10 Best Butt Lifters Review in 2021 – [Advanced Guide]

It is high time to wear some high-quality butt lifters if you do not have a perky looking bum. To begin with, we have the best and top butt lifter options for you.

Here we will talk about the best butt lifter shorts in 2019.

If your booty lacks an accentuated look and if it is not in proper shape, then get hold of these butt lifter shorts as soon as possible.

Best Butt Lifters Reviewq

Best Butt Lifters Reviewq

We have collected the best and top ten recommendations and highly suggested options for you. We hope these butt lifting shorts will give a desirable look to your bum.

They just work like in a miracle way. They are nor ordinary or random kinds of shorts.

You can say that they work in an extraordinary way. Exceptional traits are present in these shorts and they will not give you a feel as if you have given any kind of artificial touch to your hips.

These premium recommendations carry a special and exclusive looking thong design in them. Furthermore, they instantly give a tightening effect on your buttocks and lift them naturally.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Butt Lifter

Butt Lifter

Want to know the best part of these butt lifters?

Here you can check out the detailed reviews about them. Their other unique selling point is that these hip lifters do not roll or move away.

They stay at their place because stretchy light bones are embossed in them. Even more, wearing them gives you an hourglass figure.

So, if you want to look charming, then try out these booty lifter waist trainer panties and share your feedback with us.

Tips To Make Your Butt Look Sexy

Tips To Make Your Butt Look Sexy

Benefits of a Butt Lifter

Butt lifter padded panties give an instant and natural boost to your hip area.

Most of them are packed with rear circular cut-outs so that you can immediately lift your buttocks.

They even shape your thighs and shape your tummy.

In addition, these hip lifter panties remain to stay comfortable and invisible under your outfits. Wear them underneath any kind of outfit and lift your derriere instantly and naturally.

The induction of unique design present in them flatten and tone your tummy as well. Besides, these padded lifters give a rear coverage shape to your butt.

They are made to define your lower abdominal part and also shape your hips.

Hence, the demand for these butt lifters will continue to grow higher and higher because they give you a beautiful and sexy attractive figure.

These padded panties are recommended to those girls who have slim thighs and slim derriere.

These padded panties remain to stay comfortable and also gentle on the skin. And thus gives a firming effect to your booty.

10- FUT Women’s Body Shaper Butt Lifter

FUT Women's Body Shaper Butt Lifter

FUT Women’s Body Shaper Butt Lifter will be loved by you. This padded panty is comfortable to wear and breathable at the same time. It gives full coverage and a lifted look to your bottom.

Most importantly, it controls your waistline.

To lift your buttocks to some amazing new and sexy hot heights, you can try out this booty lifter, Most noteworthy, you can wear and put on it under whatever dress you want to!

It has a circle opening design on the backside of it so that your bum can be lifted all instantly, naturally and in a perky manner.

So, are you ready to buy this body shaper? You will love it because it gives a seamless look and feels to your hip area. Its other unique point and trait are that it gives an invisible feel underneath any kind of clothing.

Moreover, wearing these butt lifters, you can control your tummy as they have a double-layer midsection design.

The presence of this exclusive and specific design reduces your waistline firmly and also gives the sexiest curves to your body.


  • Gives full rear coverage shape to your butt.
  • It naturally lifts up your butt.
  • Seamless look.
  • Easy using,


  • None.

9- FLORATA Women Bum Lifter

FLORATA Women Bum Lifter

Also, you can try out this FLORATA Women Butt Lifter. It is made in the United States. You will experience the best quality traits and features our from this booty lifting padded panty.

Most probably, this FLORATA butt lifter recommendation will come on your expectations because it is made of high quality material.

This booty lifter shaper comprises 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex in it. These are great looking butt lifting panties and look invisible under all cloth types.

You can call it trimmer underwear which has the potential to enhance your bum shape.

Hence, get your hands on this booty lifting shaper because it is quick to wear. You can quickly and hassle free wear them under your jeans, shorts.

Most certainly, the main function which is served by this bum shaper, it is that it adds hip dimension. So, get ready to lift your butt and control your waistline too.

