10 Best Leather Conditioners and Cleaners Reviewed in 2021

Today, we’re reviewing the ten best leather conditioners and leather cleaners.

So, let’s get started with the review…

Let’s not kid ourselves; keeping leather items in their best possible shape is labor-intensive. In fact, it requires a combination of finesse and the correct products to get rid of dirt, grime, dust, and body sweat.

The leather is in every case great to sit on and feel it against your skin. It is additionally viewed as a top-notch material and it is the reason you get it in the top of the line vehicles as far as seats and different spots.

Thus, you can generally find that leather is something you would need to have. That being stated, you get that leather will at present need some upkeep.

10 Best Leather Conditioners and Cleaners – Our Top Picks

Leather Conditioner

You would prefer not to have leather that is broken, blurred and looking mature.

Therefore, we get the opportunity to see that it is vital to get yourself the best leather conditioners and cleaners to stay with a spotless leather surface.

Before going further let’s look at some of the important tips for car owners. 

Necessary Car Leather Care Tips

  Conditioning Your Car Leather  

Many of you might be interested in the condition of your car seats. You can do that by getting a water-based and also pH neutral leather conditioner. In addition, always get a high-quality and premium leather conditioner for this job.

Avoid buying that leather conditioner which contains or embossed with petroleum distillates or silicone content in it. Most importantly, upon applying a leather conditioner on your car seats, you will be able to replenish the natural oils present in your car interior leather.

Only apply the suitable quantity of conditioner to your car seat. And then you use a microfiber cloth to give a gentle massage to the leather.

  Buff Dry Your Car Leather Seats  

Also, you can give a buff dry job to your car leather seats. Take a clean terry cloth towel. It is by using this towel that you can buff dry your car interior zones or its leather seats.

The more you are going to buff the car seats, the more they are going to shine. Thus, it is by following this tip that you can bring the natural luster on your car leather interior.

  Cracking the Car Windows & Relieving the Inside Pressure of Your Car  

By cracking your car windows, you can seamlessly retain the original texture of your car leather made the interior or its leather-made seats. This tip is must to be followed during the summertime.

It is true that as soon as the inside temperature of your car gets to build up, then the leather seats starts to fade. As an example, if the outside temperature is about 80 degrees.

Then inside the car, the temperature reaches to at least 110 degrees. Hence, it is this high temperature present inside the car which eventually leads to the fading part of the leather car seats.

Depending upon the item that you pick, you can generally have one that cleans and conditions the leather better. The following are a few choices to consider.

Even then, it’s not impossible, not with the best leather cleaners as part of your cleaning gear.

While conditioning isn’t the only thing required to keep the leather in top shape, it helps to maintain softness and restore suppleness.

Think of it as a way to bring back lost sheen of your leathers. Before you read further to make sure to check our article on what does it means to condition leather?

10 Best Budget Leather Conditioners of 2019

The question then becomes, “which is the best leather conditioner that suits your budget?”

Well, there are many options, but the formulas below stand out from the crowd as evidenced by the rave reviews they have to their names and excellent performance.

Now, reclaiming (and maintaining) your leather’s luster is a click away- literally!

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10- Leather Weiman Cleaner

leather conditioners

The Weiman is your to-go-to cleaner if you’re looking for one that can work on virtually any leather surface in your home.

It is a great pick if you want a formula to leave your leather car seats feeling soft and smelling fresh too. And, there are many reasons to give it a shot.

Formulated using unique ingredients, it promises to clean, shine, preserve color, and protect any leather you’d think of from synthetic to genuine leather.

What’s more? You don’t have to use a lot of effort to clean – just wipe the Weiman over your leather.

No buffing or rubbing! Plus, the 22 fl bottle will last you a couple of weeks (depending of course on how often you use it).

With regular use, this conditioner will ensure that your leathers maintain the correct amount of moisture. It will significantly reduce fading, cracking and dulling.

The Weiman will also help repel water and restore the natural beauty of your household leather items. It is ideal for clothing, luggage, furniture, shoes, belts, saddles, wallets and pretty much any leather product.

  • Comes with a fresh scent.
  • Formulated by using unique ingredients.
  • Manages to maintain the correct amount of moisture.
  • Ideal to be used on all kinds of leather products.
  • It significantly reduces all kinds of dulling, fading and cracking situations.


  • Reduce fading and dulling.
  • Versatile uses.
  • Restore the natural beauty.


