10 Best Portable Washing Machines to Buy in 2021 – Step-by-Step Review & Guide

Today, we’re reviewing the ten best portable washing machines.

So, let’s get started.

The best portable washing machine should among other things steam clean, remove wrinkles, and custom washes your laundry. With one in your home, laundry room drama will be a thing of the past.

Due to their lack of size and affordability (in comparison to traditional washers), portable washing machines are money, time and sanitary savers. In short, there’s more than one reason to spend on a small washing machine.

Regardless of whether you’re short on space, don’t have the best possible hookups, or are leasing your place and the landowner won’t pay to have a washing machine introduced, you ought to think about acquiring a portable washer.

They may not be as incredible as full-sized models, but rather they’re ideal for washing little loads. Putting resources into one will enable you to keep away from the laundromat or your flat perplexing’s shared clothing office, where you most likely need to manage spare change, gear glitches, and machine-hoarding neighbors.

10 Portable Washing Machines – Review & Guide

Washing Machine

When looking for a portable washing machine, think about its ability, cycle choice, and drying capacities.

Portable washers just have tub limits extending from 1 to 2.6 cubic feet, yet huge models can cost the same amount of as standard machines. Not every other model on the market is worth your money though, so you should invest wisely.

The best mini washing machine ought to have enough capacity to accommodate your needs, easy to set up and of course, have a space-saving design.  Cycles and wash settings vary from one machine to the other but a standard unit should offer at least dry and spin cycles.

What follows are portable washing machine reviews, carefully crafted based on features, cost, capacity, and user feedback. These ten top-rated washers will handle all your dirty laundry while allowing you to save on both water and electricity bills.

10. KUPPET Washing Machine – Best for Delicates

Washing Machine

The KUPPET is compact and powerful. It has a maximum capacity of 9 pounds so you can bet it’ll handle a sizable amount of laundry. This mini washer features dual tubs to wash, spin and dry at the same time. And it doesn’t take much to get it to work. All you got to do is toss in your load of clothes, fill it with water, set the timer and watch as it gets your garments sparkling clean. Easy as pie!

The KUPPET runs on 360 watts of powers with a dimension of 21.9 by 14.8 by 23.2 inches to save your valuable space. What’s more? It has an eco-friendly design so it uses less water and detergent, allowing you to save money.

Other than that, the KUPPET comes with a separate spinner and washer timer settings to put you firmly in charge of its operation. The only thing that you need to know is that for the best results you should set the wash and spin time from 0 to 15 and 1 to 5 minutes respectively.

And once you’re through with washing your clothes, use the integrated drainage tube to drain out the dirty water. To top it off, the KUPPET is relatively light so moving it from point A to B shouldn’t be much of a problem.

9. Avalon Bay Ecowash Washing Machine – Best for Portability

Washing Machine

The Ecowash is one of the best portable washing machines if you’re in search of a non-electric model. Not only is it remarkably lightweight but it also doesn’t require electricity to run.

Plus, it uses only a fraction of soap and water in comparison to electric models. Theoretically, it means that you can use this mini washer virtually anywhere from the campground to RVs, apartments, and boats.

Don’t be swayed to think that the Ecowash lags behind when it comes to performance. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This crank-powered washing machine can clean up to five pounds of clothes in five minutes! Yes, it uses the brand-exclusive Pressurized Cleaning technology to thoroughly (but gently) get rid of even the most stubborn of stains.

The Ecowash owes its excellent performance to the well-thought-out design. It doesn’t have jutting or agitators on the inside so it won’t tear your clothes. We recommend that you presoak your clothes in warm water a couple of minutes before washing for fast cleaning with minimal effort.

Otherwise, the Ecowash is a sturdy little manual washer that can handle your personal laundry, jeans, towels, pillowcases and more. It is also one of the most affordable on this list.

8. Do mini Washing Machine – Best for Fast Cycle Times

Washing Machine

The Do mini not only has a premium design but also a five-star performance to match. It is a great choice if the two mini washing machines that we’ve just reviewed so far are too small for your needs.

For starters, it has a load capacity of 13 pounds for your baby’s clothes, pajamas, and underwear just to name but a few. While the Do mini may not be one of the cheapest washers in this collection, it offers value for every buck it sells for.

It features wash, spin and dry cycles that can work simultaneously so you can have clean laundry in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can use bleach or oxi wash thanks to the all-plastic construction.

In comparison to other mini washing machines in its class, the Do mini does a better job when it comes to getting rid of stains and has wicked fast cycle times. This model looks pretty robust so we can vouch for it to last for long.

Sure it isn’t one of the smallest units on the market but it will still free you some space in the laundry room. The only thing you need to note is that it doesn’t have a draining pipe so you have to slant it a little bit to pour dirty water.

7. Merax Compact Washing Machine – Best for Efficiency

Washing Machine

The Merax is stylish and functional. It is a no-frills portable washer and dryer with the punch of a big machine. It runs on a 1300 RPM motor and a total washing capacity of 13 pounds (8 lbs for washer and 5lbs for spin cycles).