If you buy and use this FLORATA Women Butt Lifter, then pen down and convey to us your feedback as well


  • It looks invisible underneath clothing.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Sexy and comfortable.
  • Lift your butt naturally.


  • Limited sizes are available.

8- FLORATA Waist Trainer Tummy Control Panties Butt Lifter

FLORATA Waist Trainer Tummy Control Panties Butt Lifter

FLORATAWaist Trainer Tummy Control Panties Butt Lifter comes on the 8th spot from our side. If you love to take care of your body and want to make your bum 100% perky looking, then try out this butt lifter shaper.

This is the perfect gift which you can give to your partner. In addition, this hip lifting padded panty is featured and encompassed by lightweight design.

Wear them in any season you want to! Be it the summer season or winter season time, you can easily and comfortably wear these padded panties.

Besides, these exceptionally recommended high waist brief panties tighten your midsection part and this is the best thing about it.

So, it is time to tighten your tummy and tone your butt, do that by buying this butt lifter shapewear.

Also, this high waist body shaper comes with a seamless kind of brief cut design so that it looks invisible under any outfit.


  • Featured with a lightweight design.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Does Not Roll.
  • Tighten and Tone your stomach.


  • Comparatively Expensive.

7- FUT Butt Lift Booster Booty Lifter Panty

FUT Butt Lift Booster Booty Lifter Panty

This one is an exclusive FUT Butt Lift Booster Booty Lifter Panty which comes with 3 Adjustable hook buttons. Note down that this panty is made of 85% Nylon and also 15% Spandex.

Furthermore, the induction of Adjustable hook buttons will let you easily adjust this booty lifter panty in any way you want to.

Its highlighting part is that it has a circle opening design which is there to naturally lift up and tone your bum.

Its overall fabric type is completely breathable and stretchable. You will not feel any weight on your bum as soon as you wear this butt lifter panty.

It offers close fitting properties and hardly deforms. Moreover, this stomach slimming underwear gives you the highest range of compression and also lumbar support.

Lastly, it is its full coverage hip design which is going to add up extra push and lifting aspect on your buttocks.


  • 3 Adjustable hook buttons.
  • Itc ontains a circle opening design.
  • 3 in 1 body shaper.
  • It gives you a sexy figure.


  • None.

6- DODOING Womens Booty Lifter Padded Panties

DODOING Womens Booty Lifter Padded Panties

Besides, you can try out this DODOING Women’s Butt Lifter Padded Panties in a worry-free manner. This is a seamless looking padded butt lifter which gives a tummy control job.

It is designed for those women who do not possess perky looking for bum shapes. So, if you have no hips or you lack accentuating looking hips, then try out this butt shaper.

It tightens your bottom and to lifts your butt in no less time. In addition to, it gives and offers you an easy way to make your butt all bigger, beautiful looking and sexier.

These are immovable padded panties. You do not have to worry about their falling or rolling part. These are high and top quality padded panties and they remain to stay fixed on your bum.

Hence, if you want to get sexy buttocks and also beautiful curves, then try and buy this butt lifter. We are sure that some amazing benefits will be given out by this hip enhancement body shaper.


  • Seamless design.
  • Lift Your Butt in no less time.
  • Invisible Under Cloth.
  • Gives Amazing Comfort.


  • Its adjustment is a bit tough.

5- Wonder-Beauty Butt Lifter

Wonder-Beauty Butt Lifter

Another recommendation we have for you, it is Wonder-Beauty Women High Waist Panties Butt Lifter. This is basically a High Waist Body Shaper.

It is made by using 80% nylon and 20%spandex. All in all, this butt lifter shaper is extremely strong, breathable. It is elastic, and stretchable.

It is designed and made so that your tummy can look tighter as well as toned. Same way, it gives a lifted look to your bum.

It is also seen that this reviewed butt lifter shaper gives firm control and toned effect throughout your midsection.

You can either wear it every day or on special occasions. Its lightweight and seamless design make it invisible. You can freely wear it under your skirts, dresses or under your jeans, leggings and also under your tights.

