10 Best Dry Bags Review in 2021 (Buying Guide)

Trips and adventures would not be the same without phones and cameras to capture beautiful memories.

While they are essentials that you don’t want to leave home without, they are also prone to damage through water and other extreme elements.

You don’t want to spend every moment of your Haitian adventure worrying about your phone and whether it slipped and fell on a waterlogged boat, do you? 

For this very reason, dry bags were invented. They, as the name suggests, protect your valuables from water damage.

There are lots of them on the market today, and it gets tricky when you’re confronted with variety. Waterproofness is not the only property that a good dry bag should possess as you will notice in the guide below.

Come along as we review some of the best dry bags on the market. 

Features of a Good Dry Bag

These are the five main properties that a good dry bag should possess. 

Type of Closure

There are two types of closures; roll-top and zipper seal. The roll-top requires you to roll the top 3 to 5 times and then snap the buckle for it to seal your bag fully.

It is more preferred because it seals better and keeps your items safer than any other method. A zipper seal works the same way as a sandwich bag and it is quite easy to use.

Most people prefer it because it doesn’t require too much effort, but it does not seal a bag completely if the seal is not properly lubricated. 


They are meant to connect the bag to a boat or another dry bag, and so they are quite necessary if you plan to be on a boat.

If your bag doesn’t have a D-ring but you know you could use one, you can always buy it in stores to attach to the bag.

Though it should not be a deal-breaker, it is a good feature to have on your dry bag. 


Nylon and vinyl are two of the materials that are most popularly used when making a dry bag, preferred for their durability and waterproofness.

Nylon is lightweight and more preferred to backpackers and regular travelers. Vinyl is better at waterproofing, but it also tends to be a little heavier.

Some bags are made of the two materials for durability and water resistance. Any or a combination of the two is okay as long as you ensure the stitching is done well. 

Interior Pockets

You certainly want interior pockets where you can store the more vulnerable items such as phones and identification items.

Exterior pockets for the larger items such as water bottles and umbrellas are also good to have to leave space for more. 

Size and Straps

The capacity of a dry bag could be as little as one-liter or as much as 110 liters depending on how you intend to use it.

The larger the dry bag, the more likely it is to take a toll on your shoulder, and so the more reinforced should the straps.

The smaller ones don’t have straps because they are easy to carry without one, but a bigger one would require a comfortable strap so you can wear them like a backpack. 

10 Best Dry Bags Reviewed

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1- Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry BagEarth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag

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What We Like 

  • IPX8 certified waterproof phone case
  • Varying capacity 
  • Shoulder straps depending on size.

When you are a frequent traveler, you want a dry bag that can handle the worst that is thrown at it. Earth Pak dry bags are rugged and made of nylon for durability and waterproofness. 

They come in varying capacities, from 10 liters to 55 liters. The smaller bags – 10 and 20 liters – have single straps as they are not too heavy even when filled up, while the larger ones can be carried backpack style.

These shoulder straps have a sternum strap for added stability. 

The package includes an IPX8 Certified 6.5 Inch waterproof phone case that will keep your phone in case of submersion of certain depths.

The case has simple snap-and-lock access and has clear dual windows to allow you to take photos even when your phone is inside. They are easy to clean, light, and have excellent stitching.

The lock is also sturdy enough for a dry bag. They are versatile too.


  • Comes with a waterproof phone case. 
  • The 55l bag has a heavy-duty waist-belt to protect your back. 
  • Comes in different sizes to accommodate everyone. 


  • They are in limited colors.

2- FE Active – 30L Eco-Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack FE Active - 30L Eco-Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack 

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Things We Like 

  • PVC is environment-friendly 
  • Material is durable and waterproof. 
  • Reasonable capacity. 

The FE –Active Bag Backpack is not only large enough to accommodate all your valuables when you are traveling, but it is also waterproof and eco-friendly.

It has three interior pockets for your tinier valuable, but we note t has no laptop bag. You can always buy that separately, though, as there is plenty of space in this dry bag for everything. 