The Merax is super quiet with little to no vibrations – you shouldn’t even notice when it’s operating. Another plus is that this model is remarkably energy and water efficient. It uses less than 5 gallons of water on its normal cycle and will cost you less than 20 bucks to run every year. It is a brilliant pick if you want a unit that can multi-task, occupy less space and save you money on electricity bills.

You may also want to know that the Merax is as safe as they come – the FCC approves it for safety. Never used a mini washing machine before? Don’t fret! This unit is already assembled. All you have to do is to connect it to the power source and you’re good to go.

Besides, it comes with a user manual just in case you get stuck. With a washer control timer of 15 minutes and as spin cycle timer of 5 minutes for each load, the Merax will serve you well during your backpacking trip, at home, dorm or anywhere else with limited space.

6. Giantex Automatic Washing Portable Machine – Best For a Variety of Wash Cycles

Washing Machine

We had to feature the Giantex in our portable washing machine reviews. To begin with, it is one of the few small washing machines with five cycle options. You can use it to wash-rinse-spin, rinse-spin-spin, wash, soak-wash-rinse-spin and wash-rinse. It weighs about 8 pounds, making a good selection for apartments or condos doing some light washing. And that’s not even the best part.

As the name suggests, this is a full-automatic portable washer. Do you know what that means? Well, you don’t have to waste your time keeping an eye on your machine as it cleans. Just set it to the automatic mode and attend to other chores. Now, that’s what we like to call convenience at its best.

On top of that, the Giantex comes with two water levels. That way, you can choose a suitable level depending on how the amount of laundry that you want to clean. Think of it as a function that allows you to use water and electricity economically.

And then there’s the integrated aluminum pump and drainage tube so that you can drain out dirty water in a snap. Just so you may know, this unit has a total load capacity of 7.7 pounds.

5. Panda Small Washing Machine – Best for Easy Maintenance

Washing Machine

The Panda has it all from the contemporary, sleek design to the large 10-pound load capacity. With such a capacity, we reckon that it is indeed one of the best portable washing machines for a medium-sized family with lots of washing to do. We’re talking about a full-size bed sheet, two pillowcases and a towel with one load. The trick is not to overload it.

The Panda uses up to 240 watts of power and has a maximum water temperature of 46 degrees centigrade. And yes, for those who are asking, it has a built-in pump for effortless upper drainage. It also comes with an inlet hose that connects directly to your tap allowing you to start to clean right away.

Those who’ve used the Panda say it spins excellently and can even use chlorine bleach. Maintaining is easy too. When it starts to smell like mildew (after about a six months of use) be sure to empty load it with 500ml of vinegar to keep its functionality intact.

We love the fact that it doesn’t take much effort to assemble and install the Panda. In fact, it is ready to use right off the box. And, with a weight of 33 pounds and dimensions of 23.5 by 16 by 27 inches, the Panda is highly portable and easy to store.

4. Giantex Mini Washing Machine – Best for a User-Friendly Design

Washing Machine

Giantex makes a return to our portable machine reviews with this innovatively designed model. Unlike any other unit on this collection, this one has a translucent blue casing that allows you to view your clothes as they clean. It also lets you know when it’s time to add the water.

With a total loading capacity of 7.7 pounds, it is large enough to hold up to six large men’s T-shirts in a single load. It splits your loads in half before squeezing up to 70% of the water. This mini washer is economical too. It doesn’t require a lot of detergents to get your clothes clean – a ¼ cap is enough to get the job done.

The best portable washing machine should remain stable during use. Apart from enabling you to load your clothes with ease, it also reduces accident risks. One that front, this one comes with anti-slip pads so you can place it comfortably on your countertop or any slick surface.

Of course, the stability reduces vibrations which in turn translate to lesser noise. We couldn’t help but notice the integrated carry handle that makes it easy to move your washing machine from one room to another.

3. Best Choice Products Portable Washing Machine – Best for Stain Removal

Washing Machine

This unit by Best Choice Products is a great pick if you’re looking for an impressive washer that’s extra tough on stains. With a condensed load size of 8 pounds for every wash and 5 pounds per spin, this thing promises to make your clothes cleaner than before.

We’re huge fans of its powerful motor with a maximum capacity of 60Hz, which is the primary for its stellar performance. Its controls are straightforward and conveniently placed on the top.

Meanwhile, the washer/spinner combo design allows you to move your laundry straight from the washer to the spinner or run both sides at a go to clean your clothes in a matter of minutes. While the wash cycle can run up to 15 minutes and the dry one for 5 minutes, it will take less time to clean your loads.

Also, this mini washing machine’s size makes it easy to fit into your closet or bathroom, saving you both space and time. And for those who may be concerned, it weighs about 24 pounds, making it ideal for small families and apartments. Additionally, this unit is reasonably priced so it a good choice if you’re on a tight budget or are just dipping your toe into the world of small washing machines.

2. Giantex Compact Twin Tub Machine – Best for a Bigger Load Capacity

Washing Machine

This portable washer and dryer are BIG! In fact, it is the biggest on our list. Yes, with up to 17 pounds of load capacity, it brings forth the convenience you’ve been yearning for in your laundry room.

