10 Best Bike Helmet for Kids | Unbiased Review & Guide

According to Standford Children’s Health, there are approximately 100 child deaths associated with biking accidents. Furthermore, another 254,000 experience injuries. If you’re reading this, then this means that you are seeking to prevent your child from becoming a part of those alarming statistics.  Surprisingly, many parents underestimate the importance of a helmet and downplay the extent of injuries related to bicycles. The best bike helmets for kids will not only give you peace of mind, but they will also help protect your child’s head in the event of an accident.

With those statistics still in mind, you realize that you cannot downplay the importance of ensuring that your child is protected whenever they go out to play. It is overwhelming to choose just one helmet from the many available on the market, but our review helps narrow it down for you.

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Unbiased Review & Guide | Bike Helmet for Kids

Unbiased Review & Guide Bike Helmet for Kids

10. Krash Youth Bike Helmets Girls

Krash Youth Bike Helmets Girls

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This beautiful Krash helmet is specifically designed for girls. It features a bedazzled glitter print that sparkles in the sunlight. If your daughter loves everything sparkly, then she’ll definitely love riding around with this on her head. The whole helmet features a design that is eye-catching and draws attention. In addition to the glitter, the straps feature a gradient effect with colors fading from blue to purple, to pink.

It is suitable for kids age 8 to 14 and it fits head circumferences of 54-58cm. This helmet also features aerodynamic cooling vents which help ensure that your daughter remains cool even as she plays around in her helmet. This is especially ideal if you live in a hot area. The helmet also features adjustable straps that allow you to tighten or loosen it for a better fit.

Most importantly, the inside of the helmet has shock-absorbing expanded polystyrene (EPS) shell that helps absorb the force of an impact, when an accident occurs, thus protecting your child’s head.


  • Dazzling glitter design with gradient effect straps
  • Suitable for ages 8 to 14
  • Fits head sizes from 54 to 58cm

9. Bavilk Toddler Helmet

Bavilk Toddler Helmet

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This makes it onto our list for best bike helmets for kids because of its 3D cartoon themed designs. They come in the form of dinosaurs and sharks and are available in black, red, pink, blue and gray. These helmets are lightweight, which is important as you do not want your child to strain their neck as they play. However, despite the fact that they are light, they are still very strong and offer protection for your child’s head.

Inside the helmet, you will find it lined with EPS that helps absorb the shock from an impact. The lining molds itself to fit your child’s head, while still offering protection in case of a fall or hit to the head.

If your child loves dinosaurs or sharks, then they will love riding around wearing these designs. To further secure the helmet, it comes with adjustable straps that are comfortable to wear, but strong enough to prevent the helmet from accidentally coming off. To help your child cool off on a hot day, the helmet comes with 6 cooling vents.


  • Comes in a variety of colorful designs and shapes
  • Protective inner shock-absorbing layer
  • Lightweight and comes with adjustable straps

8. Outdoor Master Helmet

Outdoor Master Helmet

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Since a helmet is supposed to protect your child’s head, we love that this one from Outdoor Masters is CPSC certified. In addition to protecting your child’s head from external injury, it is important for your child’s head to remain safe while inside the helmet, and this is why this helmet comes with EPS which absorbs the shock of an impact in the case of an accident or fall.

We all know how active children’s imaginations can get, and how they often like to play-act as their favorite cartoon characters. Outdoor Master helps makes this even more possible with fun and colorful designs that feature whales, alien spaceships, graffiti and unicorns.

This helmet fits head circumferences of 48 to 52 cm and comes with adjustable straps. This means that your child can still use the helmet even as he or she grows. To measure your child’s circumference, simply use some string or tape and wrap it around their head.

You should note that your child can use this helmet to cycle, skateboard roller-skate with. It does not offer the same protection when used during motorsports.


  • Fun print and design
  • CPSC certified
  • 14 individual air vents

7. Giro Scamp Helmet

Giro Scamp Helmet

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Your child will love that it comes in 13 different colors! Your child will have a hard time choosing which color he or she wants. This helmet is not all looks though, as it comes with a polycarbonate shell and the inside is lined with EPS, to help with shock absorption.

To protect your child’s eyes during bright sunlight, this helmet comes with a built-in visor. It is also handy in protecting your child’s face when he or she is learning to ride.

We like how this helmet caters to girls by offering a hole for their ponytails. More often than not, most helmets lack a dedicated hole for her hair, forcing you to get creative on how to tie it. With this helmet, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Simply put it on, then pull her hair through.

Another thoughtful feature included is the pinch-guard buckle. As your child wears this helmet, they won’t accidentally get pinched by the buckle as is often the case with many helmets. For their maximum comfort, Giro included a pinch-guard.

To help cool your child off as they play, this helmet comes with 8 air vents.