  • None.

9- Leather Rescue Conditioner

leather conditioners

This formula by Leather Rescue doubles up as a cleaner and a conditioner. Unlike most common low-priced options, this one doesn’t contain alcohol, wax, silicones or oils.

By extension, it guarantees you a deeper cleaning action that will get rid of all dirt trapped in your leather’s crevices.

It won’t leave a dry or greasy feel on your items either. As a conditioner, the Leather Rescue undertakes to keep your seats, purse, and jacket soft and incredibly beautiful.

You may also want to know that this conditioner’s package comes with two non-abrasive applicator sponges.

In other words, it is ready to use right off the box. If Leather Rescue reviews are anything to go by, it can increase your leather products longevity by over ten years!

Now you see the reason it deserves mention among the best leather conditioners, don’t you? Other than that, it dries within one hour, so it’s good for regular use.

The Leather Rescue will work for your car’s interiors, furniture, leather jackets, saddles, boots, and baseball gloves. It is great for untreated, reptile and exotic leathers too.

  • It guarantees and assure you a deeper cleaning actions.
  • It does not give a dry or greasy feel.
  • Ideal for the regular use.
  • It makes your leather products soft as well as incredibly beautiful.
  • It dries within one hour time frame


  • Dries out quickly.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Increases the lifespan of your leather product.


  • The application process is a bit tough.

8- TriNova Leather Conditioner

leather conditioners

Keep your leather and vinyl products free of dirt, oil, grime and tough stains with this conditioner cum cleaner from TriNova.

It features a powerful blend of natural products and a high concentration of active ingredients for a long-lasting effect.

In fact, this eight-ounce bottle will give you up to 32 ounces of leather cleaning power when diluted with water – now that’s value for money right there! And, apart from cleaning your leather items, the Leather Honey also conditions them so that they can maintain suppleness over the years.

It may catch your attention to know that this formula comes with a lifetime guarantee which means that is the manufacturer is willing to stand by its quality.

If you’re looking for a leather conditioner that’s relatively affordable without compromising on quality, this is an excellent choice.

The TriNova is versatile too. It will work on any surface whether you’re talking about your shoes, car seats, furniture and more.

And for those who’re asking, this conditioner is 100% safe on exotic leather as well. We bet that you’ll love the rich fragrance it leaves on your items after application.

  • Comprises a powerful blend of all natural ingredients.
  • Offers a long-lasting effect.
  • Its formulation comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Extremely and relatively affordable.
  • Safe and reliable to use.


  • Versatile and extensive uses.
  • 100% safe to use.
  • Relatively affordable.


  • Its drying process is a bit longer.

7- Lexol E301124700 Conditioner

leather conditioners

The Lexol E301124700 is without a doubt one of the best leather cleaners on the market.


Well, here’s what makes it special. It is only one of the few formulas that give your leather products an Aloe nourish so that it feels super soft and elastic even with frequent use.

As a cleaner, the Lexol gently gets rid of dirt fast. It is also efficient at restoring and preventing premature wear, cracking and drying.

As a conditioner, it shields your leather from harmful UV rays to reduce fading and aging. Unlike most formulations, this one comes in an easy-to-squeeze bottle so that you can get to work as soon as you pop it open.

Plus, first-class performance is the name of the game with this formula. It won’t leave any greasy deposits on your leather so you can be sure of a smooth look after application.

As for the active ingredients, this conditioner is as “natural” as you’d want it to be. It is safe on your surfaces as it is on your skin. You can use the Lexol on all leathers.

  • It gives a super soft and also elastic feel to your leather products.
  • This product prevents premature wear of your leather items.
  • It shields and protects your leather content from harmful UV rays.
  • Available in an easy-to-squeeze bottle.
  • Gives a first-class performance.


  • Great and premium formulation.
  • Easy to apply and easy to use.
  • Easy-to-squeeze bottle.


  • It comes in a less quantity.

6- Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner

leather conditioners

You can count on the Chamberlain’s leather conditioner to moisturize, revive, restore and rejuvenate the appearance of your leather items, new and old.

It features a vibrant mix of organic ingredients to condition your leathers while keeping elasticity intact.

Those who’ve used this formula say that you’ll need a few wipes once in a while to keep your leather healthy.

If you have a problem with blue jeans staining your leather seats, you need the Chamberlains.

