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Every single thing we use in this world needs accessories to work with. This not only increases the efficiency of the tool we are using but also helps in proper usage.

Similar is the case with guitars. We know guitars itself does not need any kind of musical support because it has its own rhythm and beats.

The magical sound does not need the support of any other sound to increase the beauty and soothing effect of its melody. But of course, it does need a stand which gives support when singers and artists take it to a concert.

A Step By Step Guide to Choose The Best Guitar Stands

Guitar Stands

Even though regarded as an unnecessary expense by tens of experienced and novice guitarists worldwide, guitar stands are vital musical accessories that come in handy in several ways.

They, for instance, are stable and have rubberized surfaces that protect guitars from dents, scratches, and all other physical damages during storage.

They also orient guitars ergonomically for easier storage, come in handy when performing for long, and are cheap, durable, and have simple designs that do not require special skills to use.  

If you appreciate their value and want an advanced model that offers value, this top 10 best guitar stands review for 2018 highlights the best.

We have prepared a list of the top 10 best guitar stands that gives you the choice to have the decision of buying one for you and even it could be gifted. Let us take a quick review and see what kinds are available for you.

Following is mentioned the names along with the features.

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10. ChromaCast 2 Tier Guitar Stand

ChromaCast 2 Tier Adjustable Upright Guitar Stand

Do you own a guitar that you use to perform often? Are you shopping for a novel stand that you can use for storage while protecting it from scratches at the same time? This two-tier model by ChromaCast is a well designed and adjustable stand, manufactured using a heavy-duty metal tubing.

It is durable, guitar friendly, and has a multi-functional design with a high-mounted cradle that accommodates guitars of all shapes and sizes.

Its 21-inch base is wide and stable while its light and collapsible construction fold easily for easier storage and transportation. It is really easy for carrying purposes and people have really loved the material and weight of the stand as it is quite standard for the guitar they usually have.

It does not give any kind of harm to the guitar and prevents any scratches from appearing on your precious music tool. Let us not forget how the importance of reviews and pros and cons are important when we step in the market to buy any type of product.

Let it be food or anything. Don’t waste time and come to the pros and cons which might help you make the decision


  • Made from heavy-duty material
  • Rubberneck
  • Easily carried
  • The higher cradle holds


  • Loose screws

9. Taylor Guitars Sapele/Mahogany Stand

Taylor Guitars Sapele/Mahogany Stand

This is very cool in designing and probably the one reason to attract buyers and viewers toward itself. Manufactured using solid and well-finished mahogany wood, Taylor Guitars is an aesthetic and functional stand for guitars with a rich satin finish that complements décor in homes.

Its sturdy design is stable and does not topple over easily when loaded with a guitar. Its integrated rubber pads protect guitar finished from dents and scratches, while its affordability and ease of use have made it a sought-after product by experienced and novice guitarists.

You will appreciate the value of one. It is cost effective with the design it comes with and has a good hold over the guitar giving it wholly a good look. It prevents the instrument from any scratches and keeps it safe until it is in the arms of the stand.

Good support while you have other things to handle while playing the guitar.

So now without wasting any more time let us just skip to the most important part while reviewing a product and that is the pros and cons part because that is what makes your decision strong or weak because it is actually given away by the users and those who have experienced it.


  • Crafted in solid sapele mahogany
  • Rich satin finish
  • Laser etched Tylor logo


  • Not suitable for rooms

8. Hola! Heavy-Duty Guitar Stand

Hola! Heavy Duty Folding Universal Guitar Stand - Fits Acoustic, Classical, Electric and Bass Guitars - Black

As its name suggests, this heavy-duty Hola! guitar stand by Hola! Music is a universal household and commercial accessory that supports electric, bass, classical, and acoustic guitars.

It has a striking black there, a light (3.5-pounds) and portable steel construction, and an adjustable design that expands and contracts easily to fit various guitar shapes and sizes.