Hence, this is one of the ideal butt lifter padded panties that we have suggested to you. Wear it under the dresses made for weddings, parties, reunions and make your bum perky looking.


  • It comes with strong moisture absorption property.
  • Gives a Tummy Control job,
  • It contains a lightweight design.
  • 100% satisfaction.


  • The minimum size range is available.

4- FOCUSSEXY Women’s Bum Lifter

FOCUSSEXY Women's Bum Lifter

Most probably, women will give their thumbs up to this suggestion which is FOCUSSEXY Women’s Butt Lifter.

This shaper is exclusively recommended to those women who have extremely slim and flat looking hips. It defines your lower abdominal section.

Most probably, this is the right butt lifter which can mold and define your hips shape in a sexy way. You can wear it underneath any kind of clothing piece.

So, what are you thinking? Just do not waste any of the further time of yours and try out this  FOCUSSEXY Women’s Butt Lifter.

It is made to bring and show beautiful curves on your body. Before ordering this product, make sure that you order and book it in the correct size.

It is now the right to make your hips bigger and sexier. Get an attractive figure just by using this padded panty


  • Ideal for women who have slim thighs.
  • Define your lower abdominal.
  • It gives an ideal and perfect shape to your butt.


  • None.

3- Q Women’s Booty Lift Lifter

Q Women's Booty Lift Lifter

Even more, we have another next exciting and reliable recommendation for you. It is Q Women’s Butt Lift Lifter. It is made to bring a slimming effect on your thighs and hips.

To give a firm control to your tummy area as well, you can use this shaper. Most importantly, it gives an instant boost to your rear hip side.

It is its rear circular cut-outs that are going to mold your hip size in a sexy way.

It is under a range of outfits that you can wear this undergarment. It gives and serves a 2-in-1 purpose. It means that it brings a tightening effect on your hips and also on your tummy section.

These padded panties are finished and packed with lining on the front side and they are composed of a semi-sheer mesh rear design too.

Hence, give an instant lifting look to your bottom by wearing this exclusively reviewed booty shaper.


  • Gives a sexy rear
  • It helps define your lower abdominal.
  • Easily worn underneath all kinds of outfits.


  • It may get deform after a multiple number of washes.

2- WOWENY Open Butt Lifter Panties WOWENY Open Butt Lifter Panties 

If you are looking for a butt lifter which has a honeycomb design then you can try out and buy this WOWENY Open Butt Lifter Panties.

Most probably, this high waist butt shaper is going to suit your needs because it has a rear circular cut-out design. This design instantly lifts and also mold the shape of your hips.

However, if you want to naturally display your butt line, then this is the same padded panty that you can wear.

Its honeycomb design makes it more versatile and multifunctional. The presence of this design brings complete support and compression to your abdomen.

And thus gives a slimming effect to it. Do try out this Lace butt lifter tummy control panty and share your reviews on it. It looks seamless under all dresses, jeans as well as shorts, skirts.


  • Consist of a honeycomb design.
  • It is moisture wicking.
  • It looks seamless under all dresses.


  • None.

1- CROSS1946 Bum Lifter Tummy Control Panties

CROSS1946 Bum Lifter Tummy Control Panties

Lastly, we have CROSS1946 Butt Lifter Tummy Control Panties for you which gives a 360 degrees of firm control to your booty.

It brings an hourglass shaping to feel on your body and this is the most catchy part about it. Its fabric type is skin-friendly and made of 83% polyamide and 17% spandex.

There are 4 light steel bones present on the top section of it. They are there to prevent any falling or rolling down situations.

Furthermore, this butt lifter shaper carries a flexible and functional design in it. It has the potential to tone and lift your butt in a natural and invisible manner.

It is under all sorts of clothes like that of casual outfits or work clothing that you can wear this padded panty. Buy this product because it gives a guaranteed 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We hope that this butt lifter shaper may serve the right and needed purpose.


  • Hourglass Shaping.
  • Skin-friendly fabric.
  • Prevent slipping.
  • Suits for all kinds of occasions.


  • None.

Best Butt Lifters – Buyer’s Guide

Butt Lifters

Naturally Lift Your Bottom

You should buy that butt lifter which gives a natural lifting look to your bum. These panties are worn by those women who want to give a full and complete coverage look to your buttocks.

