite kryptolok Series 2 Standard

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 2

For those, who are searching for an item that looks basic, performs extraordinary and has incredible audits about the security and use, the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series would be an awesome decision. It is essentially a standard bike lock that we have been utilized to for past numerous years.

Notwithstanding, you can be guaranteed that your bike is protected while stopped with this astounding bike lock. In addition, the old-school configuration makes it one of the most effortless to utilize bike locks at any point manufactured. Along these lines, far, this is the most down to earth and agreeable to utilize bike locks we have tried.

With a 13 mm solidified steel shackle, the Kryptolok ought to repulse everything accepts the greatest jolt cutters. The fortified, solidified crossbar is quite overwhelming obligation and won’t be effectively crushed by hammers or other savage power assaults.

Also, the high-security plate style barrel is both pick and penetrate safely.

In any case, the steel utilized as a part of the Kryptolok isn’t as high caliber as that utilized as a part of more costly Kryptonite locks and the shackle isn’t twofold darted. This implies the Kryptolok will be more defenseless to cutting and use assaults.

It additionally accompanies a 4 foot long, 10 mm thick link which can help secure your wheels or seat. Remember, however: this link can be sliced through in seconds and truly offers zero pragmatic security.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Pick and Drill Resistant Disc-Style Cylinder.
  • 360-degree rotation for a perfect fit.


  • More secured option are available.
  • Lock material could have been better.

3. SIGTUNA Bike Lock 16mm Heavy Duty Lock

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 3

The U-molded bike locks have been there in the market for a significantly long time, and the explanation for their supportability is none other than the feeling of dependability that it creates in the purchaser’s brain. This is additionally the fundamental reasons why that real lock makers regularly attempt their hands on such bike locks. Discussing the SIGTUNA Bike lock, it is a standout amongst the most sold out bike lock on Amazon.

Our group at Sigtuna Gear adores cycling since it gives an incredible sentiment flexibility! That is the reason we endeavor to fulfill our clients by ensuring they can securely and safely lock their bikes out for a ride. This 16mm Bike Lock which accompanies a 1200mm Flex Cable gives you astounding bike security in both high and okay zones.

It 330+ 5-star surveys here is the thing that a portion of our clients say: “My bike is 100% secure with this mix bike lock!”, “This thing is a brute, five stars”, “Discuss substantial obligation. This U lock is stunning!”, “Terrible kid of bike locks!”, “Likely the most substantial obligation unlock out there” and “A bike lock tantamount to Kryptonite or Abu’s bike locks, however at a much lower cost!”.

We prescribe contributing a little as 10-15% of your bike an incentive to secure it. This tried best and confirmed Cycle Lock Combo has a 16mm U-lock Shackle, a solid Mounting Bracket, two laser-cut Abloy keys, a mobile Key Hole Cover and a Steel Flex Cable that will influence hoodlums to reconsider touching your bike and will spare you cash!


  • Easy to install.
  • Provides Top-notch Security.
  • Double Bolt Mechanism for added safety.


  • Old school design.
  • May not fit on all bikes.

4. U Shake 6-feet Bike Cable Lock

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 4

Another work of art and superb chain lock that you can’t overlook while scanning for the best lightweight bike locks is the U shake 6-Feet Bike Cable lock. The purposes for the prominence of this chain lock incorporate the strength, and one of a kind 4-key mix lock framework.

Along these lines, for the individuals who are extremely stressed over the wellbeing of their bikes and doesn’t feel good when their bikes are stopped in the stopping region, the U Shake 6-Feet Bike Cable Lock is outstanding amongst other things that they can purchase for their bikes. Introduce them to your bike and live effortlessly. The lock is sufficiently competent to deal with your bike.


  • 12 mm Diameter self-Coiling steel cable with vinyl coating for adding protection.
  • It consists of 4 key combinations. Which make it more secure.
  • 6 feet long chain and easy to fit on.


  • Combination mechanism could have been better.

5. Pro Iron Security Lock

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 5

To the extent chain locks are considered, they are outfitted with a strong link, vinyl covering and a blend or lock instrument that keeps the lock sufficiently secure to be utilized as a part of any condition. Well, this is all the chain lock producers are doing.

