10 Best Knee Pads for Volleyball | Definite Reviews & Buying Guide

Today we review 10 best knee pads for volleyball available in today market.

Nothing is as bad as having to miss out on a volleyball game simply because of an injury. What’s worse is if that injury could have been avoided had you been wearing the right protective gear. No need to beat yourself up about it as all you have to do is make sure you’re wearing the right gear next time, and the fact that you’re reading this shows just how seriously you’re taking this.

One of the most important protective items you can wear while playing volleyball is volleyball knee pads. They are designed to protect the patella and meniscus, or simply put, the kneecap. Over the next few minutes, you’ll get to have a look at our best knee pads for volleyball, and you’ll have an idea of what you need. Let’s quickly get into it.

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Definite Review & Guide | Knee Pads for Volleyballs

Best Knee Pads for Volleyball - Definite Reviews & Buying Guide

Trendy Collection of Knee Pads for Volleyballs

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10. Bucwild Sports Knee Sleeves

Bucwild Sports Knee Sleeves

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Bucwild Sports offers knee pads with 10mm of EVA foam which provides the thickest possible padding for players without hampering their performance. At 10mm, this brand offers padding that is 2mm thicker than its competitors in the market.

You can’t go wrong with products from Bucwild Sports, simply because they boast athletes having tried and tested their wide range of products. In addition to volleyball, you can use these knee pads for wrestling, soccer, weightlifting, skating, golf, basketball, baseball and more.

In addition to protecting your knees as you play, these knee pads also help improve blood circulation for faster healing, reduce inflammation from injuries, protect legs from UV rays, and provide pain relief.

You’ll like that these pads come in a fun variety of colors. You can choose from solid colors and camo print options. They are available in black, navy blue, royal blue, and white. For the camo print, it is available in black, red and blue.

Anxious about whether or not you’ll get the right size? Don’t worry, Bucwild promises that their pads are true to size.


  • Features 10mm EVA foam padding that doesn’t restrict performance
  • Available in solid color and camo print
  • Precise sizing options for a great fit

9. Adidas Knee Pad

Adidas Knee Pad

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If you are looking for knee pads that will offer protection, are lightweight and have a low-profile design, then you’ve found them. Adidas is an already established and trusted brand in the sports industry, providing quality sports gear for athletes around the world. With these pads, they’ve specifically designed knee pads for volleyball players offering protection for knee caps, while still offering room for movement. You can’t go wrong with a product designed especially for your sport.

Inside the pads is EVA foam padding, at just the right thickness to protect your knee from the impact of falls. It is also contoured to offer enough space for your knee to move as you play.

Sweating during sports is guaranteed, and even though you may cool off, your uniform and protective gear take the brunt of it. Thankfully, these knee pads have sweat wick material that absorbs the moisture and helps keep you dry. Just be sure to wash them before your next use! As simple as they are, they also come in two colors; black and white.


  • Offers sweat wick material to keep your knees dry as you play
  • EVA foam padding for guaranteed protection
  • Contoured and designed specifically for volleyball players

8. Under Armour Knee Pads

Under Armour Knee Pads

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These pads from Under Armour offer you the best in terms of comfort and protection. Made from polyester and elastane, you have pads that are breathable and comfortable to wear. With a circular knit construction, these pads give you full range knee movement, while providing a snug fit. The fit is tight enough to let the pads stay on, but not so much that you would feel them pinching into your skin.

For protection during a fall, the pads are lined with dual-density EVA foam which helps to absorb the impact during a fall. Unlike stiff designs that don’t leave much room for movement, these knee pads from Under Armour have a hinge-design which makes it much easier to move your knee around.

To keep your knee pads clean, you need to wash them after every use. Luckily, they are machine washable, so all you need to do is toss them in after every game. These pads come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. They also come in four colors namely, black, white, red and blue.


  • Comes with dual density EVA foam padding for maximum protection
  • Hinge design offers flexibility and more movement
  • Available in small, medium and large

7. Cantop Knee Compression Pads

Cantop Knee Compression Pads

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If you play in the front position in volleyball, and often fall during games, then you will like these knee pads from Cantop. Designed in a hexagonal, honeycomb pattern, these pads are effective at absorbing shock from impacts like when you fall. If you’re multi-talented and play different sports in addition to volleyball then you’ll be delighted to know that the pads are suitable for multi-sport use! You can use them if you play soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, skating, and cycling.

You won’t have to worry about feeling constricted as the pads breathable and wicking material which not only promotes air circulation but also helps absorb sweat from your body and helps keep you dry. Made from a highly flexible material, these pads do not restrict you and allow a full range of motion as you play.

You will like that they offer a 100% guarantee and even ask that you send photos of damaged items in order to get a free replacement! They are also available in small, medium, large and extra-large.


