10 Best Lift Top Coffee Tables In 2021 – [Ultimate Guide]

Today we will share with you the best lift-top coffee tables.

No matter what sort of person you are, your living room is incomplete without a table. And imagine having some classy saucer chairs around.

Want To know the best part?

All this would look divine and your guests would for sure love the setup. Or in the evening you can enjoy your coffee and work a bit.

These tables are nothing like the ordinary ones and offer double space.

Complete Guide to Choose the Best Lift Top Coffee Tables

Lift Top Coffee Tables

You can elevate the platform and viola there would be a hidden compartment or two.

So stack your belongings in there for later usage. Or you can place beautiful humidifiers to enhance the look of the table.

The ideas are almost never-ending. So, let’s start with the best picks we have to offer.

Here are our best picks for you so let’s get started,

1- WLIVE Wood Coffee Table

WLIVE Wood Coffee Table

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This table might look like the usual ones in the market. But there is a hidden surprise in its design. Unlike the basic coffee tables that lack space, this offers more space.

This is a unique feature making it a top-quality product of the market.

Coming towards the intricate design, it has an extending top that you can lift up. This provides a raised work station that is great for laptops. This floating surface can hold up to 35 lbs.

The gas spring support makes lifting and dropping way easier.

Next, there is a left drawer along with sleek slides. Another addition to enhancing the space. Even the lid of the drawer can hold at least 25 lbs. You can keep supplies, remotes, magazines, etc in the drawer.

There is a high-quality centerpiece made of a water-resistant board. Also, the steel structure is quite durable so you can rely on it. This product also ensures that your floor remains intact.

So, the non-slipping pads keep scratches away.

If you lift the hidden drawer lids, it won’t make any noises as there are crash pads. Apart from noise, these also protect the material from any damage or scratches.


  • Additional storage.
  • Durable structure.
  • Easy assembling.


  • Heavyweight.

2- Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

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Coming with a design that would fit with any interior, this table is going to be your new favorite. The beautiful color gives an old yet classic vibe. It has an oak finishing that adds up to the style.

The best part is that you get a lot more space in the same design. So you save space at the same time get some extra one too. Isn’t it amazing?

The upper parts lift up and lean forward. This allows one to get an elevated workspace or you can place extra stuff there. Then below this surface, there is a hidden compartment/shelf.

Here you can keep lots of different things including books and so on.

The design has smooth finishing on all sides to enhance the attractive look. A whole lot of engineered wood construction works together to bring out this design.

Then there are storage slots at the lower side too. You can use it for keeping various items or use them to add the decor. In short, these spaces let you design the look that fits with your interior.

This table does need assembling but involves no science in it. Still, you can call the company’s helpline for extra instructions.


  • Artistic design.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Spacious.


  • Needs assembling.

3- Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Ashley Furniture Signature Design

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This product is a hot-seller in the market due to its design and storage options. From outside it might look like an ordinary table, but it is actually a lot more. Now, a single table will serve you in various ways.

This single piece is capable to do so many things now. You can store away anything then use it for serving when there is a party. And that does not end here, as you can showcase your favorites with the lift top.

The exterior gives dual tones to enhance its beauty. It has a soft white finish to give it a rustic look along with darker top color. Both the colors fit in a perfect manner.

This finishing will last for years making its long-term usage.

Coming towards the spacing, there are 4 gliding drawers. So, you can use these to store as many things as you want to. The lift top comes with spring for ease of usability.

The material used is wood and oak veneers to improve longevity. Then there are casters to make the mobility further facile. Yet you will need a little bit of assembling before usage.


  • Multiple storages.
  • Easy mobility.
  • Dual-tone finishing.


  • Non-economical.

4- Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Table

Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Table

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The beautiful color will match with any interior design and enhance the decor. You can rely on this stylish piece to add a spark to your artistic lounge.

From the color to the finishing and design, everything is perfect.

Offering you a wide range of space and at the same time saving you from buying multiple items. This article is a must-have. It has a lifting top that moves forward.

Hence allowing you to use the elevated platform as a workspace. Or serve your guests while a tea-party.

Next, the lower compartment or the hidden one again offers enough storage space. You can stock your supplies here or keep your books to enjoy the evenings and much more.

A single furniture item can serve you in so many possible ways.

The list of storage areas goes on as you get two more portions at the very bottom. These open portions are usable for assorting artifacts or put other such things. The oak finishing in coffee color would only add to the glamour of the room.

This table is a marvelous piece of engineered wood construction. The wrought iron styled accents and spring lift-top. A sleek and smooth finishing from all sides. All such elements make this a top-notch product.


  • Intricate design.
  • Durability.
  • Sturdy lift-top.


  • Need assembling.

