10 Best Grommet Tools Review in 2021 – [ Updated Guide ]

Here we have shared the review of the 10 best grommet tools.

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With the 10 best grommet devices of 2021, you can resign your procrastination. By that help, you can carry out the responsibility for sure.

Attaching grommets is easy and neat with these new 10 best grommet instruments of 2021.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Grommet Tool

Grommet Tools

Say goodbye to wreckage, simple, & sore fingers because we have the right tools to undertake a task. The most satisfying work is the one that is done by hand due to perfection.

On the off chance that you don’t know which grommet instruments are the best, don’t stop and continue to read. Our article will give you the intel about the products that you need to know.


Keep scrolling to know more about following grommet tools:

1-  Yescom Grommet Machine

Yescom Grommet Machine

  Get it now on Amazon.com

This outstanding Grommet Tool is fundamental gear on extreme levels for Dress Makers. It also helps in other aspects as Arts and Crafts, Sign Shops and Manufacturers, and so on.

It is complimentary to use it for Banners, Signs, Awnings, Posters, Curtains, Digital Printing, Belts, Bags, Shoes and stuff as such is on a probable cause handled by Grommet Tool.

This 15.2 x 10.7 x 6.5-inch manual grommet machine is capable of dealing with various sizes.

Its long switch handle gives a lot of energy to snap the grommets in a more accurate manner into the material.

You get 300 pieces for each size of grommets, yet this machine isn’t good with cowhide materials. You can tie down the device to your work station through the 3 pre-penetrated gaps in its base.

The time of utilizing a sled for manual grommets does not exist anymore! Applying grommets has turned out to be simpler than any time in recent memory.


  • Mounting option
  • Convenient use
  • Easy-grip


  • Not suitable for leather

2- The Dritz Grommet Tool

The Dritz Grommet Tool

  Get it now on Amazon.com

This grommet tool offered by Dritz is well-made, agreeable to use, light. These are appropriate for applying little and huge eyelets.

Clients love the quality and the cost, yet some note that it’s difficult to use them. The Dritz Grommet is almost 9.4 x 4.9 x 1.1 inches, and they are as heavy as about 10.4 ounces for the record.

You can use them to apply Dritz small size eyelets in an accurate and professional manner.

The kit consists of one set of pincers, eight instruments, one device remover, and a guide. You can apply eyelets to belts, shower drapes, satchels, articles of clothing, and paper.

The Dritz Grommet is ideal for punching little gaps and rated as the best grommet device ever made.

Nonetheless, a few clients have said that the forceps don’t install the eyelets as a whole. Additionally, note that the grip is a bit awkward and that the forceps are costly.


  • Good manufacture
  • For all sized eyelets
  • Lightweight


  • costly

3- Tenive Eyelet Maker

Tenive Eyelet Maker

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Tenive grommet machine is a heavy-duty hand press tool. It is basic gear for dress creators, sign shops and then some, makes your punch work become simpler at times.

It incorporates 3 modes to meet your various needs. Furthermore, each size of bites the dust has 300 pcs grommets.

It helps to Install Grommets and Punch Holes. With Tenive tool, you can punch openings simpler than before times. It’s built from strong and solid steel.

You can mount it to a Tabletop. Tenive grommet machine comes with an option to mount to the tabletop for a stable working stage.

It has a Long Handle Grip that causes you to punch gaps with not so much quality but rather more security.

Estimating 7.5 x 3.7 x 11.8″, this grommet tool handles 3 different punch sizes. You can use its various sizes for different purposes.

These include #0, 2, and 4. These are for punching the hole to connect the 900 grommets to go along the structure. Its bent body enables you to work in detail on the desired material.

This also keeps it away from the edge.

It is the sheltered method to introduce grommets on your venture. To keep your device steady, you need to connect it to your work seat with 3 screws.


