10 Best Glass Thermometers Review in 2021 – [Buyer’s Guide]

For field studies, glass thermometers are commonly and extensively used.


Here we are with the top ten and best glass thermometer suggestions for you.

Check out their reviews from here.

They are ideal to be used for different kinds of field studies. Furthermore, these are total immersion pocket thermometers.

Most of them come with a case so that you can securely store and keep them at a safe place, moreover, these cases do not allow these thermometers to break or damage away.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Glass Thermometers

Glass Thermometers 2

They contain certified, tested and approved liquid in them. Even more, they are inspected by the team of qualified professionals and experts.

So, are you ready to use any of these glass thermometers?

They may give you exact and accurate results as these are recommended and suggested by the top industrial and healthcare professionals.

They are sold worldwide and used extensively by the scientific laboratories as well as thermal management teams. You will also see their exclusive use in pharmaceutical production firms.

Below we have written down the detailed reviews about them, so do have a look at them:

What Type of Thermometer is the Most Accurate?

All high quality and up to the mark thermometers give accurate, precise and exact results.

As an example, if you are using a rectal thermometer, then you should know that this thermometer type is still marked and identified as the gold standard.

It manages to give reliable and accurate results every time.

These thermometers are used to measure and record core body temperature. In addition, tom rectal thermometers are recommended and suggested to be used for newborns.

Hence, they are accurate and reliable to use if your newborn has got a fever.

Besides, if you are using a temporal artery thermometer, then this thermometer type also carry and possess the potential to provide and give accurate readings for your newborn.

Hence, if your chosen thermometer is clinically proven and if it is proved by professional and medical field experts, then it will constantly give you consistent and valid results.

What is the Best Forehead Thermometer?

Best Forehead Thermometer

You can have Braun Forehead Thermometer. This thermometer manages to offer professional accuracy.

You can freely keep this thermometer in your home for regular use.

You can even buy and use Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer.

This is one of the reliable professional medical equipment which you can keep and have it in your home.

It is the doctors and pediatricians recommended thermometer type.

We have seen that the best thermometers, they always give a hassle free and mess-free use to the user.

Furthermore, a large number of top models let you store and recall approximately up to 20 readings.

You can also buy and use iProvèn Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function or the Clinical Forehead Thermometer.

Many people have preferred to use Braun Braun No-Touch Plus Forehead Thermometer too. All these recommendations offer consistent and reliable results.

They are clinically calibrated and extensively availed for medical use. Lastly, they deliver temperature readings with the aspect of unfailing accuracy.

10- CB Pack of 2, 12″ Long Glass ThermometerCB Pack of 2, 12" Long Glass Thermometer

CB Pack of 2, 12″ Long Glass Thermometer is ideal to be used for distill apparatus. We can say and assume that this is the unique selling property and trait of this reviewed thermometer.

This is basically a pack of 2 non-mercury thermometers. They are of 12″ inches and made of pure glass. Most importantly, their offered measuring and recording range is -10 °C to 210 °C (14 °F to 410 °F).

Their graduation range is 1 °C. You are free to use this specific thermometer for lab waterbath apparatus as well. This liquid-in-glass thermometer come with a high resolution as well as accuracy.

Each and every single thermometer present in this pack is individually serialized and too packaged.

Most noteworthy, it has passed the standards and requirements as set and mentioned by the American Society for Testing and Materials. It is for any suitable and appropriate application that you can use this thermometer.

Hence, what’s the bottom line? Try out using this device for extensive number of application.

As it is featured with a clear scale, for the reason that you will not have any problem while looking, noting down and measuring the readings.

And if you buy this CB Pack of 2, 12″ Long Glass Thermometer, then share your feedback as well.


  • Ideal for Lab Waterbath.
  • Great to be used for Distill apparatus.
  • Easy to use.


  • None.

9- H-B Enviro-Safe Liquid-In-Glass Pocket ThermometerH-B Enviro-Safe Liquid-In-Glass Pocket Thermometer

H-B Enviro-Safe Liquid-In-Glass Pocket Thermometer is also recommended from our side. You might be wondering what is special about this thermometer?