5- Sekey Home Lift Top Coffee Table

Sekey Home Lift Top Coffee Table

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You no longer have to worry about dealing with the mess. As this product is here to solve your storage problems. Yes, you heard it right. This table is not only a coffee table but a lift-top table.

Though at first glance it may look like a usual one. But we promise you that there is a lot more.

To ensure a durable experience, it comes with powder-coated metal accents. The durable laminate ensures stability and sturdiness. Maintaining a classical look it comes with dual tiers.

The special feature is its top-lift mechanism. You can even adjust the elevated part according to the desired height.

This unique design makes it an ideal choice not for homes but also for offices. The hidden compartment lets one keep various things. Made with metal and MDF wood, this sturdy piece can last for a long time.

And will fit well with your home’s aesthetics.

Apart from the top-lift and hidden parts, there is also a lower part. That is also used for storage or you can put some home decor items. A whole lot of spacing that lets you play with interesting ideas.

With the help of the provided manual, you can assemble it with ease. It comes with all the required sets of directions. Still, the company offers 24 hours customer service if you feel confused at any point.


  • Sturdy metal.
  • Wood-grain finish.
  • Easy to lift.


  • Requires assembling.

6- Signature Design by Ashley Tyler

Signature Design by Ashley Tyler

[Azonasinid asinid=”B07DKHFB1K”]

This product is jam-packed with features and spacious enough. You can stock your whole supplies for a party in this single table. It comes in a beautiful black/brownish shade that suits any sort of interior.

The veneers and solid woodwork in a perfect manner together to produce this exquisite piece. This may look a cute little table but holds double storage space than its size.

First, there are 4 gliding drawers with a smooth finish. So you can use these to put things of the basic usage. Next, it has a lift-top that work in a sleek manner.

You get a beautiful elevated platform where you can keep the laptop. Or do any other work as it can support a certain amount of weight.

Further, it has casters to make the mobility easiest. Below the lift top, there is a hidden storage place. Amazing as it sounds, keeps your stuff there, hidden from others.


  • Versatile usage.
  • Ease of mobility.
  • Perfect finish.


  • Over-priced.

7- Simpli Home Coffee Table

Simpli Home Coffee Table

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The most interesting factor making this product a high-quality one is manufacturing. Made with quality Mango wood and finished with metal, this table is perfect in every aspect.

The NC lacquer and natural finishing add to its uniqueness. Along with that, it offers space more than normal tables can. The split lift-top is what makes it worth buying.

Two enormous compartments can with ease accommodate several utilities. So, if you are a party freak then host as many as you want. With this piece, you will never run out of storage space.

Keep your secret items in the hidden compartment. Or store away books or remotes, etc. Then the two portions at the bottom also serve as space providers.

These open portions are suitable for keeping various things including home decor items.

Industrial contemporary design can match any aesthetics. And it goes in the most perfect manner even in offices. The iron hairpin legs give it a certain spectacular look. Also, you can shift it around with ease.


  • Mango wood.
  • Sleek design.
  • Easy assembling.


  • Hard lift-top.

8- Ashley Furniture Signature Design

10 Best Lift Top Coffee Tables In 2021 – [Ultimate Guide] 1

  Get it now on Amazon.com

The stunning piece will be for sure the best addition to your home’s decor and interior. Its rustic dual tones work like a magic no matter what type is the interior.

These things make it an ideal choice for your lounge or even offices.

The lift-top space provides an extra place to keep your belongings. You can use it as a workspace or study table. It can support a certain amount of weight.

Made of wood, veneers and engineered wood, this piece is a tough one. Coming towards the storage it has 2 gliding drawers and a lift-top. The lift-top has more space underneath.

All these spaces yet it looks like a usual sized table from the outside. The metal pulls makes it completely unique in style and aesthetics. The lift-top is best if you are one lazy person or prefers to work from home.

As it can support your laptop or books in a perfect manner.

After using the given instructions you can assemble it with ease. It requires no hard and fast rules. And then you are all set to enjoy your coffee or work hours with this posh styled piece.


  • 2-toned.
  • Multiple storage options.
  • Easy assembling.


  • Not so sturdy.

9- Ashley Carynhurst Lift Top Cocktail Table

Ashley Carynhurst Lift Top Cocktail Table

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If you have a certain taste for rustic things then this item is only for you. The exquisite piece can match with any person’s aesthetic as it comes in stunning color.

Unlike usual tablets, it comes in a lighter shade that fits well with any background.

Either it is the antique vibe or space, this piece fulfills all requirements in the best manner. Let’s start from its top which is more than enough to accommodate several items.

Made with pine wood, this handcrafted piece has 2 handles and a lift-top too. The underneath storage adds up to the spacing. This table is an ideal option for living rooms. The country-style product will for sure gain all the attention.