How many clothes can it handle you ask? Well, think in terms of one pair of jeans, a thin sweatshirt and up to five T-shirts with one load. Now, that’s quite a lot, isn’t it?

Despite its size, this washer is surprisingly water and energy efficient. Plus, it features a motor that spins at 1,300 RPM, which means that it retains a good amount of water and by extension reduces the workload for your dryer while saving on energy costs.

The Giantex washes for 15 minutes and spins for five, which is pretty much the standard with small washing machines. Other notable highlights of this unit include a maximum water temperature of 54 degrees Celsius and a twin tub washing design.

The bottom line is, if you have a big family (3 to 4 members) or just don’t like doing laundry, this model has all the bells and whistles you need to make cleaning less of a chose. And the beauty of it is that it isn’t the most expensive in round up.

1. Haier HLP21N Pulsator – Best Overall

Washing Machine

The Haier HLP21N is the best portable washing machine on this list. First off, it has three water levels and the same number of wash cycles.

Essentially, this means that it will clean your clothes twice as fast while giving you the luxury of trying out with the various wash cycles.

We love the highly responsive controls on the top of this washer. And as if that’s not enough, there are LED indicators so that you can know what your machine is doing, when. Fans applaud the cycle status lights and the end-of-cycle signal for more control over your machine.

Don’t worry that the Haier HLP21N will bring some unwanted noise in your laundry room or bathroom. It supports silent operation so your washing environment will always be quiet.

And just when you thought that this outstanding mini washing machine couldn’t get any better, we tell you that it has an adjustable leveling leg. That way, you can set it to the most comfortable height when loading your laundry.

And then there are the smoothing-rolling casters for hassle-free maneuverability. Lastly, every package comes with a quick-connect sink adapter and installation kit so that you can start using your washer right away!

See, there’s every reason to believe in the Haier HLP21N – it certainly ranks at the top and can go toe-to-toe with the very best.

…Before you go

Best Portable Washing Machines – Buyer’s Guide

Washing Machine

You see, choosing the best portable washing machine is one thing, but using it to its full potential is entirely different. Of course, we want to help you get value from your investment and that’s why we’re throwing in these handy tips.

Buy A Telescopic Dolly

Buy A Telescopic Dolly

Sure, most units in our portable washing machine reviews are moveable. But, you may be quick to notice that none weights less than ten pounds. In essence, it means that you’ll have a problem moving your washer around especially if you do laundry on a daily basis.

The solution? Invest in a telescopic dolly so that you can move your machine with relative ease. And the beauty of it is that telescopic dollies are inexpensive.

Choose One That Aligns with your Specific Cleaning Needs

Choose One That Aligns with your Specific Cleaning Needs

Fact; all the mini washers on our list will clean your dirty laundry. But, the ideal one has to come with the settings that work for your unique cleaning needs. For instance, if you wash a lot of baby clothes, you’re better off with a machine that offers a gentle cycle. We break down it down to you further.

What We Didn’t Like is because it is very expensive You have to catch the washer in the rinse cycle to put fabric softener

 Tub Capacity  – A unit with 1.5 cubic foot tub, for instance, can wash up to 15 large men’s T-shirts in a single load. If you want to clean a full-sized comforter, you’ll need a washer that has a 2.6 cubic foot tub.  Wash Cycles  – Most machines on our list come with several washing cycles including dry and spin. For your information, mini washers with a hot temperature setting will always have a permanent or white press cycle, so be sure to take note.  Water Levels  – Washing machines with two or more water levels allow you to clean efficiently. Let’s say you want to clean a single pair of yoga pants. An additional “extra small” setting will make sure that you can get the job done without wasting both water and energy.

Clean Your Washing Machine Thoroughly

Clean Your Washing Machine Thoroughly

The truth is, even if your portable washing machine is heating water, you can’t rule out the fact that your dirty laundry is teeming nasty bacteria in it. And, did you know that these germs can make you sick not to mention that you’ll be spreading them to other surfaces that you touch and food. So, what can you do? Here’s how to get rid of bacteria and viruses from your washer;

  • Ensure that you add ½ of liquid to all white loads
  • Use Clorox 2 for darks and colors. FYI, Clorox contains hydrogen peroxide, a powerful sanitizer. You may consider adding ½ a cup of white distilled vinegar to prevent fading.
  • Clean your mini washer with bleach at least once every month. Just fill your machine with water and add a quart of bleach. Mix it thoroughly by running the wash cycle for a couple of minutes. Pause the cycle for about one hour so that the bleach can work on your washer’s tub.

Other than that, be sure that you allow at least two inches of space between your mini washer and the walls to prevent spillage. Also, don’t forget to empty all the pockets before tossing your laundry into the machine.

Over to You!

Portable machines are becoming a staple in most homes. They’re cheap and easy to maintain. They don’t consume a lot of electricity like their bigger counterparts.

If you’re in the market for one, we believe that our portable washing machine reviews will help you make an informed decision before spending your cash. Over to you!

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