Top 10 Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women (2021)

Looking for the Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women (2021)? Whether you’re logging miles at home, on your treadmill or getting out there on the pavement, there’s a good ASICS running shoe for you.

And while there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right running shoe or the best treadmill shoe, we rounded up the top 10 styles from two key categories: stability and neutral running shoes.

Read on to learn about our favorite styles this year, catered to runners of every type!

Best ASICS Running Shoes

Whether you’re a loyal ASICS fan or you’re interested in what they have to offer, these top picks will impress you. We’ve selected the best ASICS running shoes for women 2021 and categorized them to help you find the perfect pair.What type of shoe will be best for you depends on your needs and preferences? For example, if you are an overpronator, then neutral running shoes won’t be best for you.

Likewise, if you are a trail runner then road-running shoes won’t serve your purpose. Instead of trying to determine which shoe is best, you can focus on the features that you need.

Our team has logged thousands of miles on every type of terrain, so we know what to look for in a good running shoe. Soft cushioning, powerful energy return and lightweight construction are a few of the top-selling features we looked for when selecting the best ASICS running shoes of the year. And, of course, we paid close attention to the signature ASICS tech that makes these shoes stand out.

Here we will tell you more about ASICS running shoes reviews.There are a lot of variables that dictate the best running shoes for different runners.Your foot size, weight, gait and preferences all play a role in figuring out which running shoes are going to work for you. Luckily, the best ASICS running shoes come in different configurations for every type of training you can imagine

Jump on a link below to navigate ahead or read on to see all of our favorite ASICS running shoe models:

Top 10 Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women

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1.   ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe

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This is the 23rd edition of the Kayano. When it comes to stability, it is ASICS’ pride and joy. Without a doubt, it is the flagship shoe for them.

It competes with the likes of Brooks’ Adrenaline GTS line and the Nike Odyssey but aims to stay a step ahead of the rest.

First impressions were positive upon unboxing. The colorway is classic but has crisp colors giving the shoe a pop.

The shoe felt heavy when I picked it up. Upon lacing them up and taking them out for the first time, the ride was very smooth and light despite how they felt in my hands.

These models of shoes are great. However, before beginning on the pros, we’d first like to point out a con. The colors in this range definitely fall under the category of disadvantages.

Pink, purple and more do not always define the likes and tastes of a woman, so it is still better to keep other more traditional colors on the roster as well.

Now about the pros, these shoes are entirely FluidFit with a rubber sole. They also are some of the best ASICS running shoes for flat feet. The shoe in itself is quite stretchable and hence can be utilized to fit the wearer like a glove.


  • The run-in is made easy due to cushioning
  • New mesh provides support and security to the feet
  • New flytefoam system in sole unit gives superior light ride.
  • Seamless Fluidfit upper. Form fitting material giving excellent snug feel.
  • Over abundance of cushioning and stability throughout.
  • Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women


  • Stiffer than earlier models

This Model is Good For

The running shoes offer ASICS stability and come with plush cushioning. The price is worth an investment that lasts years. The ASICS Gel Kayano 23 continues to be the flagship of ASICS robust stability line. While on the pricey side, the shoe gives a great, cushioned ride.

2.    ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe

ASICS Womens Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe

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This range of shoes works on the imperfections of the ASICS Women’s Gel Kayano 24 Running Shoes. It’s very good ASICS women’s walking shoes. The colors are more gender neutral in this range, and there are about twelve variants to choose from. The colors include Mid grey and Black Atlantis, Porcelain blue, smoke blue and shit and many more. These shoes like all other shoes from ASICS is imported and made of a synthetic material. The part of the classic ASICS low drop. Plus, they are amongst the best ASICS running shoes for flat feet.

The upper of the shoe continues to use the seamless Fluidfit material giving it a glove like feel. The toe box felt tight to me, but it is improved from last year. I don’t feel like I’m falling out on the sides like I did with the 23s.

The lacing system did a great job of evenly distributing pressure on the top of my foot. The added overlays on the eyelets were a nice touch and gave me assurance that this shoe would last no matter how tight I tied them up.

