10 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels Review in 2021 – [ The Advanced Guide ]

Here we have shared an amazing article on the top 10 best kids shoes with wheels.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide of 2019.

Here are these top 10 and best kids shoes with wheels. If your kids love to do skating, then here are these recommended roller shoes for your kids.

They are light enough to carry and will not damage your feet. These are the recommended sneakers. They are affordable.

These below-mentioned kids shoes with wheels are made of high-quality materials.

Top 10 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels Reviewed

Top 5 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels Reviewed

You will have the perfect skating experience if you will try these roller shoes.

So, if your kid is making a demand to get these roller shoes, then you can try getting any one of these below-mentioned top 10 kids‘ shoes with heels.

We have shared these complete as well as in-detail reviews with you. These roller shoes are of top-notch and too exceptional quality.

We guarantee you that you will get the best skating experience. Even you can gift these roller shoes to your friends because this will be the best gift which any of your friends want!

1. Ufatany CPS Kids Girls Boys Light Up Wheels Roller Shoes Skates Sneakers

10 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels Review in 2021 – [ The Advanced Guide ] 1

The best one and top-most ranked kids shoes with wheels we have for you is from the brand Ufatany. They have LED roller shoes. They can keep your feet safer enough.

You will not fall by wearing these LED roller shoes. You can call them as lace-up sneaker shoes. These shoes come with an extremely coolest design.

Their wheels are in pop-out shape so that you can have a comfortable skating experience. These shoes comprise a single wheel. This LED light is attached to them and it is made for a safety purpose.

So get this Ufatany kids shoes with wheels. You can use them like sneakers. Or you can use them roller skating shoes.

This brand has always made quality products and this one is their another version of making quality products. These roller shoes are made of super quality design. You can easily skate on them.

If you want to learn to roll then these are one of the best rolling shoes for your kids. These LED lights are attached to its sole side. These LED lights will make your roller shoes more attractive light. Before you buy these shoes, you have to carefully check your feet size.


  • It is attached to LED lights.
  • These shoes give comfortable fitting.
  • You will get the best skating experience.


  • It is expensive.

2. UBELLA Girl’s Boy’s Kids Single Wheel LED Light Up Roller Skate Shoes

10 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels Review in 2021 – [ The Advanced Guide ] 2

Then we have UBELLA skate shoes for you. It is made of PU leather. Its sole is made of rubber. Its fabric lining is made of cotton. These skate shoes will give you an excellent fitting.

These are breathable shoes. These are single wheel roller sneakers which are attached to the LED light.

You can call them as up-skate shoes. If you want to simply walk on the road then you can hide its pulley wheels. Note that there is a button right behind these skate shoes.

You have to press that button and then these pulley wheels will be disappeared. A dual-purpose is served by these skate shoes. You can use them for simple walking and too for skating purpose.

Pressing this button, you can show off your skate shoes wheels or you can simply hide those wheels. These shoes start off by showing colorful lights. It is made on a unique design.

There is an invisible button attached to it so that you can prevent any kinds of accidents. If you want to hide the pulley wheels then you should be pressing the button which is present at the side of heels.

And if you want to glide, then you have to press the button again so that rollers can pop up automatically. Your skating and gliding experience will become more smooth and quieter enough if you will use UBELLA roller shoes.


  • It is made of durable PU leather quality.
  • It is attached to a comfortable sole.


  • It is not available in maximum colors.

3. Nsasy YCOMI Unisex Boy’s Girl’s LED Light up Single Wheel Double Wheel Shoes

10 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels Review in 2021 – [ The Advanced Guide ] 3

Next roller skate shoes we have from you is from this well-known brand Nsasy! These roller shoes give 100% comfortable fitting.

You have to measure the length of your foot properly so that you can get an exact fitting of these roller shoes.

These skate shoes are made of high-quality material. These are breathable shoes and they are also wear-resistant.

Its soles are made of excellent rubber material. Its LED lights are colorful. This is the best gift which you can give to your kids on their birthdays and Christmas days.

These are top recommended light-up led shoes. If you are going out for a night walk then these are best shoes.

To clean these roller shoes, you have to use a clean cloth. A regular cleaning of these roller shoes is must for you. If you are on the holiday travel time, then these are the 100% suggested roller skate shoes.