Its ability to get rid of stains is unrivaled. It also contains a special combination of oils to strengthen and nourish the leather.

So good is this conditioner that it has even caught the attention Saddleback, the renowned leather company.

In fact, Saddleback uses Chamberlain’s to condition their leather items before shipping! This conditioner’s pH balance is on point to assure you that it’s safe for your leather surfaces.

Meanwhile, the robust, natural scents will tease your nose with mild sensations as your condition.

Choose between 6 and 12-ounce bottles and start enriching your leather items with the Chamberlain’s goodness.

  • It is featured with a vibrant mix of all organic ingredients.
  • It keeps the leather elasticity intact.
  • Comprises a special combination of oils to nourish the leather.
  • Safe to use to be applied to all kinds of leather surfaces.
  • Contains robust and natural scents.


  • Gives enriching results.
  • Safe to use.
  • Comes with natural and robust scent.


  • None

5- Cadillac Leather Lotion

leather conditioners

The Cadillac is the best leather conditioner for boots and shoes on this list.

A near-perfect formulation, it promises to prolong the life of your leather products by bringing back the glossy effect of the oils used during tanning.

That way, your boots will maintain a shiny appeal every time you polish them. The result is more years of service from your shoes.

If you’re a construction worker, then you know that water spots affect the resilience of your work boots over time.

The Cadillac will eliminate these spots and ensure that the leather doesn’t crack.

This conditioner will indeed make a great companion during winter when you need to keep moisture away from your boots more often.

The Cadillac is a wax-free formula. In essence, this means that it will not harden your leather products. For the best results, be sure to buff lightly after application.

And oh, this conditioner is not exclusive for use on your boots. It will keep your belts, upholstery and other items looking as good as new as long as you apply it frequently.

  • Constitute a near-perfect formulation.
  • It prolongs the life of your leather items.
  • It brings a glossy effect.
  • Made on a wax-free formula.
  • It does not harden or crack your leather products.


  • Composed of a wax-free formula.
  • Give a shiny and glossy feel.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Expensive.

4- FRYE Leather Conditioning Cream

leather conditioners

The FRYE has what it takes to reduce tear and wear on your leather items.

Hailed as one of the best deep conditioners, it leaves a consistent coat on leather to protect it from the beatings of everyday use.

The one thing that makes this cream unique is its ability to extend its powerful action to surfaces other than leather.

It will work on your leather sole as well. Now, that’s overall protection for your shoes and boots.

We love this cream’s container with a wide opening which makes it easy to scoop the formula. You can even use your fingertips to apply it.

The tin measures two inches in height and is five inches wide. That’s enough capacity to last you a few months if you don’t have a lot of items to a condition.

The FRYE goes clear upon application. This means that you can use it on leathers of all colors including white, cognac tan, and black.

It won’t darken leather – just shines. And yes, it will waterproof your leather boots, but that doesn’t that you should submerge yours in water. Of course, it wears off if you stay on the water for long.

  • Extend and handover its powerful actions and results.
  • Comes with a wide opening for the sake of easy to scoop job.
  • Use it on leathers of all colors.
  • Avoid and prevent to darken your leather products.
  • Brings the real shine for a longlasting time frame.


  • Does not darken you leather.
  • Brings 100% shine and glossy effect.
  • Great and longlasting results.


  • None.

3- Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit

leather conditioners

Chemical Guys Leather is a brand to reckon when it comes to making leather conditioners and cleaners.

This formula deeply penetrates through the pores of your leather to rejuvenate it from within.

Every package comes with a conditioner and a separate cleaner in a spray bottle. With such a combination, it could very well be the only kit you need to keep your leather surfaces looking good.

Both products meet the OEM specifications for quality and safety of use. Will work for superficial stains and get rid of those stubborn blemishes on your light-colored leather seats.

In other words, this is an all-purpose leather conditioner that will do what you want as long as you use on the right surface.

And because the cleaner comes in a user-friendly spray bottle, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to apply it to your surfaces. Moreover, it won’t build up soapy deposits on your leathers.

With frequent use, it will prevent discoloration and dullness of your products. You can use the Chemical Guys Leather on a host of products including leather and vinyl.

  • Its formula’s effect retains for almost six months.
  • Manages to hydrate individual fibers and content of your leather seats.
  • Keeps the texture completely soft.
  • Brings shine on your leathers without at all darkening them.
  • Affordable to buy and easy to apply.