They come in various sizes, but they are all secured with a roll-top closure that is much better at securing your valuables.

It is PVC made to meet two main qualities of any good dry bag – waterproofness and durability. It is also easy to wash and not prone to mildew as long as you keep it dry before storage.

Also worth noting, PVC has no harmful side effects on the environment.

Since 30 liters is quite heavy and could take a toll on the chest, this bag is equipped with a chest harness to protect the user.


  • The material used is environment-friendly, waterproof and durable. 
  • Has interior compartments. 
  • Shoulder straps are meshed and padded for comfort. 
  • Chest harness for weight distribution. 


  • No laptop bag.

3- Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag BackpackVitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

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What We Like 

  • Roll-top closure.
  • Waterproof and durable material.
  • Large compartments. 

The Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack is quite heavy when filled, and so the maker added a chest harness for distribution of weight.

It is carried backpack-style, thanks to the padded straps that make it quite easy to carry around.

The roll-top closure makes it even more secure when you tie and snap the buckle right, and you can also harness it to a boat without fear of splashes. 

You can use this pack as a regular duffle bag, thanks to the hip belt clips that are on the side. It is durable because it is PVC-made.

It washes easily and if you ever store it poorly so that it develops mildew, warm water and lemon juice will do the trick. As with any product of its kind, avoid cleaning it with hot water.

The material is non-rip, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it. It comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • Reasonably priced. 
  • Non-rip material that is also waterproof and easy to clean. 
  • Reasonable capacity – 30 liters. 


  • The closure system, though secure, is quite hard to get right.

4- MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry BagMARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

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What We Like

  • Puncture-proof material.
  • Hard to rip. 
  • Welded seam

The MARCHWAY Waterproof dry bag is the ideal companion to bring with you on a trip and especially when you are not sure of the weather conditions.

Made of ripstop tarpaulin, this product is designed to keep your valuables safe from mud, water, and even dust and sand.

It has a sturdy welded seam that enables it to handle just about anything thrown at it. Being puncture-proof you can take it anywhere without worrying about its ability to hold up. 

It comes in capacities of 5 to 40 liters, with the smallest ones having single detachable straps. The heavier ones have double detachable and non-detachable straps that are well sewn and padded for shoulder protection.

A roll-top closure system keeps your stuff safe from water, but you are reminded not to submerge the bag in water because the seal is not always leak-proof. These bags are lightweight.


  • Made of ripstop tarpaulin that prevents it from getting ripped regardless of circumstances. 
  • Welded seam that makes it rip and puncture-proof. 
  • Comes in varying capacities. 
  • It is versatile. 


  • The bag is made with thick material that feels a little stiff to the touch.

5- Piscifun Waterproof Floating Dry BackpackPiscifun Waterproof Floating Dry Backpack

  Get it now on Amazon.com

What We Like 

  • Water resistance
  • Welded seams. 
  • Roomy. 

These bags are waterproof and so they make it possible to carry your valuables without worrying if damage. They are also quite light and the seams are well done to prevent rips.

Matter of fact, the manufacturer says they are rip-free and will last for many years even when constantly exposed to harsh treatment.

The capacity is good too because this bag will fit a GoPro case, towel, change of clothes, a large bottle of water, and still have space for smaller items.

It has one large compartment and two on the sides for an umbrella and water bottle, and so you would have to buy some cases for sensitive items such as laptops. 

The material is not only durable, but it is also easy to clean after a fun day in the mud. Machine-washing ruins it immediately, and so the only thing that works is hand washing and air-drying.

The straps are padded for extra comfort when you carry your 20l dry bag.


  • Large compartments to store lots of items. 
  • Waterproof material that is also hard to rip. 
  • Easy to hand-wash and it air0dries quite fast. 


  • Few compartments.

6- Boncas Waterproof BackpackBoncas Waterproof Backpack

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What We Like 

  • Material 
  • Design
  • Accessory 
  • Straps 

Made of heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin, the Boncas Waterproof Backpack is indestructible. The seams are done to perfection to ensure that this product serves you for the long-term.