  • It has an appealing design.
  • It consists of colorful LED lights.


  • These roller skate shoes need regular and intense cleaning.

4. Kandy Luscious Skates Disco Diva Black and Pink Roller Skates

10 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels Review in 2021 – [ The Advanced Guide ] 4

On the fourth number, we have Kandy Luscious roller skates for you. They are made of black and pink color shades. These shoes are made of durable PVC leather and too of mesh material.

They are made of side support features so that you can get a secured fitting. Kids love these Kandy Luscious roller skate shoes.

If you are thinking to buy a new pair of roller skate shoes then we recommend you to get these shoes from Kandy Luscious brand.

They have an embossed logo design on them. Their base is made of aluminum trucks and these shoes have replaceable polyurethane stoppers. Their polyurethane wheels are attached to ABEC-5 bearings.

These shoes are only available in black and pink shade combination along with a light blue accent. These roller skates give a disco kind of touch. If you are looking for some exciting designs in the category of roller skate shoes then here is one exceptional design for you.


  • It is made of extreme durable materials.
  • This product is packed with side support features.
  • It offers an exceptional design.


  • It is an expensive pair of shoe.

5. Riedell Wave Girls Skates

10 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels Review in 2021 – [ The Advanced Guide ] 5

The last one recommended roller skate shoes we have for the kids is from the brand Riedell Wave! You should try this brand because they make extremely catchy in design roller skates.

These shoes are made of the soft and padded lining. You will get an amazing and comfortable fitting.

From this brand  Riedell Wave, you will not ever come across fitting issues. No matter you wear these Riedell Wave roller skates for hours and hours, your feet will remain comfortable.

These are breathable roller skates. We know that many roller skates attache fungi to your feet because those roller skates are not breathable.

On the other hand, while attaching yourself to this brand, your feet will remain protected. These roller skates give a full and complete adjustable fitting.

Their Urethane wheels will give you a smooth rolling experience. Its bearings are made of full precision. If you are one of the occasional recreational skaters, then these roller skates are made for you.

These shoes deliver and give comfort and style. They are affordable. Because of its soft, padded lining, you can skate for as many hours as you can!

So enjoy a perfect rolling and skating experience because these shoes are attached to full-precision bearings and also with high-rebound urethane wheels. Dimensions of this product are 6 x 16 x 16 inches and the weight of this item is 5.8 pounds.


  • You will get an amazing rolling experience.
  • It is attached to full-precision bearings.


  • It is available in limited colors range.

6. Heelys Bolt Plus

Heelys Bolt Plus

Coming with an attractive design, these shoes are a hit in the market. It contains all those astounding features that any kid would want to have in his shoes.

If you look at these shoes from a distance, they appear to be regular shoes. But there is a hidden surprise at the bottom so your kid can enjoy skating.

Made with 100% synthetic material, these are sturdy and durable. Hence they can survive max wear and tear when the kids practice in these.

The rubber sole provides support to the feet and keeps it at ease and comfort. Unlike other shoes, it doesn’t have a single wheel. Instead, it comes with 2 wheels for extra stability for beginners.

The laces and straps provide a dual sense of security. It won’t slip so your kids will be safe from any injuries. There is another feature for kids liking; built-in lights.

So, every time it senses motion, it will light-up.


  • Motion sensing lights
  • Dual wheels
  • Lace and straps


  • Rigid sole

7. Ufatansy CPS LED Skate Shoes

Ufatansy CPS LED Skate Shoes

If your child is up for learning skating and you worry about their safety, we got your back. Coming with jam-pack of features and cool designs in various colors, they will love the shoes.

Now, at first, you may get tricked by the appearance of these shoes. But these do have a wheel, it’s hidden only.

With a single wheel on the lover side, it is an ideal option for new beginners. Keeping in mind the safety concerns, this product has a sturdy design.

So, now your kid can be all wild and won’t even slip.

Made with high-quality PU, it has dual measures. A laced enclosure along with magic straps. These two combined works best for providing their feet stability.

Hence you can sit back and relax while your child skates around like gust of wind.

The uniqueness does not end here. These shoes come with built-in LED lights thus the skating won’t stop even in nights. And you don’t have to worry about the lights anymore.

With its recharging USB, the lights would work for long enough.