  • 13 different colors and designs
  • Pony-tail friendly
  • Built-in visor

6. Schwinn Kids Helmet

Schwinn Kids Helmet

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On our list of best bike helmets for kids, we feature one that is specifically designed for infants and toddlers. The shape and design of the helmet are in the form of a cuddly teddy bear. You will likely melt from just how cute your little one looks wearing this helmet. The teddy bear is complete with giant ears, a nose, mouth, and buttons for eyes. Aside from being cute, the helmet does have a number of safety features.

It comes with a protective inner lining designed to protect your baby’s head during impact. It has CPSC approval and also features a 360 dial at the back. The dial makes it possible for you to adjust the helmet to fit your baby’s head proportions.

The bear’s ears also act as extra protection and padding during a fall or crash. During extremely warm or hot days, your child will still be able to cool off thanks to the air vents situated on top of the helmet. This helmet is ideal for babies aged 6 months to 3 years.


  • Suitable for infants and toddlers aged 6 months to 3 years
  • Cute teddy bear design
  • Extra padding for added safety

5. Bell Hello Kitty Helmet

Bell Hello Kitty Helmet

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If your child is a fan of Hello Kitty then they’ll definitely love this helmet from Bell. It comes in different designs that are all Hello Kitty themed. It is a cute helmet that offers more than just pretty looks. It is CPSC certified, with inner padding designed to absorb shock during impact. This means that your child will have protection in case of a fall or accident.

Your child can use this helmet while biking or skating. It is not designed to provide protection for any other sport or activity. On a warm or hot day, your child will remain cool thanks to the aerodynamic vents located on both the top and sides of the helmet.

The adjustable straps it comes with have a clip design that allows you to tighten or loosen the helmet depending on your child’s needs. The helmet is suitable for kids aged 3 to 5 and 5 to 8. We like that it comes in two size variants as it offers an option for everyone. Each of the sizes is still adjustable, so you can still get the most out of your child’s helmet.


  • Hello Kitty 3D design
  • Different sizes available
  • CPSC certified
  • Top and side vents

4. Raskullz Mohawk Helmets

Raskullz Mohawk Helmets

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As far as designs go on our list of best bike helmets for kids, this has got to be by far one of the best. The helmet features fins running down the middle of the helmet in the shape of a mohawk. As if this design wasn’t catchy enough, Raskullz included LED lights that light up inside the fins. You can set the lights to be on continuously, or have a flashing effect. To help preserve batteries, the lights have an auto-shutoff feature. We should mention that batteries are included in the purchase. Your child will have so much fun running and riding around in this helmet.

Wearing a helmet in the sweltering heat is uncomfortable, and this is why this helmet features aerodynamic vents to allow for cooling. It comes with adjustable straps that help secure the helmet to your child’s head. Additionally, you can tighten and loosen it to provide a better fit. The inside of the helmet has foam coating which helps protect the head in the event of an accident, by absorbing the shock from the fall.


  • Interesting Mohawk/fin design
  • 5 LED lights that remain steady or flash on and off
  • Auto-shutoff feature

3. Razor V-17 Helmet Youth

Razor V-17 Helmet Youth

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On the third spot on our list of best bike helmets for kids is this one from Razor. It comes in 12 different colors! Your child will be spoilt for choice as they can choose from glossy black, glossy pink, neon yellow, satin pink, geo, gloss blue, lucid red, pink sparkles, purple, magenta and neon orange.

When it comes to protecting your child’s head, this helmet offers a number of features. One of them is a hard outer shell that will help protect your child’s head from impact. The second feature is foam padding on the inside which helps absorb the shock from the impact. The helmet also comes with straps that are side-released for quicker fastening and unfastening. Overall, the helmet is CPSC certified.

With 17 vents, your child will still manage to remain comfortable enough to continue playing or biking even when it is hot. The helmet can fit head sizes of 22 to 23.5 inches and it is suitable for ages 8 to 14. This means that your child can comfortably use the helmet when they’re younger and grow into it as they age.


  • 12 colors with different designs
  • 17 top and side vents for ventilation
  • Side release buckles

2. Schwinn Lightweight Helmet

Schwinn Lightweight Helmet

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We like that this helmet offers variants for children, youth and adults, meaning there’s an option for everybody. But since our list of best bike helmets for kids focuses on children, we won’t talk much about the adults’ option, though it was worth mentioning. The helmet though lightweight, is still strong and durable enough to withstand hard impact. The helmet is very light that your child will hardly realize it’s on.

It is one of the few helmets on our list of best bike helmets for kids, that offers a dial-adjustable fit system with full inner padding. This means that in addition to providing a comfortable snug fit, the padding also offers protection. During impact, your child’s head will remain protected because of the shock-absorbing features of the padding.