  • Designed to absorb shock during impact, thus protecting your knees from injury
  • Made from breathable and comfortable material
  • Designed for contact sports, including volleyball

6. Hueglo Knee Pads

Hueglo Knee Pads

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From Hueglo are these pair of protective knee pads suitable for sports, bruising and avoiding floor burns. Made from thick neoprene material, the pads have ultra-cushion foam that provides maximum protection to your knees. With an ergonomic design, the pads have a foldable line which allows for better knee movement, unlike other knee pads which can be stiff.

The insides of the pads have double silicone anti-slip waves which help secure the pads in place and prevent them from slipping.

You won’t have to worry about getting your exact size correctly because of the adjustable straps that come with the pads. These straps are ideal for knee circumferences between 11 and 15 inches. They are durable and will firmly hold the knee pads in place without pinching or constricting your knee.

The pads only come in two sizing options which are small/medium and large. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, the company is more than happy to refund you because of its money-back guarantee.


  • Ergonomic design that allows the pad to fold for better mobility
  • Made from thick neoprene material that provides comfort and protection
  • Features adjustable straps that fit 11 to 15 inches in knee circumference

5. Bodyprox Knee Pads

Bodyprox Knee Pads

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These knee pads from Bodyprox make the ideal gift for your son or daughter who loves sports. Not only are you contributing to their love for the sport, but you are also ensuring that they are safe and protected as they play.

Made from high-density foam, these pads will absorb the shock from the impact should your child fall while playing. Since adolescents are highly active and always on the move, the pads feature an ergonomic design which gives the knee room to move around. Trouble and accidents seem to follow adolescents around due to their active nature, and you’ll be happy to know that these pads are sturdy and will protect your child from the risks of outdoor sports.

Your child is bound to sweat, and to prevent the knee pads from slipping, they’re made from anti-slip material which helps keep the pads in place, even when wet. They come in two sizes, 8 to 13 years, and 13 to 18 years.


  • Unisex design suitable for youth aged 8 to 13
  • Made from lightweight, high-density foam and ergonomic material
  • Anti-slip material which helps keep the pads in place

4. Asics Knee Pads

Asics Knee Pads

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While other pads offer single padding, Asics takes it a step further by offering dual-density padding which ensures maximum protection for your knees as you play. Made from cotton, rubber and nylon, you will be getting the best of those materials. The cotton ensures that the pads remain lightweight, allowing you to move around with ease. The rubber works to prevent the pads from slipping down or moving as you play. It also works to prevent the pads from moving due to sweat. On the same note, since nylon is breathable, it allows for air circulation which helps prevent bad odor. The combination of the three materials also enables you to stretch and move your knees with ease.

It is only available in one size although this should not stop you from purchasing it thanks to its expandable features. The pads are available in only two colors which are black and white, but this should still be suitable enough especially if you prefer that your pads keep a low profile.


  • Made from cotton, rubber, and nylon to offer a combination of functionality and breathability
  • Has dual-density padding for better protection
  • Has an anti-odor feature that prevents bad smell from accumulated sweat and dirt

3. McDavid Compression Sleeves

McDavid Compression Sleeves

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You wouldn’t want to purchase knee pads that you would use a couple of times only for them to fall apart. McDavid promises durability thanks to their 9mm Hex technology design which is a favorite among pro athletes. Their patented design also provides the best protection for your knees as you play. Fall down and land on your knee? Don’t worry, the extra foam padding will provide a soft landing even as it absorbs the shock from the impact.

Sweating while playing sports is inevitable, but it is still manageable with the right knee pads. These pads will ensure you won’t have to worry about sweat as you play. No slipping or shifting of the pad due to accumulated moisture. Also, the material ensures a comfortable yet firm grip. You won’t experience any chafing or cutting into your skin. The firmness also helps provide just the right amount of compression in the event of an injury. The pads encourage enough circulation to the area to promote faster healing and pain relief.


  • Patented hex design that helps protect your knees during impact
  • Sweat-wicking material which absorbs and traps moisture
  • Durable enough to withstand everyday use

2. Mizuno Knee Pad

Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

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This no-frills no-fuss option from Mizuno offers everything you could need in a knee pad in the simplest of designs. Made from a mixture of cotton, polyester and spandex, this gear will provide just the right amount of protection you need. Cotton is a breathable material, ensuring proper air circulation throughout the pads. The spandex and polyester offer flexibility in how you can move your knee around. Furthermore, the knee pads have a D.F cut that offers even more mobility range.

The company does include a detailed sizing chart that helps you determine which size you should choose, depending on whether you wear your knee pads on or below the knee. This helps for better size accuracy. You should measure your knee circumference right at the top of where you wear your knee pad. Also, eventually, the size you choose depends on whether you want a comfortable or a snug fit.