The roll-top closure system is reinforced with durable plastic buckles and D-rings to ensure the safety of your items.

It has a back pocket for the items that you need to access fast and a front mesh design ideal for keeping damp items. 

Its large circular base ensures there is enough space in the bag to store all your valuables and the compartments inside keep the smaller items safe.

You get a waterproof phone case with each purchase so you can use your phone even in the rain. The case cannot read your touch ID when the phone is inside, though. 

Since the bag comes in various sizes, it has straps to accommodate the larger pieces that would be too bulky for the hand.

The shoulder straps are padded for comfort and stitched ideally to handle the full weight capacity of the bag.


  • Straps are padded for comfort. 
  • Comes with a waterproof phone case. 
  • Easy to seal. 
  • Made of durable material. 


  • The material is a little stiff.

7- Acrodo Dry Bag Transparent & WaterproofAcrodo Dry Bag Transparent & Waterproof

  Get it now on Amazon.com

What We Like 

  • Sturdy material
  • Easy access to items.
  • Closure system.

The Acrodo Dry Bag is one of the few that are clear. It allows you to access your items easily since you can see them. It has a convenient carry handle and can float on water as it is quite light.

The detachable handle is not the only way to carry this bag. You can also sling the strap across your chest or on your back. It is available in 10 and 20-liter capacities and in several colors too;

Arctic Blue, Black, Boat Orange, Bright Yellow, and Fresh Green. 

Don’t let the see-through PVC material fool you. This dry bag is as sturdy as they come with such features as puncture and abrasion resistance.

Though it is water-resistance, its seal is not made for water submersion. It is foldable and easy to store when not in use.


  • The closure system is both easy to use and reliable. 
  • The material is durable, waterproof, and sturdy. 
  • Easy to clean since it’s see-through. 


  • It is see-through, and so everyone can see what’s in your pack.

8- Skog Å Kust DrySåk Waterproof Floating Dry BagSkog Å Kust DrySåk Waterproof Floating Dry Bag

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What We Like

  • Various colors
  • Large capacity
  • Roomy compartments

The Skog Å Kust DrySåk Waterproof Floating Dry Bag comes in various colors; pink, white, army green, navy blue, camo, black, yellow, grey, and mint.

Not many brands give users this wide variety. It has a comfortable shoulder strap that enables the user to distribute the weight of the bag equally and also has a handle for when the strap is not necessary.

The DrySak’s zipped outer pocket is undeniably one of its most exciting features as it gives you easy access to your valuables without having to rummage for hours. 

The 10 and 20-liter bags are made of the same high-quality material that is durable, waterproof, and lightweight. When not in use, you can fold this bag into a small item for storage.

Remember to dry it completely to prevent the growth of fungi. It is roomy with one large interior compartment for all your valuables including a GoPro case, DSLR, and laptop.

The clips and hardware on this dry bag are as high-quality as the rest of the material.


  • Does not rip as it is designed to handle harsh conditions. 
  • Material is easy to clean. 
  • Closure system works excellently if buckled properly. 


  • Has only one roomy compartment inside.

9- IDRYBAG Dry Bag Backpack WaterproofIDRYBAG Dry Bag Backpack Waterproof

  Get it now on Amazon.com

What We Like 

  • Waterproof fabric.
  • Zippered pockets.
  • Nighttime safety.

The IDRYBAG dry bag has one feature that most lack – nighttime safety. It has a reflective strip for nighttime visibility when on the road.

Made of 500D Vinyl-coated woven polyester that has proven waterproof qualities, this product guarantees the safety of your valuables when it rains, splashes, or you are exposed to lots of dust.

The seams are welded for reinforcement too and the straps padded for extra comfort. You can be sure that your shoulders will not hurt due to the weight of a 20l dry bag that is filled to capacity. 

The zippered compartments ensure the safety of your valuables while also protecting them from exposure.

It has a roll-top closure that, when done right, prevents any leaks into your bag.

Naturally, submersion in water will expose your valuables negatively as no seal system can handle that much pressure. 

