Top 10 Best Camelbak For Hiking Reviews

When doing a sport especially hiking far away, you need a lot of water to drink. Carrying multiple water bottles isn’t particularly convenient, which is why hydration packs are slowly taking over the market.

While many different hydration backpacks are available, one name stands out above all others – CamelBak. To fulfill this issue, the hydration packs could help you all the time, making your drink more convenient and more efficient due to the hydration pack could serve you with much water due to the big water reservoir.

Best Camelbak For Hiking

To conquer the big peaks you have to be prepared for anything with the best Camelbak for hiking. They are lightweight and compact but roomy enough to accommodate your water plus gear conveniently. These Camelbak hydration packs feature compartments and pockets to enable you to keep everything organized and easy to access throughout your adventures. Also, they are versatile to enable you to use them on hikes, camping, or even while cycling.

The types of hydration packs could make you comfortable with enough water. However, the type of hydration packs may be different in terms of shape, features, and qualities. The best five hydration packs here are generally excellent for outdoor activities. The products we introduced here are designed especially for hiking, skiing, mountain biking etc. Please take a look, and decide your options.

Top 10 Best Camelbak For Hiking Reviews in 2021

1.   CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack 50 oz

1. CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack 50 oz

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When all you want from the best camelbak for day hiking is water, then the CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack is your go-to. It is built for simplicity but with enough capacity to give you adequate water for a 2 hour ride. This hydration pack is streamlined yet comfortable with ventilated mesh harness and breathable air mesh back panel to keep you cool. It is composed of a secure zippered pocket to help you store your essentials nicely. This unit comes with a 1.5 liter crux reservoir built for quicker loading and refilling. Plus, it has quality workmanship backed by a lifetime guarantee to boost your confidence in buying.

Comes in an assortment of colors to pick from This hydration pack does not come with instructions; otherwise, it is a great product
It is lightweight yet well-made
This unit is comfortable enough for longer hikes
It has a leak-proof on and off reservoir
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2.    CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack, 85o

Top 10 Best Camelbak For Hiking Reviews 1

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The CamelBak Rogue is a low-bulk backpack with an excellent bladder capacity. It’s very popular for all types of outdoor activities, especially during the summer. In addition, it features ventilated back and shoulder straps which make it incredibly comfortable and significantly reduce sweating.

Bladder and Hydration

With a capacity of 2.5 liters, the Rogue hydration pack holds just the right amount of water to cover your daily needs. Of course, the water reservoir is made from safe materials and features an antimicrobial coating. The hose has a standard mouthpiece at one end and a quick-release system on the other so you can easily detach it from the bladder.

Materials and Construction

The shell of the CamelBak Rogue hydration pack is lightweight and feels great to have on your back throughout the day. It’s made from 200D polyester and features a breathable mesh back panel and straps. The backpack is available in five colors so you can easily match it with the rest of your gear.

Storage (Compartments and Pockets)

Due to its low-bulk design, the Rogue doesn’t offer much storage space by default (only has room for the water reservoir). However, it features the stretch overflow design that allows you to expand it and fit an additional piece of clothing inside. In addition, the backpack also features a zippered pocket on the bottom where you can stash your keys, phone, and wallet.

3    CamelBak Octane 18 Multisport Hydration Pack – 70 oz

Top 10 Best Camelbak For Hiking Reviews 2

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When adventure calls and life pushes you to keep on going, no hydration pack is ready to flex with you quite like the CamelBak Octane 18.

This unisex pack was built with variety in mind, allowing it to adapt to numerous activities on the fly. It features a two-liter Crux reservoir (70 ounces) with CamelBak’s Quicklink system for quick and easy cleaning.

This pack can store between 16 (full reservoir) and 18 liters (empty reservoir) of cargo, a solid capacity for a variety of situations, including shorter hikes and EDC use. Both the shoulder straps and back pad use mesh to enhance comfort and air flow, and the dual sternum straps keep this pack extremely stable.

