10 Best Office Chair Covers Review in 2021 – [ Definitive Guide ]

Today we will share with you the 10 best office chair covers.

So, let’s get started!

The covers for office chairs are in constant demand as the chairs have been a common staple of the offices. It rather is a multi-national company or small business, these chairs are compulsory.

Due to their ample usage, they face more wear and tear and get stained often. You cannot wash a chair or keep cleaning them daily. That is where the covers jump into action.

The chair covers not only keep them well-protected but clean. And then you can wash them whenever required. Some of these chair covers look amazing with the outdoor pool tables.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Office Chair Cover

Choose the Best Office Chair Cover

As there are in excessive demand and competition among different companies. The quality is now on the bet. Still, not all people are true to their words.

So you cannot trust any brand when buying a thing or two.

Hence this article will for sure solve that problem for you and give you the best products in the market.

1- Melaluxe Office Chair Cover

Melaluxe Office Chair Cover

This chair cover will not keep you bound on a limited size range. As it’s manufactured in a way to provide perfect fitting with required elasticity.

This product comes in a pair with a cushion and backrest cover. Both the items are large enough to fit in a smooth manner.

It will keep the chairs protected against external factors like ripping or tearing. The fabric not only seems smooth but is soft to touch keeping you comfy.

The edges have elastic to keep the cover in place without any slips.

It will stay on for as long as you don’t remove it. And the only time to remove the covers is when you have to wash them. These are facile to clean as you can even wash them in the machine.

Also, you can select any color or print that will best suit your office interior. So along with safety is will add a chic look to your office.


  • Washable
  • Variety of fabrics


  • Incompatible

2- CAVEEN Office Chair Cover

CAVEEN Office Chair Cover

This astounding product is a blessing for all those who love huge bossy chairs. Coming in many sizes the chair covers provide complete protection to your chairs.

It has different size options to choose from.

The material used is stretchable and stays on until removed. With the smooth texture, you will love to sit and work. It even has a zipper for a better grip on the chair.

This cover will keep your chairs safe from any sort of scratches, dirt, and damages.

It does not matter what size the chair is but the type does matter. You can have a banquet chair or folding chairs, it will fit them both. So it is best to check the measurements and requirements and then buy a cover.

The strong material used in manufacturing makes them durable and easy to clean later.


  • Large sizes
  • Durable
  • Soft fabric


  • Not compatible with all types

3- Seiyue Removable Covers

Seiyue Removable Covers

This high-quality product is one of the best sellers in the market. It has all the feature one needs to keep the chairs well-maintained.

The material used is stretchable enough to cover up the chairs from all corners. Also, it won’t slip off. The best fitting of these covers is on computer chairs.

The major purpose of these covers is to keep the chairs protected against damage. So your chairs won’t get any ugly scratches or marks. Also, they will be clean all the time.

You will need to remove the cover only when it gets dirty. Then it can be also ironed if needed. The jacquard fabric gives an elegant look with a soft touch.

Moreover, you get a variety of color option to select from. Hence you can opt one that would go well with the decor. Play with colors to decorate according to your taste.

It won’t get wrinkled even after long usage.

You are not bound to use them for office chairs. But you can put them on your house or kitchen chairs as well.


  • Ergonomic
  • High-quality fabric
  • Color options


  • Non-durable

4- BTSKY Office Computer Chair Covers

BTSKY Office Computer Chair Covers

In this cover, the material used is of high-quality making it durable and soft to touch. The cover comes with a zipper to allow easy usability and better hold without slipping.

If you tend to use swivel chairs then these covers will be your ultimate choice. As the design fits them the best.

No matter what condition your chair is in, the cover got your back. It will not only keep them safe from any dirt or scratch. But also give them a whole new sleek look.

Rather than spending energy on cleaning the chairs, you can now throw the covers in the machine. These are washable in machines.

Your old leather office chairs will now look all new. And all thanks to these stunning covers. These will give you a soft feel on touching. For almost any type of chair, there is a size available.

Plus the material is quite stretchable for ensuring easy slip-on.


  • Sturdy covers
  • Zipper
  • Machine washable


  • Polyester based

5- Office Chair Slipcover

Office Chair Slipcover

The special thing about this product is its unique design. This office chair seat cover will fit a huge number of chair types. The flexibility of fabric makes it an optimal choice.

It takes only a minute or two to put on the cover. Chairs with back supports are also used at homes and these covers are also best for them too.

You can take the measurements of the chair and then buy as per required. But it won’t fit the executive kind of chairs that are enormous in size.

So you can now forget about the chairs and damages that can happen. As the cover will not only keep them clean from dust but protect them from dents etc.

