Aukey Dashboard Camera – A Complete Review

Aukey Dashboard Camera

Here we have shared an amazing review on Aukey Dashboard Camera.

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AUKEY Dash Cam is the most advanced type of video capturing camera for your cars.

It can be placed on the dashboard due to its mounting clips and can be connected through the USB cables.

It records the videos in high quality of 1080p resolution.

This modern cam enables you to capture the recordings which you wish to and I case of an accident the video can be replayed due to its gravity sensors that capture the unexpected accidents.

Moreover, the device can be mounted at your drive time and can also be unmounted when you get off the car.

A Complete Review on Aukey Dashboard Camera


The Dashcam covers the live video throughout the drive time in a high-quality resolution of 1080p due to its Sony Exmor Sensors and that live video gets stored in the device.

In case of any road incident, the video can be replayed in order to watch the incident with full attention.


  • High-Resolution quality

Its Sony Exmor Sensors provides a high-quality video of about 1080p resolution.

As in case of any incident if the video needs to be replayed for inspection or collecting information of some moments the video quality needs to be clear and easy to understand.

  • Low light and Area coverage

Due to the high-quality lenses used in the camera, it enables to capture up to a wide area of about 170 degrees and also provides a good quality resolution even in the mid  night time or where there is low light.

  • Emergency Mode

The Dash Cam has another most important feature of activating the emergency mode in case of any incident. The gravity sensor gets activated automatically in case of any unexpected incident and captures the driving incident.

Moreover, it keeps the captured data safe and protects it from being overwritten.

  • Simple in use

It has a simple procedure of setup.

It can be easily mounted on the dashboard or to your windshield due to its double sided 3M pads. While at your drive time it will securely and firmly stick to the windshield and will perform its functionality.

Moreover after your ride gets finished if you wish to remove it so you can easily remove it back by simply unplugging the cable and un-mounting the camera.

  • Automatic System

The Dashcam has an automatic on the of system.

The cam gets automatically on when you turn on the car and start driving it as well starts capturing and when you turn off your car the dash cam gets off too.

  • Package included

AUKEY DR02 Dashboard Camera, Dual-Port USB Car Charger, USB Mini-B Power Cable 4m/4.37yd, Sticker Mount, two 3M Stickers, Six Cable Clips, User Manual, a guarantee of money back in 45 days and 24 Months Warranty Card.


  • It has an automatic on the off system.
  • It captures all the recordings in high quality of 1080p.
  • It has a simple procedure of setup.
  • It ensures full safety.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy in use.


  • None.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

It has been concluded that AUKEY Dash Cam, Dashboard Camera Recorder is the most advanced type of video recording camera and most suitable device for your cars in today’s date.

Its quality is ensured and is, therefore, providing you warranty and money back offers confidently.

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