  • Mounting option
  • Durable
  • Solid Construction


  • Grommets might rust

4- The Katzco Grommet Pliers

The Katzco Grommet Pliers

  Get it now on Amazon.com

These grommet forceps offered by Katzco are reasonable, light, valuable and quite handy. These are the most suitable ones if you plan to go to a home art venture.

These forceps come with 100 free gold eyelets, although they are very little.

This eyelet forceps measure 8.1″ x 4.2″ x 1.1″, and they include hardcore cast aluminum jaws. A steel iron block, a chrome rust proof finish, a load of 6.4 ounces, and structured handles is what compliments it.

The jaws are to adjust the iron block for exact use, and they can punch through anything. It can punch through cards, paper, cushions, cover, canvas, and that’s the beginning.

People find it difficult to use because of the fact that there are no legitimate directions on how to use it.

The grommet tool is appropriate for slender textures and it will be hard to put eyelets on thick leather.

The grommet setting instrument embeds the eyelet well and that you need to expel the little stick to open it. Although these forceps work the same as expected.

And it’s working keeps the client happy as well as the nature of the material. Utilizing them on the covered paper provided with no issues.


  • Rust-resistant
  • Light
  • Practical


  • Small in size

5- The Wisehands Pliers

The Wisehands Pliers

  Get it now on Amazon.com

This tool offered by Wisehands is well-adjusted, solid and productive for setting grommets. These are light and agreeable to hold, but some note that they are of low quality.

These Wisehands Grommet measure 7″ x 0.8″ x 3.2″. They have non-slip holds, solid steel blacksmith’s iron and mandrel jaws, and a load of 4 ounces.

They have a steel body and an uncommon dark covering for a strong structure. The bundle incorporates 100 eyelets.

You don’t need to press hard to make it work and that the arrangement is impeccable. The grommet tool is perfect for joining eyelets.

It doesn’t matter if on coverings, tents and canvas sacks and that it works with 4 mm – 5 mm bolts.

The eyelets that come with the pack are well-made, tough and ideal for home use.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable


  • Bad quality

6- The ProTool Grommet

The ProTool Grommet

  Get it now on Amazon.com

These grommets offered by ProTool are shabby, down to earth, simple to use, as well as optimized. Clients love the cost and the eyelets, yet some note that there are no directions on how to handle the tool.

These 7-inch grommet tools come with a steel blacksmith’s iron and mandrel jaws. PVC-plunged handles for extra easiness and non-slip holds.

These forceps use metal grommets that are self-support. These work with an inside distance across and as well as for a barrel length.

The bundle incorporates 100 grommets for canvas, vinyl, calfskin, and different textures. Yet, you should realize that this grommet setting apparatus is from Taiwan.

ProTool has a defect, that the structure needs upgrades. But grommet forceps crease one side of the eyelet and it’s pointless to do so.

The handles are awful and that they got twist after the second time of use.

Also, you might need to apply more and more power to install the eyelets and some times that doesn’t work by any means. The pliers were not that effective as advertised.

They had to turn them down due to frustration. They work great, on the off chance that you use them and that they are ideal for little extends.


  • Cheap
  • Non-slip
  • Anvil steel


  • Poor design

7- CRAFTMEmore Grommet

CRAFTMEmore Grommet

  Get it now on Amazon.com

CRAFTMEmore grommet apparatus is the same as a punch and needs the more power to take care of business right. Alongside being a grommet setter it serves different basic purposes.

It will help punch make openings in cardboard, wood, plastic, rods and different materials as such.

You get a pair of almost100 eyelet pieces along with the packing of the instrument. And all of this comes along with this 6 x 5 x 2-inch tool.

This specific device works with 7mm eyelets and isn’t tradable with different sizes.

It appears that no guidelines are in the pack with the device.


  • Supports different sizes
  • Manual power
  • Easy to handle


  • Low-quality build

8- Flexzion Grommet Machine

Flexzion Grommet Machine

  Get it now on Amazon.com

This is a basic apparatus on an exceptional level. You can prefer it for dress producers, expressions and artworks, sign shops and makers.