The hiking-style top flap zips open for easy access to your gear, while a handful of smaller pockets and pouches keep your food, phone, and critical gear close at hand with a few around back for less essential gear.

The trekking pole attachments, integrated rain cover, reflective strips, and compatibility with CamelBak’s Quick Stow system make the Octane 18 equally suited for use on the road and on the trail.

At 14 ounces, this pack is lightweight, and the cinch straps help create a semi-custom fit. It comes in two colors, and both will likely run you over $100.


4.   CamelBak M.U.L.E. Mountain Biking Hydration Pack

Top 10 Best Camelbak For Hiking Reviews 3

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The hydration backpack was designed with a magnetic tube trap to keep the pipe secure. It had external hooks to hold our helmet. The storage compartment played key role to stash rain shell. The feature of the product was created with the lightweight backpack and easier to carry when ding outdoor activities.

The CamelBak M.U.L.E is very convenient for outdoor activities such as maintain biking. It is really easier to refill the hydration backpack. Practically, the air channel enables to keep our pack cool when used. It is such as an exceptional product with qualification we’ve seen.

Major Features:

  • Made with the ergonomic handle.
  • Equipped with pack panel of air direction.
  • Had the storage compartments.
  • Dimensions: 17.9 x 8.7 x 8.9 inches.
  • Weight: 1.37 pounds.

What We Think Is Good

  • Very excellent for mountain biking.
  • It enables to keep our back cool when used.
  • Attached with a removable and stable belt and easier to carry.
  • It is a kind of lightweight backpack.

What We Still Consider

  • It is considered as a small reservoir since it could deliver just 20% of water with each sip.

Final Thought

It is such as a good backpack to enable to store at least 2 litters of water, and you can refill for long miles of outdoor activities. We would recommend this hydration pack to you if you’re looking for the best one for your mountain biking, or jogging etc.

5.   CamelBak Powder Hound 12 Hydration Pack, Black, 100 oz

Top 10 Best Camelbak For Hiking Reviews 5

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The CamelBak Powderhound Hydration Pack is a great hydration pack for skiers or snowboarders. The backpack has a sleek profile that fits comfortably on your back. It can hold up to 100 ounces of water and 550 cubic inches of gear.

It’s equipped with the modern Crux reservoir that delivers 20 percent more water per sip than most hydration packs. The reservoir has an ergonomic handle for easy refilling. It also features an on and off lever at the water outlet to prevent leakage. You can zip the water tube into the insulated Therminator harness shoulder strap to keep it from freezing. Moreover, the backpack has a Snowshed back panel that repels snow.

There are external straps to help you carry your skis diagonally and an extra storage compartment for avalanche gear. All the pockets are secured with large zippers that you can quickly open and close even with gloves on. You can use the sternum strap to slide the backpack up and down your back for a comfortable fit. Also, you can use the removable stability belt to prevent the bag from slipping when you’re skiing.

However, there are a few undesirable features with the product. For instance, there are limited color options to choose from. Also, the external straps may be a safety hazard when skiing since they may get caught up in tree branches.


6.   Camelbak Ambush Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack

Camelbak Ambush Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack

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Still, it is so light, and the load in it is distributed so well that you will forget that you are carrying a backpack while you are hiking, hunting, running, or exploring the wilderness with this CamelBak backpack. The weight of the pack without the water and cargo is only 1.6 lbs.

Every part of the pack has been designed to provide you with ultimate comfort during a long day outdoors or during a mission or military or tactical training. You get quick release shoulder straps for being able to easily and quickly remove the backpack when necessary.

The Ambush’s Mil Spec Antidote hydration system offers two drink tube exit options – one over the shoulder and the other under the arm. The drink tube is fitted with a nozzle valve and a neoprene cover.

There are two convenient external pockets to keep your essentials and has noiseless zippers.

