10 Best Corded String Trimmers Review in 2021 – Top Pickups


Everyone loves nature and things that bring us closer to nature. Plants, trees, flowers are the most convenient way to keep yourself close to nature.

These beautiful creations not only bring a clean and fresh impact. But are always making a mesmerizing effect on the viewer.

People tend to have indoor or outdoor plants, some have backyards and front lawns. And for those with the love of gardening these spaces are a blessing.

One can imagine sitting with their loved ones in their yard and enjoy the evenings. Or a morning walk on fresh grass will fill your soul with joy.

As pleasing as it may sound, the grassy plots do come with a bit of work required. If not given proper attention, we see wild bushes and thick weeds sprouting all over the grass.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Corded String Trimmer

string trimmer

But with timed trimming and cleaning this mess won’t occur. You don’t need a gardener for this task as the market offer products to help us.

There are a lot of trimming tools and machines available so that you can help yourself with the process. These trimmers come in various shapes, sizes, and type according to modern needs.

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You can choose the desired type as per required. Large yards need trimmers with huge batteries or motors. Smaller can have compact ones.

The usability also differs depending on your gardens.


Here are our best picks:

1-BLACK+DECKER Electric String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Electric String Trimmer

For all the gardeners and those with love of plants, this is the best tool. It is common to see the grass growing out of shape or unwanted weed around.

And there are many trimming tools in the market. But it sometimes becomes difficult to cut down the bushes growing near the corners of an object.

It is considered to be one of the best Corded String Trimmer and top of the line products in the market.

Corded string trimmers are easy to use and provide the best results. This tool works on electric power. The wheeled edge provides enough power to the string making the cutting further easy.

It has a latch release so you can switch to edging from trimming. The grass alongside the corners and sidewalks becomes easy to cut down with edging.

You can also adjust the height for a better grip on the trimmer. The sleek design of the handle allows for convenient usage.

The kit includes trimmer, cord and a power source.


  • Ease of usage
  • Compact
  • Adjustable height


  • Cost

2-Toro Electric Trimmer

Toro Electric Trimmer

This amazing product is one of the top sellers in the market. The trimmers come will a lot of features to give you the best experience.

The strong cord ensures that every single strand gets cut. It has a 5 ampere motor along with the trimmers. The cord attached is 14 inches long and works well with the motor.

Due to its ergonomic design and compact size, the usability is further enhanced. There is a cutting head with dual-line to provide faster cutting.

Then the trimmer will adjust the line to required length due to the auto feature.

The cutting of grass at the sidewalks or near the edges is one hell of a trouble. But the trimmer has a solution to this problem as well.

It has a push-button to convert the trimmer into an edger. The wheel then will run along the corners and chop off the grass.

Push the button again to turn it to the trimmer.

Another astounding function is the adjustable handle for better grip while usage. The telescopic shaft is of aluminum making is rust-free and durable.

It is quite strong to bear any sort of strain while in use.


  • Rust-free
  • Durable
  • Extended line


  • Cost

3-BLACK+DECKER Lithium String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Lithium String Trimmer

Trimming and setting of a garden would now become interesting. With this newly designed trimming tool, your experience will be one of the best till now.

From the designing to the features added, everything is according to the requirements. It can trim unwanted plants, bushes or weed on as well as chop down the edges clean.

The attached motor provides extra power to the cord for sharp cutting. The dial allows two modes either max or min.

The power settings provide options so that you can opt for the required power.

For the cutting of edges, it can work as an edger. All you have to do is turn the shaft and your edger is ready for use. It is capable of rotation at 180 degrees, allowing easy access at crucial areas.

There is an automatic spool to allow working without any sort of interruption. The ergonomic design can work with Lithium-Ion battery of 36 and 40 volts.

The whole kit includes a spool, trimmer, handle and lithium battery.


  • Speed setting
  • Rotatable
  • Extended line
  • Cons
  • No charger included

4-Makita Cordless String Trimmer

Makita Cordless String Trimmer

This product is among the top sellers in the market when it comes to functionality and features. From the material used in manufacturing to the sleek design, this is a must-have tool for all the garden lovers.

Growing out a garden or grass might bring you close to nature but it comes with lots of requirements. The cleaning and maintenance of plants need attention.

Sometimes undesired weed sprouts out. Then the unwanted grass on sideways is another headache.

So to solve such problems we present cordless trimmers. These trimmers have attached motors for extra power and high speed. Due to being lightweight, the usability is facile.

The telescopic shaft lets you adjust the height as required.

It has a compact design and size for better performance. You can convert it into edger and clear the corners. It operates on Lithium battery and can work for at least 45 minutes when once charged.

Being cordless it allows you to carry it with you when required.