This item comes with a mounting option to a tabletop or to work on its own without mounting. It has an extra-long handle for easy squeezing activity.

We can use it as a punch machine, eyelet machine, and bolt machine. Another use is for making banners, signs, notices, blinds, belts, packs, shoes, array and tents.

Likewise, it has the bent body required for better grommet situation.

900 metal covered grommet is in three unique sizes the instrument.

You can work with # 0, 2, and 4 kicks the bucket to make the ideal connection to your undertaking. Besides, setting the grommet on the bite the dust is simple, sparing your time.

The long handle gives the opportunity to make grommet making simple. Its 13 x 12 x 5-inch casing secures your work station.

Likewise, it has the bent body required for a better grommet arrangement.

900 metal covered grommet in three distinct sizes is in the pack with the instrument. You can work with the one you want to ease your work.

It has flexible functionality. Which allows it to Use it as a punch machine. Some other uses are eyelet machine, snap latch machine, bolt machine.

Extra-long handle for easy squeezing activity is worth the use.

Use it on independent terms or mount it on a steady surface with the 3 mounting options.


  • 900 PCS Grommet
  • User guide
  • Durable


  • Heavyweight

9- The eZthings Grommet

10 Best Grommet Tools Review in 2021 – [ Updated Guide ] 1

  Get it now on Amazon.com

These eyelet pincers offered by eZthings are simple to use. They are also appropriate for leather. Clients love the cost, some note that they are delicate. These grommet forceps measure 7.8″ x 3.8″ x 0.8″.

To use these, you should put an eyelet on the open part because that’ll help keep the grommet in a stationary phase.

You additionally need to use a punch to make a hole before using the eZthings tool. The bundle incorporates 100 eyelets each of about ¼ inches in size.

A purchaser claims that you can’t set a grommet with eZthings grommet. And that the forceps are powerless and twist on a rapid action.

The forceps damage the eyelet and most people don’t seem to suggest them by any chance. These are one of the most awful eyelet setting pincers accessible.

The forceps arrive on rapid demand and that it’s anything but difficult to use them.


  • Light
  • Easy use
  • Cheap


  • Not suitable for thick fabrics

10- Clevr Hand Grommet Machine

Clevr Hand Grommet Machine

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Clevr Hand consists of cast steel, and this grommet press works to last. It is ideal for sign shops, carports, producers, and attire creators.

Now you can make proficient looking grommets with a neat finish. A firm hold on the handle gives more solace when working.

The simple use conveys over 500lbs of power to seal the grommet on your material, all in seconds. The base highlights pre-bored gaps with the goal that the press can be seat mounted.

It is also complimentary for signs, overhangs, publications, belts, sacks, shoes, and specialists.

Our handle is any longer than most dealers, making it a lot simpler to press down and spare you some effort.


  • Easy use
  • Comes with a table
  • Firm grip


  • Heavyweight

10 Best Grommet Tools – Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Grommet Tools - Buyer’s Guide

Picking a grommet instrument and grommet size can be a bit frustrating! I am here to help you with the issue. I will go over as what grommets are ideal to use during home decor ventures.

The Material of Manufacture

The most recognized are the grommets that consist of aluminum built. As well as those containing strong metal, metal covered steel and tempered steel.

Here are some shortlisted aspects to help you with choosing from these materials.

Well, strong metal grommets offer the best work in most applications. And it is not that much costly as well as compared to others in the market. Here are some points to help you choose.

Things Used Along with Grommet Tool

If you use a hand apparatus, you will need the following instruments to snap grommets.

  • Hammer – in a perfect world a wooden hammer, or elastic hammer. Abstain from utilizing a steel hammer since it is hard to control.
  • Grommet Hole Cutter
  • Grommet Setting Dies
  • Wood square base for help

Use of Grommets

Grommets have a wide scope of utilizations for private, business, and mechanical use. You can use them on shoes, window ornaments, and coverings to covers for vessels and vehicles.