The sleeves come in black, navy and white which are suitable options if you prefer low-profile protective gear.


  • Made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex
  • The company offers a detailed sizing chart
  • F cut that offers more freedom in movement

1. Nike Essentials Knee Pads

Nike Essentials Knee Pads

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It seems almost fitting that the number one spot on our list of best knee pads for volleyball goes to sports giant Nike. Known for its wide range of sports products, Nike does not disappoint when it comes to their volleyball knee pads. These pads have a minimalistic and streamlined design which is perfect if you are the kind of sportsman who prefers people to focus on your skills rather than your outfit. Your knee pads will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your look and allowing you better movement, thanks to the flexible material.

Made using high-density foam, you can rest assured that your knees won’t bear the brunt of the fall should you accidentally fall on the. Instead, the foam will absorb most of the impact, leaving your knees safe and protected.

With their Dri-Fit technology, you won’t have to worry about moisture or sweat accumulating in your pads. The danger of this is that your pads could easily slip down or move around as you play. These pads will absorb the moisture, leaving you dry and comfortable enough to carry on playing.


  • Streamlined and minimalist looks
  • Interior Dri-Fit liner provides better comfort
  • Ergonomic design with a high density foam pad.

What to Look for When Buying Knee Pads for Volleyball

When shopping for the best knee pads for volleyball, here are some features that we consider important.

Get the Right Fit

Your knee caps should never be too tight nor too loose as you wear them. If you’re shopping in person, then you may be able to get the right fit off the bat. However, if you only have a few minutes to spare to shop online, then there is an alternative. To get the right fit, you will need to measure the circumference, the top and the bottom of your kneecap. Use the numbers to shop for the best knee pads for volleyball that match your measurements. Most knee pads come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

A reason why you do not want your knee pads to be too tight is that they could cut off your blood circulation around your knee area, and rub into your skin causing friction and discomfort which will hamper you from playing properly. On the other hand, too big pads won’t help much in terms of protecting your knees if they keep sliding down your shins.

Durability and Material

To avoid having to purchase new knee pads every other month, we recommend that you choose a knee cap made from quality durable materials. Doing so will ensure that your knee caps serve you through hundreds of games.

Also, you do want to look at whether your knee pads are made from hard or soft materials. What kind of padding do they have? Is it removable or fixed? These are questions you should ask yourself as you shop for knee pads.

Volleyball Position

This may confuse you a little bit as you’re probably asking yourself how the position you play in volleyball affects your choice of knee pads. But it’s true, the position you play does have an effect on the type of padding you need. For instance, if you play in the back then you don’t dive as often, and you also need to move faster since you’re more mobile. So, in this case, you need knee pads with a little bit of padding to protect you in the event of a fall, but that are light enough to still enable you to move fast. In the same way, front players dive a lot and hence need knee pads that provide extra cushioning in the event of a fall.

Also, if you’re new to volleyball, then you may end up falling more than a person who’s been playing the sport for years.


Eventually, none of the factors we’ve mentioned above will make sense unless the knee pads you try on are comfortable. Some people will prefer knee pads that cover a small area, while others will want ones that cover a larger part of their knee. Remember that you will be spending quite a lot of time wearing these knee pads, so you want to choose ones that will not only protect your knees but ones that you won’t even notice you’re wearing.

Frequently Asked Questions – Volleyball Knee Pads

Do I really need knee pads?
Yes, and this goes for both men and women. In as much as some volleyball courts look harmless, there may be residual debris that you may not see that can cause injuries, that can even stop the game. A small rock or a bobby pin can make you sit out on a game, so, to prevent that you should just wear knee pads. You will not face a fine if you choose not to wear them, but they can help save you from an injury.
My knee pads are too tight. What can I do?
This is a problem if you may face especially if they are new. To stretch them out, place them over anything that’s wide, like a pair of shoes, overnight. They should be looser and more comfortable to wear the next time. Another thing is you should avoid placing your knee pads in the dryer on high heat. This tends to cause them to shrink, making them too tight to wear.
Does it matter what kind of brand I buy for my first pair?
Brands may not matter as much as quality does. However, for beginners, it is best to get knee pads that have thicker padding. Also, other factors will come into play like the size, material, and price. At the end of the day, your goal is to protect your kneecaps, so any brand is capable of doing that as long as they provide the best knee pads for volleyball.
My knee pads are smelling so bad. What can I do to stop it?
You can’t help accumulating dirt and sweat in your knee pads as you play, but to prevent bad odor, we recommend washing them frequently and occasionally drying them on high heat to kill any bacteria.


Have you found knee pads that you like? The knee pads we’ve looked at are ideal for both beginners and pro volleyball players. We also know that in between volleyball practice and your regular life you may not have the time to shop in person, and that’s why all the products we’ve looked at are available online.

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