  • Adjustable head
  • Dual usage
  • Cordless


  • Require batteries

5-WORX Cordless String Trimmer

WORX Cordless String Trimmer

This astounding product will serve you in two ways. The unnecessary bushes and weed are hard to get rid of. There are always some spots in corners or along the path that don’t get well-trimmed.

Regular trimmers often fail to reach such spots. Hence the product has dual functions to allow complete coverage.

The tool not only trims but you can convert it into an edger to clear the hidden corners. It takes seconds for the conversion.

It has a single line for excellent results and takes 5 hours for charging. For a wider cut, you can adjust the time. Hence in lesser time, more work will get done.

Also, it has a flower guard to protect the flowers from damage.

Though it is an edger still the head is rotatable for even better results. Now, the trickiest corners and sidewalks can be also cleared without a problem.

You may use a 20V Lithium battery for this trimmer.


  • Rotating head
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable


  • Require batteries

6-BLACK+DECKER Edger and Trencher

BLACK+DECKER Edger and Trencher

This spectacular product is one of the high-quality tools in the market. Coming with 2 functions this item is easiest to use. The assembling requires no tools and takes no time at all.

This saves you a lot of time and from efforts. It works amazingly on any kind of trench or patch and gives a smooth finish. It has a 12 ampere motor for high-speed working experience.

You can convert the edger into trencher via pull-up guide. Further, there is a blade with up to 3 adjustments to choose the cutting speed.

It is considered to be one of the best and top of the line products in the market. It is best to use the tool around trees or in gardens to get a clean area.

The tool will work even on rough surfaces like turf, patios, etc.

The powered motor produces almost 150 lbs. of torque. Then to keep the cord safe, it has built-in retention. Also, the handler provides flexible hold to left or right handed.

It keeps you at a comfy position.


  • Powerful motor
  • Blade adjustments
  • Dual functions


  • Expensive

7-Black & Decker String Trimmer

Black & Decker String Trimmer

This product is among the top-rated ones due to its superior features. Whether talk about design or working, it fits all aspects of a good tool.

The system has a unique design to allow you to non-stop working experience. Due to auto-feed, the work continues without a pause. The high-powered motor has 6.5 amperes.

Hence it provides a high level of torque to enhance the functionality.

Furthermore, the cutting cord is of 13 inches allowing wide coverage in lesser time. So you can do clear more area and save time. The kit also comprises a handle for easy holding, a power source with a cord.

The trimmer works as an edger also. Allowing you to perform two tasks with one tool and saving you much of the time and money. You can switch between edger and trimmer in seconds only.

The tool is light in weight and portable. Also, the handle is adjustable according to the required length.


  • Lightweight
  • Duality
  • High power


  • Energy consumption

8-Greenworks Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks Corded String Trimmer

To allow you a facile experience with plants and grass, here is an astounding product. Taking good care of your lawn and keeping it clean requires a lot of time.

Old tools would take hours to only trim down the weed and still would leave some places undone. But this trimmer ensures that you get a well-maintained lawn to enjoy your evenings.

Coming with electric starting, it works like magic. It takes little time to get done with the yard. Without requiring any gas or another such thing, it starts with ease.

The design has little or no weight and is portable. Also, it produces minimal noise so the environment remains peaceful.

You can adjust the handle as per required because not everyone has the same holding style. The handle would keep you at the comfort and won’t cause any pain.

You can lock the cord via cord lock feature to avoid the hassle.


  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Cord lock


  • Vibrates on usage


9-Sun Joe Stringless Electric Trimmer/Edger

Sun Joe Stringless Electric Trimmer/Edger

You can get many trimmers in the market but one with 2 functions at a reasonable price is hard to find. So this is the product that will bring peace in your life.

Now, you won’t have to worry about your lawn getting wild. This trimmer promises to serve you in all possible ways.

The tool not only cuts the unwanted growth but allows you to get to the points where regular trimmers can’t. Hence now you can even chop the greens from sidewalks and paths.

With its 180º rotatable head, the edging becomes further easy. You only need to twist and the edger is ready for use.

The powerful motor has 4.5 amperes working energy and the large blades cover the max area in lesser time.

Apart from that, the handle is telescopic allowing effortless adjustments of the length. Being only 5.6 lbs. in weight make it a convenient and portable product.


  • Lightweight
  • Large blades
  • String less


  • Price

10-WORX Electric String Trimmer

WORX Electric String Trimmer

This amazing product is perfect if you have a backyard or a lawn. The trimming tool makes mowing a fun experience. It has an ergonomic design.

Being light-weighted yet powerful, it is a top-rated product in the market.

The trimmer has powered up to 4 amperes allowing fast cutting. With the auto-feed dual-line system the whole process goes on without any bumps.