This CamelBak tactical backpack is made of top quality materials, including 500D Ripstop Cordura for the front, 420D high-density nylon for the back and shoulder harness, and insulating PE foam for the back panel and for the hydration compartment.

The large capacity MIL spec antidote water reservoir is paired with a quick link exit port, which allows for instant and hassle-free disconnection of the drink tube for easier refilling without the need to unthread the tube.

Also, it has a large opening, which allows for easy cleaning, fast refilling, as well as for adding ice cubes to ensure that you have access to ice-cold water during the entire day.

Still, despite the large capacity of the reservoir and that for cargo, the discrete profile of this Ambush backpack allows you to carry it under a vest or jacket when needed. The dimensions of this military hydration backpack are 16 x 10 x 6 inches.

Plus, the external fill access will allow you to quickly refill the reservoir without even taking the reservoir out of the backpack.

The reservoir and drinking tube are easy to clean and safe from BPA, BPS, BPF, and other harmful chemicals.

Although the Ambush is made for people in the military, we can strongly recommend it to all of you who do a lot of hiking, hunting, exploring, running, or cycling who too need to make sure that they have cool and fresh water at all times while on the road.

Like the other genuine CamelBak products, this backpack comes with a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer.

7.   CamelBak 1115001000 M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack 

CamelBak 1115001000 M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

Camelbak products are known for their high quality. The M.U.L.E. hydration pack is no exception, and it has some nice features that make it one of the best hydration packs that Camelback makes. For instance, the magnetic tube holder keeps your drinking tube out of the way, but it’s still easy to get to and much easier to put back than the old clip-in style tube holder. Plus, the Crux reservoir that’s in this pack has incredible flow, providing 20% more water each sip than the regular Camelback reservoirs. When you’re looking for some serious thirst-quenching, that extra 20% makes a big difference.

One of the things we liked about this pack was the extra-large capacity of 100 ounces or three liters. That’s enough to keep you hydrated for several hours. But this pack offers plenty more storage than just a pocket for your keys. You get two full-size zip-around pockets that give you room to carry quite a few extras with you. A stability belt will help keep the load stable so you can hike or bike without ever even noticing the extra weight. And the padded breathable straps and back keep you comfortable.

  • Large 100-ounce water capacity
  • Lots of extra storage
  • Magnetic tube strap
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Crux reservoir provides more water for each sip

8.    CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. Kids Hydration Backpack, 50 oz 

2. CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. Kids Hydration Backpack, 50 oz -Preferred

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Ensure your kid also stays hydrated conveniently by gifting him or her with the CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. Kids Hydration Backpack. It has a capacity of 1.5 liters yet it remains small enough for kids to carry comfortably. This hydration pack is engineered with a bike tool organizer pocket to give you the best of practicality and functionality. It features a breathable mesh back panel to give you a cool and comfortable ride whenever you go. This model has a kid-friendly design to ensure it is easy and convenient for your kid to use. Moreover, it comes with a stretch overflow pocket that makes it perfect for stashing a rain shell or extra layer.

Comes in a wide range of colors to pick from Runs small for older kids; otherwise, great quality
Delivers 20% more water per sip
There is a built whistle included for safety
The reflective strips makes you easily visible in the dark
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9.    CamelBak Adult M.U.L.E. Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack

CamelBak Adult M.U.L.E. Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack

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CamelBak Adult is constructed for adults with black colors. It was made from 100% nylon in USA to make it strongly sturdy. It has the zipper closure to make a close when needed. The features of the pack were so interesting with o.51meters high and 0.31 meters wide.

It was so nice to have this good product of hydration pack. The features of top and bottom compartments were prepared to organize gear. It must be beneficial due to its lifetime of warranty assurance. The product was so easier to use with removable and stable part. It must be convenient for outdoor activities such as mountain biking and jogging.

Major Features:

  • Made in USA.
  • Made from 100% nylon.
  • Attached with zipper closure, and machine wash.
  • Had 0.51 meters high and 0.32 meters wide.
  • Dimension: 18 x 10 x 9.8 inches.
  • Item weight: 1.3 pounds.