The heel continues to have a large exoskeleton clutching system. It’s always been apparent in the Kayano and this year it is no different. It allowed my heel to stay in place at all times.

The foot takes its own pace while walking and does not try to change our style of walking. ASICS Women’s Gel Kayano 24 gives the user a perfect combination of bounce and cushioning. It is also a very light pair of shoes that allow for more natural movement and a higher amount of durability.

Again, these pair of shoes is highly stretchable to permit for extra stretching that might happen to an athlete when she is in the midst of a run. But it has more heel space for the heels and has a better heel fitting technology. And the shoes help absorb any amount of shock during sudden movements. These shoes are available for delivery on Amazon.


  • Construction of midsole unit is shock-absorbing
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • High amount of cushioning. Perfect for long distance training
  • Improved upper material.
  • Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women


  • Few materials of the upper construction are not of high quality

This Model is Good For

The ASICS Gel Kayano 24 is a heavy duty everyday trainer. It provides a comfortable, cushioned ride that allows the runner to lock into long distances with ease. The shoes are really reliable for any type of race. The superior performance also makes it suitable for longer races.

3.   ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Women’s Running Shoe

ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Women's Running Shoe

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The Best ASICS women’s walking shoes. These shoes look sportier compared to its other counterparts. They are also priced reasonably well. These shoes are made out of mesh which means that they are completely breathable. Plus they are not machine made, making that another critical brownie point. They are available in ten different color combinations like carbon and mid-grey, aquarium black and white, black and ASICS blue and the like.

These new materials and updates increase the durability of the Kayanos. You can put in many miles in these shoes the without the fear of the upper breaking down.

The upper is extremely breathable and looks and feels seamless which prevents any areas of irritation. I found the upper dries quickly. I ran in the rain and by the next day the shoes had dried out completely.

They have continued using the exoskeletal counter in the back of the shoe to provide support and smooth heel fit. I noticed this technology early on while running in the shoes. It did a fantastic job of keeping my heel in place.

The addition in this range of shoes is that it has a dynamic duomax support system which primarily provides you with ASICS stability and better support. It also has a better platform to support our feet, and the weight of the shoes are highly reduced. Apart from that the grooves running vertically along the progression line helps to have better walking style. It also provides structure to the center of our foot. Plus, they have a high technology that offers more significant amounts of bounce and has a very unique elastomer compound in it. They are great to be used in the ASICS competition.


  • Roomy toe box for accommodating your fingers
  • Features durable build
  • There are quite a few new updates which have all improved the shoe
  • The new two part midsole
  • Provides cushion, responsiveness, and control throughout your whole run
  • Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women


  • Some users experienced heel blisters

This Model is Good For

The Asics Kayano 25 is an all around great stability trainer built for miles upon miles. It’s sole can feel bulky at times and the price may turn some runners off. However, it provides runners with an ideal blend of cushion, responsiveness and control throughout every run.

4.   ASICS Women’s Gel-Quantum 360 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Quantum 360 cm Running Shoe

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They are available in nearly sixteen different color combinations, some of which are India Ink, flash coral and mid-grey, ASICS blue, flash coral and mid-grey, Corydalis blue, carbon and aluminum and many more. It is entirely made out of textile and synthetic materials. It also has a rubber sole and has the ASICS low drop technology. Plus the inclusion of the fuzeGEL Midsole provides great and better cushioning to our feet and helps absorb shock while the athlete is running.

GT-2000™ 4 lite-show™ pig shoe boasts PlasmaGuard™ upper technology, a hydrophobic treatment for winterized performance with lite-show™ technology. Elevate your run, at any temperature, with full coverage weather protection that’s ready for anything.

There are a few things you should know right away about the Asics Quantum 360. One, it has a better ride and transition experience than the Nimbus 17, which turned out to be super mushy. Two, like most Asics, the soft cushioning feel comes from the use of foam – and not so much the effect of the Gel pads surrounding it.