The look is quite sharp and has a splendid usability period. If it gets stained then you can also wash it and use it again. Plus it won’t even get wrinkled for you to iron again and again.


  • Strong
  • Washable
  • No iron needed


  • No color options

6- Jinzio Computer Office Chair Cover

Jinzio Computer Office Chair Cover

With this astounding product, your chairs will get a whole new look. A high-quality polyester and spandex used in manufacturing make them durable.

Both these have high tensile strength than other materials. So these are more stretchable and lasts long keeping the chairs safe.

Either your chairs are old, torn or worn out, these slipcovers are an ideal choice.

The edges will stick on a place due to elastic used. Further, you only have to slip them on and forget your worries. These won’t slip or come out on their own due to elastic hem.

You can opt for different colors depending upon your taste and office decor.

Whenever you feel like cleaning them, you can throw them in the machine and they will come out as new. Also, there won’t be any wrinkles as the material is free from that.

Still, if you want then you can iron them and reuse them.


  • Wrinkle-free
  • Washable
  • Durable


  • Incompatible with all chairs

7- My Decor Office Chair Covers

My Decor Office Chair Covers

These chair covers the ideal choice for you if you want to give the executive chair a new look. Coming with excellent material and subtle colors to select from.

You can also gift this to your boss or some other person as they make a beautiful impression.

These beautiful covers are here to not only keep the chairs safe but add a new look to the whole interior. Made of durable and stretchable fabric to ensure longevity.

So now your chairs won’t undergo any wear and tear or scratches or dents. Plus the covers will keep all the dirt away. These come in attractive shades for you to select from.

Hence no matter what kind of decor you have, you can still add a new touch to it.

These covers are best usable for swivel chairs. The appealing jacquard fabric will always turn out to be a smart choice. If you feel like these have gone dirty then wash them in the machine or you can hand-wash them also.

It’s designed for both ways. It won’t get any wrinkles still you can iron them if you want to. The soft fabric gives you a comfy feel and at the same time keeps away bacteria.

It is more than enough stretchable for various chair sizes. Also, the color won’t fade soon and won’t wear out.


  • Economical
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Limited options

8- BTSKY Office Chair Covers

BTSKY Office Chair Covers

Made with a strong yet stretchable fabric these covers are one of the top sellers in the market. The sleek design makes them more elegant.

These cover are easiest to use as there is an elastic hem to keep them well-fitted. So these won’t slip out of place and keep the chairs covered. These cover are a blessing if you have any pet.

As the superior quality fabric will keep them safe from scratches.

Also, the chairs won’t wear out soon or get dusty or dirty. If somehow the cover gets stained you can wash it with ease. It is machine washable.

For all the high back chairs these covers are ideal. The smooth yet flexible material can fit on various sizes in a facile manner. The material won’t fade or get torn or wear out.

It’s designed to last long.  Plus the material is breathable and comfy at the same time. Hence you would stay all cozy while sitting on the chair.

The zipper keeps it sticking on the place and won’t allow it to slip off. So the excessive usage will now cause no harm.


  • Stretchable fabric
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean


  • Limited colors

9- Seiyue Chair Cover

Seiyue Chair Cover

This splendid product will for sure enhance the decor of your office. These slipcovers are among the hot sellers of the market. Coming with various shades so you can play along with colors.

Made of strong, durable spandex these will not wear out any sooner. Instead, the material used is of high-grade keeping the chairs well-protected.

You can put on these without any effort and no need to worry about them slipping off. These will stay in the place even after excessive usage.

The fabric won’t get wrinkled and you can with ease wash it when required or iron them. These covers fit the best on swivel chairs.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your chair being messy or getting any dents. Even the fabric won’t wear out in a long time. The excellent quality jacquard fabric ensure longevity and gives smooth touch.

Though the fabric can fit various sizes, the covers also have 3 size ranges. Apart from offices, these are in extensive usage at homes or hotels or any event.


  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Quality material


  • For swivel chairs only

10- Ergo360 Chair Armrest Covers

Ergo360 Chair Armrest Covers

Protecting the chairs is not the only thing that matter. Your chairs also come with armrests. These little fellas keep us from getting tired and help us in a great way while working.

As much as the cushion or backrest can get torn, the armrest may also wear out. These also stay under equal usage force. But this product is here to keep the worries away.

You can cover your armrests and the cover will do the rest. The neoprene is soft to touch and yet strong enough to protect the armrests.

The thick resiliency foam will keep you comfy all the time. The size is long enough to cover up to 16 inches of length.

The usage is facile as it has a cord that laces up on the lower side. So in no time, your covers will get fixed.