  • Prevents discoloration.
  • Stop dullness of your leather products.
  • Does not build up any sort of soapy deposits.


  • None

2- Bickmore Bick 4 Conditioner

leather conditioners

Bickmore has been around since 1882. We’re talking about of a century of world-class performance over and again.

Other than cleaning out leather, this conditioner also opens up pore to ensure that its stays breathable. It won’t leave any traces of gummy or sticky residues on your surfaces.

The ingredients in this formula have undergone rigorous testing to verify that they can extend the life of your leather products. And there’s no limit as to what you can apply it on.

You can use the Bick 4 for your driving gloves, PU leather, handbag, couch and saddles, boots, and more.

This conditioner will also give your old and torn leathers the original shine you bought them with.

The Bick 4 comes in 2, 8 and 16-ounce bottles are very affordable. One more thing, do not use this conditioner on suede, pre-treated or napped leathers. Otherwise, it works great for most surfaces.

  • Does not leave any of the traces of sticky residues.
  • Its formulation has undergone a rigorous amount of testing.
  • It extends the life of your leather products.
  • Brings out the original shine.
  • Works great on the versatile number of leather textures.


  • Gives the original shine to your old leather.
  • Works on most of the leather surfaces.
  • Tested and approved.


  • None.

1- Leather Honey Conditioner

leather conditioners

Leather Honey Conditioner tops our best leather conditioners rundown with this highly-acclaimed formula. For starters, this conditioner has found its way into homes repeatedly for more than five decades!

That aside; this formula’s effect will last on your leathers so six months (or longer) – the only one on this list. This is the conditioner you need to keep your boots looking and feeling beautiful all year long.

It will hydrate individual fibers of your leather seats to ensure that the texture stays soft. And the best part is that you can apply it on all leathers but suede.

If you are looking for some other ways to clean leather then here are some ways that you can use to clean leather.

It will make your leathers waterproof without darkening them. And yes, it is clear so it won’t have a residual impact if you use it on white leather.

It is worth mentioning, however, that you have to allow the conditioner enough time to penetrate through the leather to get the desired results.

How about the affordability you ask? Well, the Leather Honey comes at a reasonable cost for what it can do. Bottles come in 8, 16, 32 and 64-ounce capacity.

  • Its formula’s effect retains for almost six months.
  • Manages to hydrate individual fibers and content of your leather seats.
  • Keeps the texture completely soft.
  • Brings shine on your leathers without at all darkening them.
  • Affordable to buy and easy to apply.


  • Affordable.
  • Gives the desired and expected results.
  • No residual impact.


  • None.

Best Leather Conditioners and Cleaners – Buyer’s Guide

Leather Conditioners

The Type of Leather

Above all else, you need to take a gander at the sort of leather you are managing. The most well-known sorts incorporate aniline and nubuck leathers. These will in general scratch effectively and can likewise ingest water effectively.

Accordingly, you have to locate the correct equation for such kinds of leather. Another sort is pigmented leather. This one frequently arrives in a uniform shading and would be water repellent. You ought to likewise discover an item that will condition it better.

Limitation of the Product

Something else you need to consider ought to be the item confinements. You get it that more often than not you need to manage items that just cleans leather and no other material. Some will clean leather notwithstanding a variety of materials.

Thus, set aside the opportunity to contrast the diverse conditioners and cleaners with discovering one that can clean better or distinctive materials similarly as you need.

Does It Have a Harsh Chemical?

Another factor to remember ought to be the added substance and unforgiving synthetic compounds that may be in the item. To help broaden their timeframes of realistic usability, you get that makers utilize the diverse added substances to do as such.

Subsequently, you must be mindful so as not to finish up with items that may need numerous cruel synthetic compounds that will influence the leather.

How to Clean Leather Interiors

Below we are going to mention a proper guide which will tell you the detailed steps as to how to clean leather interiors or seats of your car:

Step #1:

First, it is important for you to check and get the verification of whether your car seats or interiors have any sorts of perforated areas or not.

However, if your car leather seats have perforated areas then make sure that no water, cleanser or any of the conditioner gets stuck down or enter into the holes.

Step #2:

Most probably, you need to vacuum your car seats or interiors first of all. You can make use of a vacuum hose and attachment you can also make use of a wet-dry vac in order to suck up dirt which is stuck into your car leather seats.