While the official Asics press release has never claimed that the entire midsole was made of Asics Gel, the general impression going around is quite the opposite. Most users think that they’re running on a midsole made completely of the jelly like material. In reality, the humble EVA foam happens to be the reason behind the soft ride.

More importantly, they use good quality materials that reduce the chances of friction and irate and swollen feet that is most often than not caused by the stitches provided in most shoes. This keeps the athlete’s feet in excellent condition. It is made of a stretchable material and is lightweight and fits the wearer’s feet like a glove. Their Trusstic System technology also lowers the sole’s weight but somehow is still able to retain and maintain the solid structure of the shoes.


  • Soft inner fabric for blister-free experience
  • Midsole offers reliable and responsive cushioning


  • The mid-foot area can feel a bit narrow

This Model is Good For

The ASICS sneakers are resilient and comfortable for a wide range of runners. They also do a good job of impact dispersing.

5.   ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

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The Nimbus is a highly structured and highly cushioned top of the line trainer in the ASICS neutral running line of products.  This footwear has been the leading plush trainer of this brand’s line for twenty years.

This twentieth upgrade – which is gender specific – lighter than its predecessors at 10.8 ounces for men’s size 9 with a typical 10mm drop.

The women’s model, on the other hand, weighs just 9.3 ounces for women’s size 8 and has a 13mm drop for additional protection of female Achilles tendons.

The Nimbus comes with a breathable gradient mesh – which dries quickly when wet – that makes allowances for extra comfort of the forefoot.

The heel cup, heel collar, and tongue are somewhat plush but has a firmly rigid feel while running.

Therefore, if you are looking for a neutral trainer that is well-cushioned, stable, and works excellently well for heel striking, the ASICS Nimbus is your best choice.


  • Changes to this particular update are minimal enough to satisfy devotees
  • Construction quality is incredibly high throughout the footwear for a durable and long lifespan
  • The fit is enhanced through a liberal mesh upper section that gives room for an improved forefoot fit
  • Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women


  • This ASICS model offers little more than is found on its predecessors, yet comes with a steep price tag.
  • It is stabilizing and too firm for genuine neutral runners
  • Appearance is dated and runs very small compared to its counterparts in the same line of products

best asics running shoes women

6.    ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 22

ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 22

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The colors it is available in- about three different combinations in total- is not the best possible option for everyone. It is made out of breathable mesh fiber and has laces and the tongue and collar of the shoes padded. This will possibly work best for amateur athletes who do not want to take up professional sports. Like most other running shoes from ASICS, all materials are imported from the best places in the world.


  • Improved gait efficiency
  • Optimum bounce back rate for impact absorption
  • Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women


  • The sole can feel stiff and hard

This Model is Good For

The shoes are ideal for long and short runs along with some outdoor and lifting activities. They also offer optimum arch support.

7.   ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

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This range is actually priced quite low. They are available in a variety of shade and can be bought by people who are into fitness but doesn’t want to invest a fortune in their running gear. It is also made of synthetic and has excellent stability and structure.


  • Enhanced shock absorbing capability
  • Upper construction provides a snug fit
  • Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women


  • The inner fabric can rub uncomfortably against the skin

This Model is Good For

The pair of shoes are well constructed and durable for intensive use. They can be used for long hours without discomfort.

8.  ASICS Women’s Novablast Running Shoes

Top 10 Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women (2021) 1

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At the top of our list is the new NovaBlast, ASICS’ softest and most responsive shoe to-date. The gravity-defying energy return makes legs feel weightless as you run.

The super-thick but light midsole has a new cushioning material called FLYTEFOAM Blast. It’s designed to create a trampoline-like affect. So, you’ll notice some serious lift beneath each propulsive toe-off. The lightweight mesh in the upper feels soft on the skin and delivers plenty of airflow to keep feet cool. The tall platform allows your feet to rest higher off the ground for long-lasting comfort (great for long runs!).

As a bonus, the built-in reflective details mean you can run with better visibility in low-light conditions. Ultimately, these highly cushioned shoes are perfect for neutral runners looking for great energy return.