Some modest grommet toolboxes are under $10. You should prefer buying toolboxes for a lesser amount of cash. The quality is the same as that of an expensive one. So this is your time to go cheap.


You can use a Grommet Hand Press Machine for quicker and simpler activity. The grommet hand press machine is to a seat top or overwhelming tabletop.

Although for heavy-duty tasks you need to prefer the Grommet Machine Tools. This would no doubt provide a good outcome.

You will need the proper size of grommets and hole cutter 3-piece set for you to hand press or for your Machines.

Types of Grommets

The types are shortlisted as follows:

 Simple Grommet:  Simple grommets are the standard “base model” that works best for a much lighter function or task.

They pair with plain, tooth, or neck washers.

 Moved Edge Grommet:  Moved edge grommets offer a somewhat thicker material for uncompromising tasks.

The moved lip connects with prod washers.

 Self-Puncturing Grommet:  Self-puncturing grommets include a honed edge. I kill the need to pre-punch a gap.

And so they penetrate through the texture while setting the grommet and washer in the same place. Not suggested for various layers of texture or thick texture.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some questions that might pop-up in your head while going through this article. So we made it easy to keep you aware of anything and everything.

Here are some typical ones:

What is a Grommet Tool?

What is a Grommet Tool?

A grommet is a ring made of hard material and is embedded into a hole through the thick stuff.

A sheet of material texture, a composite of carbon fiber or wood are the building material. Grommets are spread on each side to keep them set up.

The material to manufacture them is metal, plastic, or elastic. They help counteract tearing or scraped spots of the pierced material.

As well as for insurance from the spot of protection on the wire through the entrance, and to cover sharp edges.

A little grommet is also known as an eyelet. People, for instance, use it on shoes, canvases, and sails for binding purposes.

How to Use a Grommet Tool??

How to Use a Grommet Tool?

Measure where you need the focal point of the grommet and imprint the material with a pencil. Spot the fabric on a bit of scrap wood.

Focus the opening punch on the imprint and pound with a sled, making a gap in the material.

Introduce grommets on a hard surface that won’t get affected due to scrap wood or lost pounding.

Insert the high part of the grommet through the opening from the underside.

Place grommet and washer with the sled. Now place the grommet, material, and washer on the base device. Keep the flaring instrument over the top ring of the grommet.

Now focus the lower some part of the grommet on the base device. At that point hit the flaring device with a mallet until the washer and grommet attach together.

How to Install a Grommet Without a Grommet Tool???

How to Install a Grommet Without a Grommet Tool?

Imprint the spot where you need to embed the eyelet with the crease ripper. Do as such by first putting the texture over the piece wood – not on the tied part.

Jab a gap into the texture with the pointed part of the arrangement ripper. Work it around to make a bigger gap.

Force the eyelet through the entrance that you created. You may need to enlarge the gap somewhat until it fits.

At that point turn the texture over with the goal that the eyelet is topsy turvy.

Spot the tip of the Phillips head screwdriver bit into the focal point of the eyelet. Holding the bit set up, tap on the highest point with the tenderness of it with the mallet.

Do this until you feel the bit diving into the wood underneath. Expel the bit. The focal point of the eyelet should now be square and part into four sides.

Use the edge of the Phillips screwdriver bit to overlay down the four sides of the eyelet focus. The sides don’t need to be at level; you will achieve that next.

Focus the eyelet over the bunch in the piece of wood. Use the sled to level the four sides of the eyelet into the spot.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Doing this kind of stuff on your own can be a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. Bit it as well saves you a lot of money and labor.

Using your tools is always the best choice while on a home venture.

If you are pursuing a hobby or helping a friend, the right tools are always the best. Getting one of the top 10 best grommet tools in 2021 for the job is the number one priority.

All mentioned above are our suggestions for some outstanding grommet tools. This might suit you, so we prefer that you read all detail information as well as customer reviews to choose.

It is the right tool, so go ahead and get the one that suits you best.


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