  • Laced enclosure
  • Sturdy outsole
  • Rechargeable USB


  • Single wheel

8. Ufatansy CPS LED Fashion Sneakers

Ufatansy CPS LED Fashion Sneakers

Coming with a usual sneaker look, these shoes are not what you think at first glance. Instead, these are high-quality shoes with attached wheels.

So, your kids can skate like a pro or learn as they promise safety.

Made with PU, these will keep the feet comfy and enclosed for a fun experience. These shoes will serve as multi-purposed gear. Either you want regular looking sneaker for your child or some amazing skates.

You name it, we have it.

With built-in LED, these look super cool and any kid would love them for sure. These lights would never run out as you get a charging USB with it.

The straps make them easy to wear yet protects the foot with its sturdy build.

It has a robust design so your new learning kid would stay on the ground rather than slipping. Apart from that, it is an ideal choice if you want to surprise your child on his birthday.


  • Chargeable
  • Dual wheels
  • Sturdy design


  • May wear out

9. Heelys Kids’ Uptown Sneaker

Heelys Kids' Uptown Sneaker

Made with sturdy rubber/PU, these shoes are perfect in every sense. With all those intricate colors and designs to choose from, your kid can never reject these.

Each feature makes it one of the best seller in the market.

Giving a look of sleek sneaker these are in fact dual-functional. These are usable as skates with the casual shoe look. Unlike other shoes it won’t compromise with the safety of the kids.

To ensure that they get a good grip and stable balance while skating. There are laces so this encloses the feet and provide stability.

The back side has a protective collar to keep the ankles all wrapped up. Its robust design allows one to feel easy on heels. The wheels at the bottom won’t cause any pain or discomfort.

The rubber used in manufacturing is of top-quality so the shoes won’t wear out sooner. The design will ensure durability and can bear harsh conditions.

Hence your kid can enjoy learning without any worries.


  • Sturdy material
  • Laces
  • Ankle’s support


  • Single wheel

10. Ufatansy CPS Mesh Surface Roller Shoes

Ufatansy CPS Mesh Surface Roller Shoes

The dual functionality is what makes this product a hot seller in the market. It comes with a versatility of usability. You want sneaker for your kid, these are sneakers. But now they want skates, well here comes the fun part.

These shoes come with a wheel on the bottom side. With a single button you can switch between skates and shoes. This is so facile that even your kid can do it.

PU made shoes come with a strong sole to provide a good grip and balance when kids skate around. For dual stability and safety, there is a laced enclosure plus straps. The foot stay locked yet comfortable inside.

You can choose any color liked by the kids. Or opt them as a birthday gift, etc. There is a LED light to give these skates a cool vibe. Along with that you can now charge the light so it never run out of use.


  • Quality PU
  • Durable
  • Built-in LED


  • Might feel heavy

10 Best Kids Shoes with Wheels – Buyer’s Guide

kids shoes with wheels

Follow these tips for a safe shopping experience.

1- The Wheels

The first thing to consider when you buy this kind of shoes is the wheels. The sole purpose of buying such shoes is that kids can learn skating. Every shoe comes with its own unique wheel design, size, material, etc.

Ensure that the shoes you are about to buy have some quality wheels. As your kid would spend lots of time wearing these, you want to complete safety.


  • The wheels made of Polyurethane are an ideal choice. PU provides resistance against all sort of wear and tear. Then it is resistant to oil, abrasion, etc.
  • If you opt wheels made of PU, these will last for a long time, unlike regular ones.


  • The size of wheels depend on the manufacturer. Some prefer large-sized wheels so the kids gain stability and won’t lose balance.
  • Whereas some shoes come with smaller wheels. Such wheels are great for skating in places with sharp turns.


  • These wheels can be either retractable or not. Those which are, allows you to use the shoes even as regular ones. With a single button, you can switch from sneakers to skates.
  • Those shoes which have non-retractable wheels may have the option to remove them. It depends on you which style you prefer for your kids.

Number of Wheels

  • Furthermore, the number can also vary from design to design. Some shoes come with single wheels and some with a double. Yet preferred ones are two wheels to achieve complete balance when the kid is only learning.

2- Material

Like normal sneakers, these also come in a variety of materials used in manufacturing. So you can select from a whole bunch of options that will suit best.