Nonetheless, there is an item that has gone a stage forward to make it more helpful to utilize, and the item we are discussing is the Pro Iron Security Lock. With all the customary wellbeing things of a typical chain lock, and stretches it beyond with a 4-key blend lock and a LED light. This idea is awesome for the individuals who battle to unlock the bike lock oblivious.


  • Lifetime guarantee against defects.
  • Bright LED to see the combination in dark.
  • Pick and drill resistant.


  • Lights are not at all reliable.
  • Locks may be jammed in extreme condition.

6. T-TOPER Self Coiling 5 Digits Combination Lock

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 6

The T-TOPER bike lock is truly worked for those purchasers who like no non-sense item that does what it expected to do. As it were, the T-TOPER bike lock is an immaculate entertainer that has an additional thick link, 5-digits mix lock that can enhance the security of your bike by numerous folds. Also, the self-looping links influence it to look littler than it really is, and above all, it gives extraordinary security against the robbery as it is furnished with cut-safe steel, ABS, PVC, wire materials.

Keen coordinated 5-digit resettable blend Security lock-The first secret word is 00000, with listed number dials for mistake-free mix setting, it’s anything but difficult to reset watchword and open with your own secret word.

Size: 6.6ft (2m) long 1/2″ (12mm) diameter, which can lock 2 or 3 bikes together effortlessly.

MULTIPURPOSE: Ideal for bikes, skateboards, entryways, and wall, flame broils and lawnmowers, sports gear, toolkits and stepping stools.


  • 6 inch Cable Length.
  • Ideal for mountain bikes and bicycle.
  • It consists of 5 digit combination code.


  • Some users may find it tough to handle a 6.6-inch cable.
  • Some users have a complaint about the quality of the cable.

7. Amazer 4-Feet Bike Basics Self Coiling Cable

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 7

For the individuals who are intending to purchase a bike lock that is from a prestigious organization, has enough great audits, and is genuinely simple to utilize and introduce, the Amazer 4-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable is extremely an incredible decision. With a few or more focuses including the link quality and the locking system, this link lock has increased tremendous prominence among the purchasers.

In this way, on the off chance that you are wanting to purchase an item that is made for the client’s comfort, at that point our proposal would be simply the Amazer 4-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable.

4-digit mix locking instruments for keyless accommodation with a FREE mounting section for simple transportation.

Simple to set your own particular customized number mix.

Perfect for bikes, skateboards, entryways, and wall, flame broils and lawnmowers, sports gear, toolkits, and steps.


  • Extremely High-Quality Cable.
  • Easy to configure and install.
  • PVC Coating to prevent Scratching.


  • 4-feet Cable.
  • End of the cable where the lock being install would be better.

8. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 8

The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini. What is there left to say in regards to this, likely the most acclaimed of all U-locks? It’s the thickest. It’s (about) the heaviest. It’s unquestionably the most secure. Be that as it may, is it the best U-lock for you? While it’s without a doubt a fabulous bike lock, it’s absolutely not for everybody.

With an 18″ shackle, the Fahgettaboudit is an uncommon brute. There are not very many locks that can gloat a shackle this thick. Furthermore, it’s produced using Kryptonite’s MAX-Performance steel which is triple warmth treated for extreme cutting power protection.

No jolt cutters can trim this lock. It must be crushed with control devices. It could take a criminal with a compact point processor upwards of 5 minutes to traverse one side. What’s more, and still, at the end of the day, since the twofold catapulted crossbar locks the two finishes of the shackle, it would be sliced twice to free it!

Use assaults which may overcome other U-locks are rendered pointless by the larger than average solidified steel crossbar. What’s more, on the grounds that the Fahgettaboudit is a small scale U-lock, on the off chance that you lock your bike effectively, there’ll be no space for a criminal to embed a water-powered jug jack that may have the capacity to pop the lock open.

This phenomenal level of insurance is reflected in its security appraisals. Kryptonite themselves give it a greatest 10/10 rating. Sold secure rate it as both Bicycle and Motorcycle Gold. What’s more, ART gives it 4/5.

