10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ]

Come to think of it, which is the best microphone stand?

Better yet, how does a good mic stand look like?

Designs vary from one model to the other, but any stand worth your money ought to be adjustable, with clutches to lock in the height.

The base has to be flat (and heavy enough) to prevent tipping. Even then, it doesn’t mean that the stand should be bulky in a way that compromises portability.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Microphone Stand

Guide to Choose the Mic Stand

On that note, it’s almost impossible to talk about microphone stands without adding mic boom arm stands into the mix.

After all, these two items go hand in hand. A perfect boom stand is flexible, has a cable management function and robust enough to hold your mic in place.

Most have an integrated shock dispersion mechanism to reduce vibrations when you reposition your microphone.

Now that you know what determines what you buy, we tell you which are the best microphone stands, and top mic boom stands based on the factors that we’ve just mentioned.

Come with us!

10 BEST Mic Stands

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10. B-Qtech Boom Stand

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 1

You’ll love having this stand by B-Qtech if you’re a podcaster or YouTuber.

One of the most versatile stands you can get, it is compatible with a host of condenser microphones including Blue Snowball Ice, Bird UM1, and Blue Yeti just to name but a few.

The usability of this stand is on point too. It will clamp firmly on your desktop as long as it has a thickness of up 1.7 inches.

That way, you can be sure that it will remain in position for the entire recording session without wobbling.

Meanwhile, the B-Qtech’s boasts a super-brawny spring lets you find the ideal height angle for easy recording.

Add the adjustable swivel mount and the flexible metal gooseneck and what you get is a handy stand that has everything you need to showcase your vocal prowess.

And just when you thought this mic boom couldn’t get anymore handy, we tell you that it carries a double-webbed pop filter to reduce the intensity of “popping” sounds in your studio.

The B-Qtech is not for home recording only. It is suitable for broadcasting station, stages and so on.

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9. ELINP Adjustable Stand

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 2

The ELINP is a good microphone stand if you want to replace your old model or are looking for something more contemporary.

This unit has a robust iron body for durability and a full 2.1-inch mouth so you can use it with almost any other desktop.

In the meantime, the built-in anti-scratch pad ensures that your surfaces remain graze-free.

When choosing a mic stand, you want a model that’s as flexible as possible. Well, that shouldn’t be anything to worry about with the ELINP.

You can extend the high-quality stainless steel frame up to a height of 27.5 inches.

It also comes with two extra positioning screws just to increase the adaptableness. Theoretically, the flexibility enables you to record for long without straining your back or neck.

It is worth noting that this unit has a microphone clip diameter of 1.26 inches. It will accommodate most standard size mics. Even then, it is not compatible with the Blue Yeti USB mic.

And to wrap it up, the ELINP folds in a snap, for increased portability whenever you need to move it from point A to B.

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8. Neewer NB-35

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 3

The Neewer NB-35 is a compact microphone stand for your home recording studio.

Just like the B-Qtech, it features a gooseneck that’s adjustable up to three sixty degrees.

Put differently; you can move it in any position or direction as you please without unclamping it from your table.

And then there’s the swivel mount to take the flexibility a step further.

This stand features a pop filter with a dual nylon net to ensure that your voice/recording is plosion-free.

How about compatibility you ask?

Well, you can use the NB-35 with all desktops with a thickness of up 1.7 inches. Note – be sure to check your table’s width before ordering.

Apart from that, the NB-35 is all-steel, so there’s no question about its sturdiness or ability to give you years of service. It will accommodate any standard-sized microphone.

However, it may not be the best choice to use with a Blue Yeti Mic – keep scrolling down this list if that’s the model you’re looking for.

It will, however, work with other popular mics such as the Samson Meteor, Turtle Beach, and Snowball.

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10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 4

Despite its minimalist design, the RODE PSA1can support most mics weighing between 700g to 2.4 lbs.

It is also arguably the best boom arm for the RODE Procaster and Podcaster.

For a firm fit, you have to combine the stand with a shock mount though (sold separately).

Perfect for home, studio and broadcast radio use, this unit has a horizontal reach of 32.5 inches.

The vertical extension stands at 33 inches. Now, that’s enough adjustability for most in-house recording needs.

How you mount your boom stand, by extension, dictates ease of use. The RODE PSA’s package comes with Velcro cable and desk clamps as well as desk inserts attachments for fast, convenient mounting.

Unlike the stands that we’ve reviewed so far, this one has a reasonably wide clamp with an opening of about 3 inches. It will, therefore, mount on a wide range of flat surfaces.

The RODE PSA1is a great pick for use with Blue Yeti Mic.

Those who’ve used it with the Yeti, however, say that you need to purchase a small extender to ensure that the USB cable doesn’t interfere with the stand’s usability. This unit has the title “king of mic arms” for a reason.

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6. Eastshining Boom Scissor Arm

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 5

Here’s another little boom arm for your Blue Yeti or any other heavy microphone with a diameter of more than 4.5 cm.

The Eastshining boasts a load capacity of more than 4.4 pounds – one the highest on the market.

Its built-in super-strong springs are the reason for the outstanding capability.

It even has O-rings on the shock mount to increase (or reduce) the diameter as per the size of your microphone.