The usage is not bound to office chairs. These are usable for wheelchairs or home chairs or any chair with armrests. The material is stretchy enough for best fitting.

The nylon gives a rich look and feel. Also, it won’t stick with your clothes like other materials.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Strecthable


  • Extravagant

Best Office Chair Covers – Buyer’s Guide

Office Chair Covers

Here we will provide you with tips and trick to keep in mind when buying a chair cover. With the help of these, you will be able to make a more defined yet smart selection.


Now it is obvious that when buying covers for office, the quantity would be hefty. As you will need at least a few of these for your entire office. So ensure that you make a wise estimation of your budget and then go for it.

On the other side if you are in need of only a single cover, still keep in mind the amount you are about to spend. Don’t spend extra for a single cover.

Try to keep a balance. If there is an exception in the budget you can add Card Tables with the chair covers too.


Another important thing is to check the fabric used in making. You can choose a cotton cover if the chair is in excess usage. It will keep it safe from wear and tear along with color protection.

Then there are covers made of thin, stretchy fabrics. These provide a sleek yet fitted look on the chair. Go for a dark shade so the stains won’t be visible.

Other options are polyester, wool or spandex. Some of these covers are water-resistant and they are best to place on the chairs in the gardens where there are water sprinklers.

Size / Measurements

Next thing to consider is the exact size. Though most of the covers are stretchable and can fit various chairs. It is better to stay on the safer side.

Take proper measurements of the backseat and cushion. Then opt for a product based on the sizes.

Color & Type

These come in whole various color options. It sometimes becomes difficult for one to make a choice. You will see printed ones then solid-colored, jacquard one and many more.

The color selection also depends on the interior and its design. So be careful to opt according to that decor.

Then comes the types. As we all know that a single item can be of various types. Same is the case with these executive chair covers. These are either fitted one to give a smooth look.

Afterward, these come with elastic or tied ones. The choice depends on your requirements.

FAQs About Office Chair Covers

FAQs About Office Chair Covers

Why You Need a Chair Cover?

The need for chair cover is not new. As these are in wide usage and face more wear and tear than any other furniture item. So here are a few reasons to explain the need.

 Protects from Damage 

If you have an office chair or more than you need the covers for sure. Office staff spends more time on chairs and these will at a point get tattered.

Either the chairs are cheap or some lavish leather chair, the covers are must to save them. The dust and dirt will stay away from your chair and they would stay new for a long time.


One of the major plus points of these covers is the reusability. The covers also bring the old chair in use. All those torn or tattered chairs or dents will be now covered and no one would know.

These covers are quite durable so they stay in for quite some time. Most of these are wrinkle-free and machine washable. So even if there are any stains you can get rid of them.

 Add Up to the Decor 

These chairs are not only to protect your chairs. Instead, these can enhance the beauty of your office to a great extent. The covers come in various colors and prints and fabrics.

Sometimes it becomes hard to choose. With all those attractive and elegant options you can select any that will fit the overall interior.

How to Cover an Office Chair without Sewing?

If you have a torn or damaged office chair and are thinking to throw it away, please stop! There are many solutions to this problem other than throwing it away.

Also if you are not fond of having the chair sewed then you are at right place. Apart from chair covers available in the market, you can design your own at home.

In certain situations, if your chairs get dirty and there is a party, you can go for buying covers. There will be a quick fixation required.

So here are a few steps to make your very own cover without sewing the chair.

Step #1:

First of all, you will need a fabric that you can use for covering the chair. Along with that, you need a pair of scissors, some tape, and a cord. You can use any sort of cord available at hand.

Make the measurements of how much fabric will you need for covers. Then cut the measured fabric and spread it on a table.

Step #2:

Next, you will need to make a casing via a cord. Place down the cord on the edges with care and fold the fabric towards the inner side. Use some tape to hold it in place.

Get some folds around the curves.

Step #3:

With the help of the tape stick the hem alongside the cord. Cut the extra one and choose the place where you have to tie it. Then cut 2 holes about 1 or 2 inches apart.

Next, thread out the ends of the cord from the holes and end it with tape.

Step #4:

For extra safety, you can use some safety pins so the cover stays in the best form. In this way, the cord also would stay on its place rather than slipping.

The cover is now ready to use. So put it on the chair and viola.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

This article will help you with all choosing a chair cover. The covers are a compulsion and you must have them for your chairs. So without any delay go and buy from the suggested products.

We have given you the best products from the market along with authentic data. Well in case of repairment Grommet Tools can be the best choice you have for your chairs.

It will be for sure of great help. Yet you are more than welcome by us for any further query. It is yet suggested to at first use the item for a better experience.

Still, it would be our pleasure to answer your doubts.

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