This bag is easy to clean and it dries even faster when air-dried. Always hand-wash tour dry bags to keep the stitching intact.


  • Two carrying options handle or strap.
  • Zippered compartments for the safety of items. 
  • Reflective strip for nighttime visibility.


  • More expensive than most.

10- KastKing Dry Bags, 100% WaterproofKastKing Dry Bags, 100% Waterproof

  Get it now on Amazon.com

What We Like 

  • Material
  • Roomy 
  • Different sizes

This dry bag is available in 10 L, 20 L, and 30 L, and each has a strap that is padded for comfort, the material that makes the KastKing Dry Bag – heavy-gauge 500D PVC – is durable, waterproof, and well-stitched to protect the seams.

The smaller packs have handles too if you would prefer them to the detachable strap. 

The bag’s see-through window panel makes it easy to access items without too much trouble, while the roomy compartment is ideal for several items you may want to bring with you on a trip.

Because the dry sack is light, it is preferred by many people who travel far and regularly.


  • Roomy main compartment.
  • The material turns it into an emergency floating bag. 
  • The stitching is sturdy and makes it rip-free. 


  • It could use more compartments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I Submerge My Dry Bag In Water? 

Should I Submerge My Dry Bag In Water?

Much as it sounds like they are meant to handle water and everything that comes with it, it is not advisable to wholly submerge dry bags into the water.

Their seals are not always the best, and so some water may seep in and ruin your valuables. They are meant to prevent your stuff from splashes and such, a job that they do well. 

How do You Seal a Dry Bag?

How do You Seal a Dry Bag?

There are two methods of sealing a dry bag: roll-top or fold-top and zipper method.

For the roll-top, you first need to squeeze out all the air from your bag and then fold the seal 3-5 times depending on how tight you want it. Then, buckle up at the top to ensure the seal works righty.

This keeps everything inside the bag safe from water, but only if you do it well. The other method, using a zipper, is as simple as it sounds.

You just zip the bag after stuffing everything in and you are good to go. It’s easier to use and sometimes more preferred, but it is not as effective as the roll-top method. 

What are Welded Seams as Far as Dry Bags are Concerned?

What are Welded Seams as Far as Dry Bags are Concerned?

Fabric welding means bonding two pieces of fabric together to make one piece that has better waterproofing.

The most preferred materials for dry bags are vinyl and nylon, both with their strengths and weaknesses.

When used together, they make the product better in terms of waterproofing and durability.

Welded seams provide more support than sewn seams and you may want to look out for them when buying a dry bag. 

Can You Repair a Dry Bag?

Can You Repair a Dry Bag?

Most of them are made for longevity and have extended warranties, and so they hardly need repair. But accidents do happen once in a while and especially when you use yours too often.

If your bag has small holes that you need to seal to keep it waterproof, there are adhesives on the market meant for this task. You want to ensure that you don’t cause any more damage when trying to fix it. 

How Can I Remove Mildew from a Dry Bag? 

How Can I Remove Mildew from a Dry Bag?

Mildew is not just an unpleasant fungus to look at, but it also causes respiratory issues in children and adults. You want to get rid of it as soon as you notice it.

It is not the hardest to remove, even from a dry bag. Just wash your bag in warm water – very hot water will ruin the stitching – and a gentle detergent.

Salt and lemon juice are even more effective in riding dry bags of fungi. You don’t want to machine-clean or dry the bag as that would automatically ruin it too. Keep mildew off by air-drying your bag before storage. 

How Else Can I Use My Dry Bag? 

How Else Can I Use My Dry Bag?

You can use it as a duffel bag, to store laundry, as an emergency travel pillow, as a floatation device, and a carrying case. 

Over to You!

The weather can be quite unpredictable and as long as you are outdoors, you will always need to take measures to protect you from unforeseen situations.

Whether it is your phone, camera, travel documents, or money that you need to protect, a dry bag will be handy. They are reasonably priced as you can tell from the review above, and they will last long when good care is taken.

Don’t leave anything to chance when the best dry bag is available online. 


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