You need to do minimal assembling and it is good to go. Yet there is a whole set of instructions with the kit.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Durable.
  • Spacious.


  • Heavyweight

10- Woodboro Lift Top Coffee Table

Woodboro Lift Top Coffee Table

  Get it now on Amazon.com

The product is among the hot-selling items in the market. Either you look at the design or color or spacing. It will provide you a satisfactory result. Though it gives a look of a casual table that you can have in your living room.

Yet it holds more than enough spacing in it. This vintage piece will rock the whole interior design and will match any taste. The manufacturing includes oil-rubbed stain along with hardware.

Made of hardwood and veneers, it is a durable product that you can rely on. It comes with least of 4 drawers. Use them to keep minimal things or stack your belongings.

The caster legs make the mobility further facile. The next astounding feature is the lift-top. So, now you have your very own workspace and hidden compartment too.

All this in a single table under such affordable pricing.


  • Easy assembling.
  • Dual storage.
  • Sturdy material.


  • Heavy to carry.

Best Lift Top Coffee TablesBuyer’s GuideLift Top Coffee Tables

Before buying any lift-top table you need to keep into consideration a few aspects. In fact, whenever you are up to buy any item, it is necessary to have a look at such guidance tips.

So let’s have a look:


You can see that there are a lot of options when it comes to material. Now, the material used in manufacturing plays a vital role. It decides how sturdy the table will be and how much of durable it is.

Of course, no one wants a piece that turns into a mess only after days or months.

Those tables intended to be for industrial usage are often made of metal or steel. The combo of brass and steelworks best and glass adds up the sophisticated spacing.

Then there are wooden tables. These tables hold their own charm and rustic yet classic look. Such pieces go well with almost any sort of interior. Even in wood, you have options like oak, maple, cherry, walnut, mango, etc.

If you are more into old aesthetics then we urge you to choose oak and maple. But for a defined formal vibe, nothing is better than walnut and cherry.

The room that will have the table can also affect the choice of material. Like glass or stone table with metal, accents are ideal for a room with other woody pieces. And if you are a party lover then nothing is better than a glass table as they resist stains.

Table Construction

When we are into something and make a mind to spend some money on it. It is always wise to keep in view some basic things. The construction of the table is one of such basic elements.

First, you need to know how much space you have.

Depending on what your space requirements are, you can then choose one. So it is smart to get a good idea beforehand and then opt the desired construction.

You can also choose a smaller construction to save space and place some bean bags alongside.

Shape and Size

Though there is a whole list of options. Yet you might feel restricted at this point. Keeping in view the shape and size are crucial aspects. You cannot choose any piece and place it in your living room.

Consider having some exquisite floor chairs in your lounge. Now you will feel bound as only specific sizes can fit with them. The factors like how much the lift-top should be and how much space you want.

Try to go for a table that is two-third of your couch/sofa’s length. Only then the scaling will be correct. If you have high chairs the table also needs elevation.

Also, your guests won’t have to bend much to pick their plates or drinks.


Apart from tables, if you buy anything you must know the purpose and functions. It is an important factor to know what would be the purpose of the thing you bought.

Also, the amount of usage it will undergo and storage, etc.

These tables come with drawers and compartments. And are capable to store lots of things. From books and magazines to toys and your laptop. Such things fit well in these drawers.

Next, these also serve well as a workspace with the lift-top feature. This feature makes them ideal for offices as well. Or you can sit around, wrapped in comfy blankets and enjoy your food.

Last, these also serve well as a source of decor. Or these intricate designs go well with various marvelous interiors. As a result, you get an enhanced yet elegant room.

Additional Features

These are not the only aspects that you need to look at while choosing a perfect piece. Working on some additional features would be fir sure beneficial.

For instance, in a single price range, you can get a lot of options. Cost is also an important factor in buying any item. Always stick to your budget while making purchases.

If your table has casters, it will only add to the style and comfort. Such pieces are so easy to move around the house. Or you can look for options in the spacing section.

Like the number of drawers and hidden portions. If you have kids and you want to keep things hidden away then go for lift-top.

Further, if you prefer working from home then the elevation level and size and how much it can hold. All these extra features need your attention.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Wrapping it all up, we urge you to choose any piece you like. These not only will add up to the charm of your room. But will serve in various ways.

If you love rain or cold, you can enjoy your coffee and snacks set on your table. Sit beside and can work or study.

Then if you have some friends invited over, you can impress them with your choice. Show them the lift-top, keep your drinks stacked beneath the lift-top and so on.

If you love reading and have kids around then this table can also serve as a reading station. Later you can hide your books and kids will never know a thing.

From our curated list, you can choose any design that fits your taste well. So stay tuned with us for more amazing and updated information about the things which you have the most interest in.


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