What We Think Is Good

  • The black color became attractive one.
  • Had lifetime of warranty assurance.
  • It is very good components with quick and easy transition.
  • It was developed with lightweight and durable product.

What We Still Consider

  • It is designed with specific options for just adults, not for kids or for general customers.

Final Thought

If you planned to have frequent outdoor activities, this product must be very convenient for you as adults since it is developed with high quality, high qualification with big sizes for long life use. We would suggest this kind of hydration pack to serve you happy times.

10.   M.U.L.E. Mountain Biking Hydration Pack – Easy Refilling Hydration Backpack – Magnetic Tube Trap 


Top 10 Best Camelbak For Hiking Reviews 7

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Hikers everywhere, rejoice! The CamelBak M.U.L.E. was created with you in mind. This hydration pack provides you with 12 liters of total cargo space and a three-liter Crux reservoir (100 ounces) with the easy-to-clean Quicklink system included.

The included cinch straps keep your gear as streamlined as possible, while the zip-up compartment and pockets, integrated tool roll, and helmet carrier provide plenty of organization and versatility for off roaders and commuters alike.

The M.U.L.E. uses a ventilated harness system and CamelBak’s Air Director back panel to increase airflow and keep you cool while you cruise, and the adjustable hip belt, sternum strap, and magnetic Tube Trap keep everything stable and secure.

This pack comes in multiple colors and is partially constructed with post-consumer recycled materials. While it may set you back somewhere around $100, the M.U.L.E. more than earns its keep.

How To Choose A CamelBak Backpack – Buying Guide

The best hydration pack is not easy to find, given the vast varieties the industry has to offer today. Therefore, in case you are wondering how to find the best camelbak for hiking, we have made a compilation of things you need to consider below. Have a look!

The features of the hydration packs were well designed with appropriate reservoir to put small and medium sizes of water liters. The reservoir of the pact had a good space at part to refill water and easier to use. The product is developed to have pack and reservoir inside to make easier to use for outdoor activities.

  • Bite valve switch:  All of our top picks have such valves which are easy and comfortable to use, prevent spills and waste and provide sufficient amounts of water at each sip. They also close efficiently to prevent leaks.
  • Feature: The features the hydration pack was designed to have both pack and reservoir in side for water store, the enough water that could serve when away for outdoor activities
  • Reservoir: It could stores enough water for both kids and adults. It creates option of level of liters of water we could choose. And it is good reservoir with hand to be easier to refill
  • Hydration Pack: The pack outside was designed with good features of pocket, and zippered compartments to put extra materials as we wish
  • Size of Pack: It is very smart to have different options of sizes for both kids and the adults (small and medium pack)
  • Capacity: This is probably the most important thing when shopping for hydration backpacks. Depending on the model, bladders in CamelBak products vary from 1 to 3 liters (30oz to 100oz) in capacity. A 30oz bladder will hold enough water to keep you hydrated for a couple of hours but, if you plan to out all day, you should probably get a 2 or 3-liter model.
  • Comfort:  Since you’ll be wearing your backpack for many hours at a time, it should feel nice on your back. Besides high adjustability which is typical for CamelBak products, they also pay attention to the design. Most of their products are padded in the right places, with a good weight distribution which is also important when the backpack is full and heavy. best camlebak mule
  • Durability: The best camelbak for hiking should be one that can go beyond a single use to several uses on a regular basis. Hence, consider durable craftsmanship with high-quality materials. Also, it should have durable accessories from the tube trap to zippers for extra strength and longevity.


We would recommend all kinds of hydration pack as your options. You just take few minutes and read the instruction, or guidance of the product before purchasing. This could help you decide which the Best Camelbak For Hiking for you.

However, all products were well designed with specific purpose. Some is for your kids and some is for adults. You just check the features, and make final decision. camelbak mule pro review

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