A good and nice opportunity for those who have a little unusual size of their guitars and they are unable to find one according to their choice and most importantly according to their size of guitar because this can be a serious issue sometimes.

Especially if you have so much money in buying the guitar and are not able to find a suitable stand for it. If guitar safety is of primary concern, this product will never disappoint.

In addition to its ergonomic design that orients guitars well whilst in use, you also get non-slip rubber feet that prevent it from slipping and soft velveteen rubber padding on all contact points.

This is a really well-defined feature along with the components it has good protection to your product and will never disappoint you with the security of the guitar. Before running off to buying the guitar you must give a quick look to the pros and cons that must help you taking the right decision:


  • Good for professional use.
  • Fits all shapes of guitars.
  • Not expensive.
  • Adjustable to height and length.
  • Convenient in transport.


  • Poor locks.
  • Collapses if not held or seen properly.

7. Fender Mini Electric Guitar Stand

Fender Mini Electric Guitar Stand

Designed for use with all models of Fender electric guitars and other comparable models, Fender Mini is a strong, compact, and durable guitar strand that folds conveniently to fit is several types of guitar cases and gig bags.

It is stable, orients guitars ergonomically for safe storage, and has soft padding that protects guitars from scratches, dents, and accelerated damage in general.

For those that travel often, this guitar stand is lightweight and very easy to put together when needed. So you can carry this easily at parties and picnic when you have a good voice and you wish to perform in front of your family and friends.

Other than this, it is suitable for stage performance and holds the guitar at the place without any loosening of screws and keeps the guitar safe from any doesn’t and this is one of the best things you must want for your guitar.

Let us get a look at the merits and demerits of buying the product. These are given by the people who have experienced this guitar stand and are either loving it or hating it. Well, we can only know this if we see what the following points bring for us:


  • Compact, strong and durable
  • Folds easily
  • Standard and fits all sizes easily
  • Cost effective


  • Not suitable for mini-sized guitars

6. Top Stage Pro Universal Guitar Stand

Top Stage® Pro Universal Guitar Stand

Light, universal, and with an innovative secure lock that protects it from collapsing when in use, Top Stage is a professional-grade guitar stand with a well-padded and universal design that fits various types of guitars. The high-grade metal used to manufacture it is durable.

Its foldable design is perfect for travel, while its specially designed curve yoke secures both electric and acoustic guitars for safe storage indoors and or during travel. Finally, its rubber feet boost stability.

The stability is not only good for the guitar but also for the stand itself. If you want good stability of your guitar when attached with a stand then this also requires your own stand to have good stability.

This is available in this guitar stand as it has a good rubber base so you really do not have to worry about the falling and collapsing of your guitar. It is safe and secure once it is on hold!

But before making any kind of decision, let us see what are the pros and cons of the product because this helps to get you the right thing and all you have to do is just give your few minutes to it. So let us have a look!


  • Suitable for stage performances
  • Soft foam arms
  • Folds in seconds
  • Keeps the guitar safe and secure


  • Not suitable for thin finishes

5. Certain Way Guitar Stand

Guitar Stand Universal Folding A-Frame use for Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars

Featuring a stable and folding A-frame design and a light and portable stainless steel construction, this stands by Certain Way is a high-performance accessory for guitars with an integrated holder for on-stage performances.

The stainless steel makes good use for a long period of time and you actually don’t have to worry if you wish to sing at the poolside or even has a cool seaside concert with your friends!

It is durable, has a universal design that works well with all bass, electric, and acoustic guitars, and has rubberized feet and contact points that prevent it from slipping and scratching your guitar whilst in use. Off the shelf, this guitar stand ships assembled and ready to use.

It is travel-friendly, affordable, and has a 100% money back guarantee. This is so good if you are a testing buyer! You can easily get the stand tested before you make a decision to buy it.

If you need the one that has all these abilities then you are lucky that you have found one!