The Eastshining is safe and stable. It features two suspension springs on each side of the arm to ensure that your mic doesn’t shake, drop or make disruptive noises.

On top of that, you get everything you need to have this boom arm up and ready for use in a minute.

The package comes with a mounting clip and an adjustable positioning screw that clips comfortable on a desktop with a thickness of up 5.5 cm.

The Eastshining has a zinc alloy body, which makes is relatively lightweight for easy transportation. The electrostatic powder finish gives it a stylish appeal while antirust frame guarantees durability.

The specific microphones that this boom arm can handle include the Technica, Snow Ball and of course, the Blue Yeti.

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5. NEEWER Adjustable Arm Stand

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 6

We reckon that this model by NEEWER is best microphone boom arm stand if you’re on a tight budget and want a high-performing model.

A bestseller in every right, this unit offers everything to help you record high-quality audio in your house or voice-over studio.

While this stand may not have the highest load capacity (supports mics with a weight of up to 2 kgs) it can handle most small microphones.

But that’s not what has made this arm stand a street favorite. It is one of the few models that don’t need an adapter to use the ever-popular Blue Yeti USB microphone.

All you need to do is unscrew the mic clip at the bottom, and it will fit into the Yeti!

Fans love the easy setup process and the stellar suspension once you’ve attached your mic.

This arm stand may not have the full swivel movement as some of the models we’ve reviewed, but it has adequate back and forth swing to allow you to adjust it to your liking.

It is ideal for tables with a thickness of up to 1.75 inches.

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4. On Stage DS7200B

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 7

The DS7200B has an adjustable height of 9 to 13 inches, making it easily the best desk mic stand.

With such flexibility, this could very well be the only stand that you need for dispatch, paging or announcing.

It won’t vibrate once you’ve put in place, thanks to the die-cast steel clutch complete with five-point rubber feet for incredible stability.

The DS7200B has a load capacity of two pounds.

And for those who’re asking, this is an industry standard mic stand. It comes with a standard screw in the top.

In essence, this means that you can use it with any microphone as long as it has an industry standard screw hole at the bottom.

We’re talking about mic models such as Samson GTrack, Samson CO1U, Audio Technica, Blue Yeti and more.

The DS7200B‘s shaft comes in black powder coat and chrome finishes just to give you a little bit more choice.

We bet you’ll love the affordability of this stand especially when you consider what it can do. Perfect!

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3. Samson MK-10

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 8

The MK-10 will make a brilliant choice if you’re a performing artist in search of a functional microphone stand.

It is lightweight, portable and adaptable which means that you can use it in any position.

The package also comes with an adapter for use with a handheld mic.

The MK-10 features a cord management system, so that wires won’t get in your way while you perform.

There’s the two-way attach mechanism too, for your omni-directional microphone and a plastic attachment for a traditional mic.

Additionally, this stand scores well when it comes to sturdiness thanks to its metal construction.

It will catch your attention to know the MK-10 has a collapsible design, so it’s easy to store and carry around.

Assembling it is a breeze too; it even has an instruction manual to get you started.

While this stand may not hold heavy microphones, it is an excellent budget option that will get the job done.

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2. Pyle Microphone Stand

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 9

The Pyle is an excellent alternative to the MK-10 if you want more adjustment while in the standing position.

You can extend this model from 33.5 to 60.24 inches. It is an ideal choice for tall performers or giving long speeches.

Indeed, you’ll love the ultra-light, convenient design if you’re a musician that’s always on the go.

Unlike the MK-10, the Pyle can accommodate microphones with a weight of up to 9.92 pounds.

The sturdy, die-cast base with a diameter of up to 235 mm to keep it firmly rooted in place without falling or tipping over.

In the meantime, the telescoping boom arm with a length of 33.46 inches gives you the flexibility you need to use the stand comfortably. It also ensures that your mic stays in an elevated position.

Other notable highlights include the integrated microphone holder and the elegant black finish.

In the words of satisfied users, the Pyle is a reliable, affordable, heavy-duty stand that delivers what it promises.

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1. AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Stand

10 Best Microphone Stands Reviewed [ BEST Mic Stands ] 10

This model is by far the best mic stand on this list.

While it’s primarily meant for use as a straight microphone stand, you can collapse it if for podcasts or studio recording.

You’ll need to get Velcro clamps (sold separately) if you want to use it as a table stand.

The AmazonBasics, as the name suggests, has a tripod base for stability.

It is compatible with 3/8 to 5/8 inch adapters and will accommodate microphones with a diameter of the same size.

It also has a long boom arm complete with molded plastic that comes in handy when using the stand for horizontal placement.

Besides, you can fiddle with the arms tilt and extension when you want to place your microphone in front of the sound source without occupying so much floor space.

The AmazonBasics features a clip-on holder to attach the power cord to the stand. That way, you don’t have to worry about cable tangles that may interfere with your performance/recording.

In short, this stand is as usable as you’d want it to be whether you’re on a small, intimate stage or entertaining a large crowd.

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Summing Up!

So, these are the list of the top 10 best mic stands available in 2021. I am sure that you loved our amazing review.

So, which mic stand are you going to try out first the “AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Stand” or “Eastshining Boom Scissor Arm“.

Let us know in the comments below!

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