So yes, this is truly is the most secure compact bike lock accessible today. The main other U-locks that approach are the 18 mm Kryptonite New York Lock M18-WL (which is essentially a standard measured variant of the Fahgettaboudit) and the 16 mm Kryptonite New York

Lock Standard. However, the M18-WL is fundamentally heavier and the New York Lock Standard is less secure.

Despite the fact that it’s a smaller than usual U-lock, the Fahgettaboudit is still extraordinarily overwhelming. At 4.55 lb (2.06 kg) it’s really one of the heaviest U-locks accessible. Indeed, I could just discover two U-locks that are heavier: the M18-WL specified above and the long shackle adaptation of the On Guard Brute!

On the off chance that you battle to envision how substantial this is, it’s an indistinguishable weight from 5.5 jars of coke. That is quite substantial. What’s more, it doesn’t accompany a casing mount! So this makes conveying the Fahgettaboudit somewhat of a test.

Obviously, you could place it in your rucksack or shoulder pack on the off chance that you utilize one. In any case, that kind of weight in on your back each day may begin to get irritating. You could lash it to your baggage rack or place it in your panniers on the off chance that you utilize them. I have known about individuals wedging them in their water bottle confines. Also, a few people affix the lock through a waistband on their pants.

For some individuals, these choices weren’t worthy and some have molded their own casing mounts, more often than not out of bits of Velcro! On the off chance that you Google “how to convey a Fahgettaboudit” you will discover heaps of these homemade arrangements.


  • Impossible to pick.
  • Great protection with a thick design.
  • It comes with 3 keys.


  • Some had problems affixing it to their bike because of its smaller size.Abus Mini U Lock

9. Abus Mini U Lock

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 9

The ABUS U-Mini 40 U-Lock is intended for cyclists and emissaries who need most extreme security in a lightweight and compact bundle. 15mm solidified steel shackle and lock body gives superb cut protection in high burglary zones. Delicate lodging sleeve shields your casing from rub and scratches. Premium barrel offers security from pickers, pullers, and drillers. Shackle and supporting components are built with exceptional solidified steel for amazing versatility.

This is a smaller than normal form of the substantial obligation U-Bolt style locks, however, don’t let that trick you into feeling that it doesn’t perform. This is extraordinary compared to other locks that I have ever claimed and the way that it is littler than a large number of the other U-Bolt locks really works to support its.

It is produced using 14mm round shackle steel that makes it exceptionally troublesome for jolt cutters to get a nibble on it and slice it through. Additionally, the constrained space implies that crowbars and different apparatuses utilizing influence for animal power assaults will be upset. Consolidate that with a twofold jolt shackle and a lock that opposes boring and picking and you have a world-class U-Bolt lock. How about we investigate the highlights that accompany this lock.


  • Thick Construction.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Protect bike against scratches.


  • Does not come with a mount.
  • Heavy despite the small size.

10. On-Guard 8005 Pit-bull

Best Light Weight Bike Locks Review In 2021- A Step By Step Guide 10

The On Guard Bulldog is an extraordinary, mid security lock at a spending cost. In this, On Guard Bulldog DT survey I will take a gander at how secure it is, that it is so natural to bear and utilize, the discretionary hostile to robbery assurance, and conceivable options.

Much the same as its primary opponent the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2, the Bulldog has a 13 mm solidified steel shackle that will oppose cutting, prying, jacking and everything except the greatest jolt cutters. Furthermore, the as of late re-composed barrel is knock confirmation and impervious to picking, pulling and penetrating.

It likewise gloats a twofold locking component that locks the shackle on the two sides. This should imply that a cheat needs to slice through the shackle twice to expel the lock. Nonetheless, I have heard episodic proof this isn’t the situation for this lock and if cut once, it can be pulled separated.

On Guard gives the lock a 65/100 security rating which they order as “high” (from a conceivable “essential”, “high” and “extreme”). Sold Secure, the autonomous lock analyzers from the UK give it a strong Silver rating (from a conceivable Bronze, Silver or Gold). In any case, lamentably ART the Dutch lock analyzers don’t appear to give appraisals to any On Guard locks. The Bulldog additionally accompanies a 4 ft., 10 mm thick link that offers next to no viable assurance.


  • Great Security.
  • It has a ling cable.


  • It’s heavier and bulky than an ordinary Lock.
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