  • As we all know leather is one of the sturdiest material that will last long. Although there aren’t many such shoes made from leather but quite a few.
  • Your feet feel all comfy and light in leather shoes. These are durable and would stick around for some real-time.


  • Being so light and flexible, this is in extensive usage today. You can see 9 out of 10 shoes are canvas. It’s preferred in hot weather at it will restrain heat and keep the air flowing.


  • If you are looking for some shoes that suit the sportsman in your child then here it is. Those shoes which come with mesh lining in their design are ideal.
  • These avert moisture and allow air passage. Your feet remain dry throughout the session.


  • Shoes with wheels use synthetic among all other materials. The reason is simple. It is cheap for even the manufacturer to use. So shoes made with synthetics stand against the harsh conditions.
  • As kids are in learning phase these withstand lots of wear and tear and turns out to be durable.

3- Comfort

These type of shoes have wheels so it is obvious that the designing varies from regular shoes. The addition of wheels in shoes makes them different in various aspects.

And comfort is what we seek in shoes.

These shoes might feel uncomfortable if you wear for the first time. But the problem is now solved by the manufacturers. The sole of such shoes is thick than regular ones and padded. So you won’t feel the wheel below.

There are also pads on all sides of these shoes to ensure safety. This padding comes in handy for the beginners as it protects the ankles from injury.

4- Style

Most of the times these wheeled shoes are like regular sneakers so they can go along with any outfit. As sneakers fit along with any dress and children also love them.

These shoes come in a whole variety of colors, sizes, prints and so on. You can either go for a high top or low top.

The high tops are sturdy, provides stability and support to the ankles so you are safe from injuries. Whereas the low tops are comfier and come with mobility.

5- Safety measures

You can never ignore safety when buying any product. If that product is for your child then the alert level rises to a great extent. But worry not as shoe brands ensure complete safety.

The design of these shoes is of such type that protects your feet. Like laced enclosure, high ankles and so on. All these factors work together to provide stability.


  • Every shoe must keep your foot enclosed and secured. There are either laces or straps or both in shoes so the foot sets in a perfect manner.
  • Try to tie the laces tight so the foot remains in place and gripped inside. The straps are also a great option if your kid is new to such shoes.


  • Shoes that provide strong grip are the most secured ones. Your foot remains well-protected in these. If the shoe lacks sturdy grip, the kid can slip and sprain his/her ankle or get other injuries.
  • Those shoes which have rubber sole provides robust support and grip to the wearer.

6- Value of Money

People may not consider this an important factor while buying anything like shoes. But hold your horses! It is also a crucial element like all other things you prefer considering in an item or product.

The market can offer you a lot of products that look appealing at first glance. Anyone can get fooled by those glittery shoes for their kids.

Yet you need to question yourself if these are worth spending all your money?

Of course, no smart person would opt to spend money on something that only looks good. You need to have a look at its features and quality as well.

As for kids, they do find every shiny thing attractive.

In short, it is always advisable to check the prices before making any purchases. If your kid is in the initial stage of learning, the show will likely face lots of wear and tear.

As a result, you will have to buy them a new pair. So you can here opt for a pair that comes with a moderate price.

Whereas if the shoes are for someone with experience and a sportsman spirit, it’s okay to go for high rates.

7- Usability

Last but not least comes the usability. The choice of shoes also depends on usage. If the user is a kid and beginner, the preferences vary.

As for new learners, comfy yet well-protected shoes often opt.

But if the shoes are for a trained child, the whole criteria differ. Then the material should be sturdy, durable and stable. As these kids have passed the phase where the shoes suffer wear and tear.

Over to You!

So, this is all about the review section which is about the top 10 kids’ shoes with wheels. We have told you about their brand details. We will update this list as well.

The above-mentioned roller skate shoes are highly recommended one. For any roller skate shoes, they should be made of top quality and they have to offer excellent fitting.

So for all skating lovers, those kids who love to enjoy rolling experience, we are sure they will love these recommended and attached list of roller skates.

Get the one pair for yourself. Give your reviews as well.

Do try any one of the above-mentioned brands because their reviews have shown 100% customer satisfaction.

If there is a birthday time coming up of your kid and he wants a gift of these roller skates, then do give him the best roller skates.

A rolling and skating experience has to be an enjoyable and most exciting one. Your kids can enjoy this experience if they will get a perfect fit and top-notch roller skates.

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