The kiddie option of this helmet from Schwinn is ideal for children aged 5 to 8 years old. It can fit heads with a circumference between 19.6 and 22 inches. It comes available in 19 different colors! Your child is guaranteed to find a color design that suits him or her.


  • Available for children, youth and adults
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • 20 top air vents

1. Joovy Noodle Helmet

Joovy Noodle Helmet

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The number one spot on our review of the best bike helmets for kids goes to this one from Joovy. We like that it comes available in two size options, which offers more flexibility. The first one is extra small/ small and is suitable for children aged 1 to 4 years and with a head circumference of 18.5 to 20.5 inches. The second option is for children aged 5 to 8 years and has a head circumference of 20.5 inches to 22 inches.

This helmet comes with 14 air vents that help circulate air and promote cooling on warm and hot days. The sides and top vents are open, while the ones located in the front have a mesh to help keep out bugs. The nylon straps it comes with are adjustable and also have pinch-guards, which help prevent the all-to-common problem of straps pinching into your child’s chin.

The visor extends forward which also helps add protection especially if your child falls forward.

The helmet is CPSC certified and has inner padding that works to prevent head damage by absorbing the shock from impacts.


  • Available in extra small/small and small/medium options
  • 14 air vents
  • CPSC certified

What to Look for When Buying Bike Helmets for Kids

When it comes to shopping for the best bike helmets for kids, we’d like to think that it is as easy as purchasing the first helmet you come across, however, there are so many factors you will need to consider.


When it comes to sizing, helmets are mainly categorized under toddler, child, and youth. This is a rough estimate of children’s head sizes. It really boils down to your child’s exact head circumference. Luckily, the best bike helmets for kids tend to be able to fit a wide range of head sizes because they can be loosened or tightened. Most kid helmets accommodate more sizes compared to adult helmets because children are still growing. So instead of purchasing a helmet every one or two years, you can purchase one that you can loosen or tighten depending on your child’s needs.

Standard Helmets Vs. Multi-sport Helmets

There are standard helmets that are basic and traditional-style, and there are multi-sport ones that your child can use for a variety of sports, and not just biking. The difference is that standard helmets tend to be lighter, are more adjustable and have more air vents. On the other hand, multi-sport helmets are heavier, dual-certified and offer more coverage.

When it comes to choosing between the two, it is really a matter of preference and use. What will your child be using the helmet for? Is it mostly biking? Or will he/she be involved in other sports?


Another factor you want to look at when shopping for best bike helmets for kids is how easily you can adjust the helmet to fit your child’s head shape. There are different internal adjustment systems and they include pad width adjust, dial adjust and laser’s auto fit.

With a dial adjust, there is a dial that enables you to adjust the inside of the helmet to fit your child. It is still important for you to choose a helmet that is true to size for your child’s head size, even though you can toggle around with the inside. With a pad width adjustment, it is up to you as a parent to choose the right pads that will provide a snug fit for your child. These types of helmets come with pads with varying thickness, although it can be a challenge to remember to replace or refit the pads as your child grows older.

Lastly, with the lazer self-adjust system, the inside of the helmet has a tension wire covered in plastic that enables the helmet to stretch or expand to suit your child’s head shape.


Visors come in handy when your child is playing outside and needs protection from the sun’s glare. Traditional helmets come with visors or designs that allow you to clip on visors, while skater-style or multi-use helmets do not come with a visor. Also, visors are particularly handy for toddler helmets in case your child faceplants as she’s learning to ride. Visors are also necessary if you live in a very hot and sunny area.

Now that we’ve covered what to look for as you purchase the best bike helmets for kids, let’s look at our top 10 best picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning the best bike helmets for kids.

Where can I get my helmet for cheap?
All of the best bike helmets for kids we reviewed are on Amazon. If you want a cheaper option, you could sign up to get notifications from Amazon when there is a sale, or when the price drops.
I want to prevent strap creep. How can I do so?
Strap creep happens when the straps move through buckle slots and loosen the adjustment. This is dangerous because it means the helmet is not securely fastened to your child’s head. To prevent this from happening, we advise you to purchase a helmet that comes with wide straps as opposed to skinny ones. Additionally, you can also add rubber bands to the straps to help prevent them from sliding.
How often should I replace my child’s helmet?
You should replace it after an accident your child may have, especially if the helmet got damaged in any way. The foam inside the best bike helmets for kids is good for one use only. So, after an incident, it is rendered useless. On the other hand, with no accidents, you should ideally replace your child’s helmet every three to five years. This also depends on how quickly they grow and whether or not the helmet still fits.


Having looked at what to look for when buying a helmet, as well as the biggest safety features for helmets we hope you’ll have a better shopping experience. Our guide on the best bike helmets for kids will help narrow down the best helmets you need to choose from.

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