It is all because of their design that your buttocks area get an enhancing and charming look.

Looks Seamless Under Clothes

Moreover, look for the hip lifter which looks seamless and invisible under clothes. It should look invisible underneath any kind of clothing piece of yours.

Choose that hip lifter that comes in the body-hugging type. If it gives a snug and complete fit to your bum, then that is great.

Can be Worn Every Day and Under all Kinds of Dresses

Even more, look for the shapewear and butt lifter that can be worn by you every day.

Like for birthday, party or for wedding times, you should not experience any mess while putting them on. In addition to, choose and select that booty lifter that you can wear under all dress types.

As an example, it should be ideal to wear under jeans, shorts or tight dresses.

Light Weight Design

It is advised and recommended to purchase that butt lifer panty which comprises a lightweight design.

By grabbing high waist brief panties which are featured with a lightweight design, it means you can use them in any season.

Tone Your Stomach

Lastly, your butt lifters need to be multifunctional. It means they should tone and tighten your stomach too.

If your purchased booty lifter panty gives a slim sexy look to your tummy, then that is amazing

Shapewear Guide: Butt Lifters

When it comes to shapewear guide for butt lifters, then here is the complete explanation for you. There are different kinds of butt lifter padded panty styles.

Like if you are going and want to buy a Butt Lifter Panty Style, then such a style makes use of a tighter and more elastic fabric. In this way, more of the volume gathers and collected on your bum.

Most importantly, this kind of padded panty style gives a complete cheek coverage and show off your rear in a sexy way.

If you prefer wearing Butt Lifter Capri Style, then note down that such a style shape your thighs and legs. At the same time, it lifts your bottom.

There is a firm waistband attached to it so that it does roll down from its fixed place. Even more, these padded panties are made of thin light fabric and look invisible under clothing.

Then we have a Booty Lifter Bodysuit Style which slims down and tones your tummy, waist and also thighs and hips. All in all, it gives a sexy and hot lifting look to your buttocks.

For Full Bodysuit Style padded panties, they enhance and boost your rear in a subtle avatar.

Some of the shops are offering Butt Lifter Exposed Butt Cheeks. They are compressive body shapers and manage to eliminate all sorts of back bulges from your bum area.

Lastly, some women like to wear Booty Lifter Boxer Style. These panties are made with cutouts present in the backside. These lifters collect your butt muscles and give them a massive volume.

5 Reasons to Wear a Butt Lifter

Butt Lifter

You might be wondering why to wear a booty lifter? Here we will tell you.

1- Gives You a Perkier Butt

Most probably, women prefer wearing booty lifters because they instantly give them a perky looking butt. Though squats and hip lifting diet routine lift your butt.

But for shortcuts, you can try out wearing padded panties.

2- Control, Tone and Tighten Your Tummy

A large number of padded hip lifting panties come with a high-waist design. It means they tone and control your tummy as well.

For the reason that it is for toning and abdomen tightening purposes that women prefer to wear these padded high-waist panties.

3- Looks Natural and Invisible Under the Outfit

Another reason to wear a butt lifter, it looks completely invisible and also natural under your outfit.

These padded panties make your booty naturally perky looking and it no longer gets an artificial look.

4- Butt Lifters are for Everyday Wear

It is for everyday wear that these padded panties and hip lifters are made! You can easily and conveniently wear them every day.

They do not fall off or roll away and give a seamless look to your booty.

5- Butt Lifters Remain Gentle on Your Butt and Gives It a Firming Effect

Lastly, butt lifters do not give you any discomfort while you wear them. You can easily walk and move to them. In other words, they are comfortable to use and easy to wear.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So, what’s the bottom line? Try these butt lifter padded panties and share your views about them. You will love them as they are comfortable to wear.

They are suitable to be used for all seasons. Moreover, they are ideal if you are going out for dating, social outgoing. Your butt will look bigger the minute you will wear them on your hips.

So, try out these comfortable, easy to wear, breathable and invisible padded panties and share your overall experience.

Sharing is Caring!

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