It is that it is specially designed for field studies. So, if you are into any kind of fieldwork, then do use such a thermometer, Hopefully, it will make your work extremely simple, quick and easy to do.

In addition to, you can use this same and reviewed thermometer for wastewater treatment tasks and for any “on-the-go” application tasks.

It comprises and packed with green EnviroKleen certified liquid right against white back glass. On the other hand, its Total Immersion; Length is up to te range of 160mm (6.3″).

Most certainly, you may buy this thermometer because it is hand-inspected. And these hand inspections are carried out and processed by ISO/IEC 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 14001:2004 standards.

It is this ISO/IEC 17025:2005 facility which has verified and approved this thermometer. This product is a risk free purchase because of other reasons as well.

It has got the approval letter fom A2LA Accredited Calibration Lab and at the same time accepted by a large number of signatory economies.

Lastly, the liquid which is present in this thermometer, it is certified environmentally and marked completely safe by the independent third party.


  • Ideal for field studies.
  • Contains certified liquid.
  • Hand inspected.
  • Approved by A2LA Accredited Calibration Lab.


  • Lacks dual graduated scale.

8- Thomas Double-Safe Liquid-In-Glass ThermometerThomas Double-Safe Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer

Thomas Double-Safe Precision General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer can be purchased by you as it is a reliable choice. Most certainly, you may prefer to buy this thermometer because it is individually serialized.

It is ideal and great to be used for record-keeping purposes. It contains and packed with Enviro-Safe liquid in it and composes of yellow back glass.

Its best part is that it is surrounded and embedded with a PTFE coating. The induction of this coating is going to make sure with respect to avoiding contamination if thermometer if at any time it gets to break.

No doubt, this is one of the safest to use Double-Safe precision general-purpose and reliable to use liquid-in-glass thermometers. The most secured part is that they are filled with environmentally safe as well as non-toxic liquid.

At the same time, this liquid is non-hazardous and biodegradable. It is certified by some independent laboratory. This thermometer gives you an ease of readability and avoid all kinds of reading errors.

Lastly, this is an incomparable thermometer in terms of accuracy.


  • Individually serialized.
  • Enviro-Safe liquid.
  • PTFE coating.


  • Absence of wooden housing or casing.

7- Pivit Flat Bath Glass ThermometerPivit Flat Bath Glass Thermometer

However, we have given our thumbs to this Pivot Flat Bath Glass Thermometer. This 9 inches in long glass thermometer is fully recessed and embossed in a smoothly finished and smoothly textured wooden housing.

We can propose and assume that this wooden housing is the USP of this product. It contains a dual graduated scale. It is in Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales that you can measure and record all kinds of readings.

Furthermore, its Fahrenheit measuring range is (20° – 140°F) and Centigrade scale measuring range is (0° – 60°C). Moreover, this is quite a competitive looking thermometer as no batteries are needed to run it.

You are free to use this stylish looking Pivit Mercury-Filled Thermometer because it is six times more reliable and valid as compared to other digital thermometers.

Thus, by using it, you will be able to know, measure ad record exact temperatures. If you want to enjoy a hot bath and want to note down the temperature of hot water, then using such a thermometer is recommended to you.

Or if you are interested in enjoying a cold therapy in the form of taking an ice bath, then you can use this specific thermometer.

Moreover, it is calibrated against NIST standards and assure to always and constantly give accuracy and too reproducibility aspects.


  • Fully recessed in a finished wooden housing
  • Measures both Fahrenheit and Centigrade readings.
  • Assure accuracy.


  • None.

6- Thomas General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass ThermometerThomas General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer

Thomas Easy-Read Precision General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer is an environmentally safe thermometer for you. In addition to, it is compose of Enviro-Safe liquid which is dyed black right against yellow back glass.

It gives you an easy and convenient time while noting and measuring the readings. To reading errors will be committed by you.

Besides, it is calibrated for 76 mm immersion depth and the reliable part is that it is individually serialized for the sake of record keeping tasks.