9.   ASICS Women’s GT-2000 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GT-2000 5 Running Shoe

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The shoes come with an improved heel clutching system makes it suitable for overpronators. The pair provides increased support to the feet and offers a stable performance while running. The running shoes use a technology called Dynamic DuoMax Support System which makes them lightweight while increasing support at the same time. The impact guidance system also lets the shoes adapt according to the style of the runner.


  • The feet come with impact absorbing cushioning
  • The sole is comfortable
  • Provides improves stability and support
  • Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women


  • The shoes can feel a bit heavy

This Model is Good For

The shoes offer supportive stability to improve running with a well-cushioned underfoot platform. It also provides adequate arch support.

10.   ASICS GT-2000 7 Women’s Running Shoe

ASICS GT-2000 7 Women's Running Shoes

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The outsole uses abrasion rubber at strategic points to make the construction more durable. The cushioning system absorbs the shock at the rear and front of the feet and allows for natural movement. Flytefoam technology provides comfort while making shoes less heavy.


  • Increased platform support
  • Lasting and durable build


  • The fabric is not very breathable

This Model is Good For

The shoes come with a snug fit and provide proper support for people who overpronate. They also have a responsive cushioning to reduce impact.

Buying Guide for Best ASICS Running Shoes For Women

ASICS has had more than enough time to create some impressive running tech, and that means a long list of cutting-edge terms. It’s pretty easy to get lost in all of the jargon, so here’s a bit of a primer to get you started:

  • GEL cushioning: ASICS’ best-known midsole technology, GEL is found in most running shoes and helps to absorb some of the impact of your stride. It’s never deployed as a standalone GEL midsole.
  • Trusstic system: Outsole support that mirrors the structure of your foot to provide support. Depending on its application, Trusstic systems can also help increase responsiveness during your run.
  • Flytefoam: ASICS’ primary midsole foam , designed to provide a lightweight shoe without sacrificing cushion and protection. FlyteFoam is tuned in different ways across ASICS products to optimize performance.
  • Flytefoam Blast: ASICS’ newest and most promising foam. Light and airy, compresses easily for a soft underfoot feel while also delivering an energetic bounce with each stride. Found in the NOVABLAST.
  • GuideSole: Rocker-like midsole design for reduced ankle movement and more efficient strides, helping runners expend less energy and go further. Found on the GlideRide, EvoRide and MetaRacer.
  • Guidance line: Outsole groove that runs from heel to toe, boosts stability.
  • AHAR rubber: More like AHARD, high-abrasion rubber that’s designed to be twice as tough as standard outsoles. Think of it as the shoe version of a car tire.

How to clean your ASICS shoes?

Now that we have bought or chosen and selected our choice of sports footwear irrespective of the gender, we can say that the most important thing to do now is to know exactly how to keep these shoes clean. We have some tips and tricks of the trade for you.

  1. Try to remove the sock liner of your sports shoe and put them to wash separately. This makes the bad odor that might be found in your shoes disappear entirely. The laces of your shoes can be removed independently, or you can even change them for others. And make sure you dry your shoes well before you start wearing them again because then the odor will just manifest further.
  2. Clean the grime and the dirt that is present on the top of your shoes with an old toothpaste. A little bit of lukewarm water and soap should do the trick. This is a straightforward yet effective trick and can keep your shoes looking better and also last for way longer. And we all know that durability is indeed the mark of a good pair of shoe
  3. Do not dry your shoes near a source of direct heat like a fireplace or a radiator. It can adversely change the shape and structure of your shoes. Keep the shoes stuffed with tissue paper or the like to soak out water, if any, from the inside of your shoes. It will take about half a day to dry thoroughly, but it is worth the wait.

So, now that you have almost every information you need with you, what are you waiting for? Go buy ASICS sneakers which is one of the most premium brands in the world and enjoy taking long walks or runs across to your favorite spots. They also have great ASICS football boots and ASICS training shoes for the football freaks and the hard-core gym trainers respectively.

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