But before relying on all the promised features you should definitely look and go through the following pros and cons and see what the actual product users have to say according to their experience:


  • A new release with upgraded features
  • Easy storage simplistic operation
  • Strong and durable
  • Good stability


  • A bit expensive

4. Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-1000 Guitar Stand

Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-1000 Guitar Stand

Trusted in the guitar stand niche, Gator is home to stable and functional stands with its Frameworks GFW-GTR-1000 model ranking among the bestselling in the market. It is durable, designed to accommodate both electric and acoustic guitars, and has a durable neck restraint that prevents guitars from slipping and or falling during storage.

Its heavy-duty steel construction is professional-grade, while its rubberized feet and rubberized cradle padding boost stability and safety further.

This is really good with all the features it provides and people actually love the way it has the ability to keep the guitar in place.

It prevents the slipping and falling off the guitar keeping a good hold as it is strong and has the ability to hold every size of the guitar. It is easy to use and no such features are introduced which may create a problem in understanding the way it should be operated.

Let us not forget how important it is to see the pros and cons before you step in the market to buy a certain product not talking about this one particular. So let us give you a clear picture of the stand and make you look at the pros and cons:


  • Finish friendly
  • Rubberized cradle padding
  • Red safety Trim on feet
  • Heavy duty steel construction


  • Not suitable for large guitars

3. ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Guitar Stand

ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand with Secure Lock

An acclaimed product in top 10 best guitar stands review for 2018, ChromaCast CC-MINIGS is a high-grade A-framed guitar stand with a lightweight and metallic construction that lasts long.

You don’t have to search the market if you buy this because it is quite durable and gives good support all through his life.

The screws do not loosen the grip and this makes the useful life even more durable than many other stands!  It folds conveniently for easier storage, has an advanced and secure lock that prevents it from collapsing whilst in use, and has a secure steeped yoke that works well with both acoustic and electric guitars.

You also get a rubberized backrest and a soft foam arm that do not scratch guitars. The softness will not harm the delicate designing of your guitar giving you the ability to fix it properly without any fear of getting it harmed!

But we want to make you look at the clearer picture before you decide to buy this product so we have the following key points to make you understand and bring the pros and cons in your knowledge before you spend your money.


  • Secure locks
  • Easy storage and suitable for traveling purpose
  • Metal construction
  • Soft foam arms


  • A bit expensive

2. OnStage XCG4 Tripod Guitar Stand

On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand, Single Stand

Compatible with bass guitars, electric, and acoustic guitars, OnStage XCG4 is a multi-functional single stand tripod guitar with a friction V-groove locking knob that not only secures guitars but also prevents rotation during storage.

It also has a solid steel rod with an advanced locking keyway, a heavy-duty sheet metal housing, and non-slip end caps made of soft and protective rubber. This is one preferred guitar stand by many of the users and those who have experienced a lot of guitar stands because they have guitars and they use it for performances. Let us have a quick look at the pros and cons of the guitar stand we are talking about!


  • Compatible with electric, acoustic and bass guitars
  • Friction locking knob locks
  • Prevents rotation
  • Solid steel rod


  • A bit hard for adjustment

1. Musician’s Gear Tubular Guitar Stand

Musician's Gear Tubular Guitar Stand Black

For experienced and novice guitarist looking for high-quality guitar stands, this tubular Musician’s Gear guitar stand tops our list of the best for 2018. It is durable, solid, and has a well-finished rubberized coating that protects guitars from dents, scratches, and physical damage in general.

Buy an original for the best experience. This is the best one reviewed so far by people so let us see what the pros and cons bring for us as it may prove helpful for you to choose whether to choose this one or not.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Cost-effective
  • Rubber padding
  • Good stability
  • Includes 2 stands


  • Not for nitrocellulose finish guitars

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

The above list must have helped you in choosing the right one for you. It is very important to have a good review of every type of product before you spend money on buying it. Good luck with your guitar stand!

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