Even more, this Enviro-Safe liquid is verified, tested and certified a professional and competitive independent laboratory.

Accurate results are always given and provided by this mercury-filled thermometer. We assure and guarantee you that this is 100 percent safe and environmentally friendly thermometer.

It is tested and calibrated. And along with that, it is triple accredited/registered by the teams of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and also by A2LA accredited laboratory.

Lastly, this thermometer is designed and made in an accurate way according to the requirements, benchmarks and standards set by ANSI/SAMA Z236.1-1983.

Hence, if you use and try out this thermometer, then feel free to give your opinion and feedback about it.


  • Enviro-Safe liquid.
  • Comprises the highest contrast combination.
  • Gives ease of readability.
  • Prevent reading errors.


  • Expensive.

5- Yantra Glass Lab ThermometerYantra Glass Lab Thermometer

Also, on the next spot, we have Yantra Glass Lab Thermometer for you. You can note down its range which is -10 to 360 degree C and its length is 300 mm.

In addition, this specific thermometer has a yellow background. It means that you can clearly and accurately see the readings provided and mentioned on this device.

No hassle or trouble will be experienced by you. Talking further about the specifications of this thermometer, it is manufactured by the brand Yantra and its EAN number is 0769942303944.

Its total weight is 5.3  ounces and UNSPSC Code is 41110000.

Moreover, you will be offered with one year warranty time. We have seen and noticed the common use of this thermometer in different kinds of research, industrial and also healthcare fields.

You can use it for the sample handling needs too. If you belong and linked to some Scientific laboratory firm or thermal management company, then you may come across and experience the common use of these kinds of thermometers.

If you have already used this thermometer, then share your reviewed and rating about it.


  • Comes with a yellow colored background
  • Easy to read.
  • Convenient to clean.


  • No protective housing.

4- EVER SAFE Liquid In Glass ThermometerEVER SAFE Liquid In Glass Thermometer

EVER SAFE Liquid In Glass Thermometer is marked and considered as one of the accurate and reliable glass thermometers. Basically, this Liquid In Glass Thermometer comprises lots of special features in it.

It has these opened face scale divisions which is the most highlighting part of it. Its recording measuring temperature range is -30 Degrees to 120 Degrees F.

On the other hand, the length of this reviewed thermometer, it is 152mm and its Country of Origin is United Kingdom.

It is designed to measure and record ultra-low temperature range as well is also gives the most accurate and exact readings and you can easily see what is written on its scale!

It is featured with a mercury-free liquid and comes with a white back glass. All research field professionals and industrial experts and also healthcare professionals have recommended using this glass thermometer.

Even for field work, you can use it.


  • Opened Face Scale Divisions.
  • Easy to read.
  • Durable.


  • None.

3- H-B DURAC Plus Ultra Low Liquid-In-Glass ThermometerH-B DURAC Plus Ultra Low Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer

H-B DURAC Plus Ultra Low Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer model number if B60760-1200. Its Measurement System is based on the US standards.

Furthermore, the brand name who has manufactured and made this thermometer, it is SP Scienceware. Its height is 1.0  inches and overall length dimension are 12.0  inches.

Moreover, it is made of metal and glass. If you want to order this thermometer, then keep in mind the model number which is B60760-1200.

The width of this specific thermometer is 1.0  inches. This product is the name of high resolution and also high accuracy.

The popularity and reliability level of this glass thermometer cannot be denied. It is sold worldwide and hence keen to give consistent results.

It is packed with a specialty coating so that it does not break even if it fall from certain height. Even more, SP Scienceware is an important division of Warminster, PA and it is based in the SP Industries.

This thermometer is individually serialized. It is packaged and keen to follow ASTM standards and benchmarks. Feel free to use this environmentally friendly products and share your comments on it.


  • Gives high accuracy.
  • Use for extensive applications.
  • Ease of readability.


  • No friendly sale service.