You have to remain careful enough while carrying out this step. Most certainly, you can even make use of an air compressor for the sake of blowing out dirt from your car seats.

Step #3:

Furthermore, take a microfiber towel. Dip it in a leather cleaner. And then you can wipe that towel over on your car leather seats or on its interiors. Feel free to use a leather cleaner or saddle soap.

Or you can too use any of the mild leather soap types. Moreover, you need to give a deep cleaning job to your car seats. For that, you can use a brush.

Just spray the leather cleaner directly onto your car seats. Make use of a soft-bristled brush. Seamlessly, slowly and gently scrub that leather.

Step #4:

The last step with respect to cleaning your leather made car seats is to dry them out by using a dry microfiber cloth.

Just take hold of a clean as well as a dry microfiber cloth. And wipe it off on your car seats. In this way, that liquid cleaning agent will come off from your car seat.

Lastly, it is always suggested to regularly clean your ar interiors or its seats. Just give them a light clean job. Even more, you can deep clean your car leather seats 3 to 4 times in a single year.

Here’s a Complete Guide on How to Clean with Leather Conditioners

How to Protect Your Car Leather Interior?

Keeping Your Car Away From the Direct Sunlight

In order to protect your car leather interiors, you have to make your level best to keep your car away from the direct sunlight. Try to keep and park in the shade or always in your garage.

Furthermore, direct sunlight exposure makes your car interiors and leather seats to get damaged. It is advised to make use of a sun blocker right on your windshield.

Using Old T-Shirts for Wiping & Cleaning Your Leather Car Seats

Besides, it is suggested to use old t-shirts for cleaning your car interiors or its seats. You can simply rip off any of the old t-shirts of yours.

Wipe them on your car seats and on its leather made interiors. This is the cheapest way to clean your car interiors. Moreover, old t-shirts are not going to cause any scratching on your car interiors.

Using Conditioners and Leather Cleaners

No doubt car interiors and car leather seats need a special kind of care and maintenance. For that, you have to buy leather cleaners and conditioners.

This is how you can easily and quickly maintain the beauty of your car. It is by using these cleaners and conditioners that you can retain the elegance of your car interior.

One should use and apply just the generous amount of leather cleaner on their car seats. Apply that cleaner on the wiping cotton cloth. And then you can easily and hassle-free wipe it liberally on your car seats.

Here’s a How to Protect Your Car Leather Seats

Types of Leather Cleaners

Leather Cleaners for Cleaning Car Leather Interior Sections

Most importantly, there is an extensive variety of leather cleaners that are specifically made to clean car leather interior zones. Most of the cars have these leather seats.

And to give them a constant lush look, you need to make use of these leather conditioners and cleaners. Most noteworthy, these cleaners manage to add and bring a touch of luxe to your car leather seats.

Firstly, you only have to vacuum your car leather seats. Make sure to remove all dirt and debris from there. And then you can apply this leather cleaner on your car seats.

Cleaners for Cleaning Leather Jackets, Wallets, Leather Bags

Besides, there are lots of leather conditioners and cleaners which are exclusively manufactured to keep the quality of leather purses, bags, and wallets. If your leather bag gets a stain on it.

Then what you need to do is to apply this cleaner on it. Beyond, this same leather cleaner can be used to remove stains from your leather jackets, leather made wallets and suitcase bags.

Leather Cleaners for Cleaning Leather Furniture Pieces

Moreover, we have leather cleaners which are made to give a shiny look to your leather-made furniture pieces. However, keep in mind the texture of your leather-made furniture item.

And what sort of leather grains are embossed on it? It is on the basis of these factors that you need to buy that specific leather cleaner conditioner for yourself.

Cleaners for Polishing Patent Leather & Pebble Grain Leather Made Shoes

In addition, one should use leather cleaning soaps for cleaning their shoes made of patent leather or ostrich leather. No doubt patent leather is always characterized and known because of its high-gloss.

It has this glassy finish. On the other hand, pebble-grain leather is used to make cowboy boots. You can use the same leather cleaning soup for this job.

Best Leather Conditioners – Video Review

Now, Over to You!

As should be obvious from the list above, it is possible to finish up with the best leather conditioners and leather cleaners available at this moment.

The thought is to pick an item that works incredible and still keeps up the leather to improve its look.

From the distinctive alternatives above, it ought not to be hard for you to finish up with a decent item by and large.

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