It will take only seconds to turn into an edger and back to a trimmer. The handle is comfortable and allowing easy holding while using the tool.

There is a guard to protect the flowers from any damage, you need to fold it out in trimming mode. Like flowers, if there is any other landscape then that too will remain safe.

To further keep you away from the hassle it has a retention hook for the cord. Hence the cord remains intact in its place and won’t disconnect from the power source.


  • Hook for cord
  • Duality
  • Ease of usage


  • Need electric power

10 Best Corded String Trimmers – Buyer’s Guide

string trimmer

Keep in mind these simple guidance tips before buying a product:


The first step when buying a trimmer is to know the type that will fulfill the requirements. Some people prefer electric trimmers as they want to avoid gas ones.

These can be either corded or cordless. You can choose these as the power generated is quite enough to cut any sort of grass. Moreover, these produce no noise and are zero-maintenance based.

The gas trimmers are a better option if you have a large lawn or yard as they contain more power. Though requiring maintenance these are suitable for thick weed and landscapes.

Yet these are quite louder.


The string trimmers come in either a curved or straight shape. The curved one is about halfway bent between its handle and head. In case of the straight shaft the design offer easier handling.

So the user doesn’t have to bend or kneel while usage. Those with short heights can opt the curved one as it is facile for them to use it.

The head remains perpendicular in accordance to the ground.

Powered Base

Either you opt corded or gas-powered, there is a feature of the powered base. Some have a tool to stand alone. The base is a motor or engine to allow attaching different items.

Usually, string trimmers come with such powered base. The kits may include pole saw, edger, brush cutter, etc. If you have space you can have these tools.

And if you lack storage place then opt to avoid these.


While checking the size keep in mind that the size of the head and blades is also important. This is a gap where shaft and head meet.

Those trimmer which has longer shaft are not preferred as the grass might get locked in that space. Hence the trimmer might stop working.

Go for such trimmer whose gap is lesser and the head can be with ease removed for cleaning.

Safety Measures

The string trimmers can break the skin and the scrap will go off flying. Many trimmers come with a shield to protect you from any damage.

Yet it is better to wear some sort of glasses and gloves to stay on the safer side. Moreover, you must wear boots and pants while out for cleaning.

Tips for Using a Corded String Trimmers

Corded String Trimmers

Most of us are always new to a task and same is the case with trimming. For all those who are about to use these trimmers for the very first time, needs few tips. Here are some:


It is always advised to wear your safety gear. Eyes are the most sensitive part and you for sure don’t want any pebble coming at your eye. Wear goggles or visor to protect the whole face.

Earmuffs are also preferred to keep the noise away. Use boots and avoid any kind of shorts. Opt pants instead to keep the legs on the safer side too.

The boots keep feet away from getting hit by any steel object nearby or shards etc.

Watch Out for Cables

Make sure your lawn has no cables or any electric wire around. Those might get wrapped around or the trimmer might cut or damage them.

It is suitable to check the ground beforehand. Also check if there are any large chunks of plastic, glass or metal. That would stop the trimmer and can also cause damage to the tool.

Read the Manual

No matter how long you have been in trimming lane, whenever working with a new tool it is best to read the manual. The user manuals provide you with all the required data and instructions.

There are steps about the assembling or charging etc.

Line Type

The line used in trimmers is a monofilament nylon line. It is sharp enough to cut even the hardest of weed. This line is available in rolls or spools and varies in length.

For trimmers with less power 1/16 inch gauge line is suitable. It cuts the grass and edges with ease. Even gas trimmers can use this gage line for chopping thick grass and weed.

The size ranges from 3/16 inches.

Height & Speed

Most of the trimmers come with adjustable heights. So you get a convenient grip and easy usage. Still, if you don’t know the right height, you can consult the user manual for better understanding.

There are different speed levels and you can choose any. But it is wise to keep it all controlled as with the highest speed there will be more noise and the line may not last long.

So adjust the setting according to requirements and then start cutting the grass.


Rather than using a line for cutting, go for a blade. These metal blades are far more strong and reliable than the regular nylon lines. Capable of cutting hard weed and even wood, there provide better results.

Use the blades at full speed and get a stronghold on the ground to avoid jerks if a hard object comes in contact with the blade.


These cleaning tools themselves need cleaning. So after every usage, make sure to wash them and remove the debris from the blades or line.

Then store them in a proper manner. Keep the plugins and cables properly.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

The article will be quite enough to provide you guidance. The info is very much authentic to let our readers choose what is best for them. Yet sometimes there can be ambiguity in our minds.

So if you feel like that or have a query about the data provided, ask us. We will make sure to help you out as soon as possible.

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