2- Veegee Liquid in Glass ThermometerVeegee Liquid in Glass Thermometer

Veegee Liquid in Glass Thermometer is ideal to be used for laboratory as well as general purpose. Its offered temperature range is -35 Degrees to 50 Degrees C.

And it has fulfilled ad followed all of the ASTM ASTM C136 standards. The length of this thermometer is of 12 inches and its Immersion Depth is up to 76mm. In addition, there is a safety blue liquid present in it.

You can use it in any of the laboratory setting operations or for the general purpose.

This reviewed thermometer is also used in the Food and Beverage Processing firms. It is utilized by universities students as well as Scientific Institutions.

Lastly, this is an Encapsulated Thermometer and it has fully and officially followed Standards of ISO 9001. You will get a one year warranty time upon buying this thermometer.

You are free to use this 100 percent, durable and environmentally safe thermometer. It is triple accredited and A2LA accredited.


  • Application for Laboratory purpose and General Purpose.
  • Ideal to be used in Food and Beverage Processing firms.
  • Extensive warranty.


  • None.

1- American Educational Total Immersion Single-Scale ThermometerAmerican Educational Total Immersion Single-Scale Thermometer

Lastly, we have American Educational Total Immersion Red Alcohol Single-Scale Thermometer for you. Its total weight is 5.6  ounces and its length range is up to 30  millimeters.

Besides, its offered temperature range is -20/-110  degrees_celsius. Most importantly, this is a Single-scale thermometer and it generally and usually measures temperatures in the most accurate and precise way.

It is composed of a total immersion design and let the bulb and liquid column to remain to be immersed completely in the substance.

It comes with a white backing so that you can read out and note down the distinct readings in the most convenient manner.

Do try out this Total Immersion Single-Scale Thermometer and enjoy noting down and taking down distinct readings. Moreover, this product is ideally used for scientific and industrial application tasks.

So, what have you decided now? Are you going to use and try this thermometer. Try it for once and experience how accurate and price readings and measurements are given by it.


  • Total immersion design.
  • Gives distinct and accurate readings.
  • Comes with a white backing.


  • None.

Best Glass Thermometers – Buyer’s Guide

Best Glass Thermometers

Ideal for Field Studies

Look for that glass thermometer which is ideal to be incorporated and used for different field studies. It is for varied “on-the-go” applications that this device is used.

If your chosen thermometer has a certified liquid in it and also white back glass, then that is great. In addition, it should give a total immersion up to 160mm (6.3″).

Inspected and Accredited by Certified Bodies

Most importantly, you should only use that glass thermometer which is inspected, approved and accredited by some of the certified bodies.

As an example, that device should be hand-inspected according to the ISO/IEC 9001:2008 standards and also ISO/IEC 14001:2004. It needs to fully meet the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 facility requirement and too A2LA Accredited Calibration Lab standards.

Lastly, if it is recognized, verified and accepted by the signatory economies, then that thermometer is a reliable choice for you.

Secured Housing

Your chosen thermometer should be housed and packed in a secured housing or in case. Like a few of the thermometers are housed and kept in a wooden housing.

Some are placed in a protective case. It is because of such housing and casing that your thermometer will remain fully protected and also smoothly finished.

Dual Graduated Scale

Always buy that glass thermometer which comprises a dual graduated scale. It should measure both in Fahrenheit (20° – 140°F) and also in Centigrade (0° – 60°C) scale.

Thermometers with dual graduated scales, they are always in demand. Such a unique feature makes them more versatile and reliable to use.

Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Go with the thermometer option which is easy to clean. It means it should be waterproof. Look for the option which floats flat on water. It is very important for you to keep your thermometer clean and hygienic.

For the reason that pick that option which is completely waterproof.

Over to You!

So, above are the top-recommended glass thermometers. They offer an extensive warranty and that is another amazing part about them.

Most probably, these thermometers will satisfy your needs as they are suggested by the competitive healthcare professionals.

If you have started to notice that your current thermometer no longer gives you consistent and valid results, then you can try out any of the above recommendations.

More info on this category is coming up, so keep in touch with us.

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