10 Best Alarm Clocks for Kids – Reviews and Buying Guide 

Today we share with you a definite review of the 10 trendy alarm clocks for kids.

Parents will admit that kids and are an interesting lot. When they are months old, they have zero regard for time. It’s their world, and you, mommy and papa, just live in it but you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? When they are at the toddler stage, they suddenly want to sleep at all odd hours and wake up at ungodly ones just when you finally managed to catch a few winks.

Well, it doesn’t hurt to introduce a few boundaries and sense of time in their young lives, because if you are lucky, they will catch a rhythm that they will follow for the rest of their lives. Time to invest in the best kids’ alarm clock! The trick is to get one that will not only gently nudge them to wake, but one that also that does interesting things that only toddler could love; like radiate warms colors and chime in nice little ways. 

Too tired to scour the web for the best? We have you covered. 

Reviews – Best Alarm Clock For Kids

Reviews – Best Alarm Clock For Kids

10. Kids Alarm Clock – Lielongren

Kids Alarm Clock – Lielongren

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This alarm clock from LIELONGREN that is shaped like an egg comes in two colors – light green and a cute mild pink, making it appropriate for both boys and girls. To make it even more exciting for kids, the clock changes colors to capture the sun as it rises, from a warm white to a bright white when the sun is fully up. These changes, from 10% to 100%, happen an hour to the time of the alarm going off, in intervals of 5 minutes. 

By simply taping the top of the clock, you can change the brightness of colors in nine settings so you have Soft, Moderate, and Bright. The color button on the face of the clock also allows it to change from a simple white to a mild pink and even ocean blue and magic purple. A dual alarm lets you set two different timers; like one for weekdays and another for weekends alone. You won’t have to make changes every time. The price is lenient, material great and the shape is ergonomic.


  • Egg-shaped with abilities to change colors at the touch of a button. 
  • Dual alarms and snooze function that delays the alarm by nine minutes. 
  • Nine brightness settings. 

9. DC Comics LCD Alarm Clock

DC Comics LCD Alarm Clock

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When your kid is fascinated by action figures, they could appreciate this Digital batman LCD clock, especially if their favorite hero is Batman. All black with a large display at the front, this clock is easy to use, settings are straightforward, and the readings are large. It is quite small and will fit on the bedside table effortlessly so your child can access it easily each time they want to make any changes. 

This clock requires two AA batteries that are not included in the package, and has analog movement that most kids have no problem reading. Though the material can take a fall since it is plastic, this clock is not waterproof and so submersion in water will ruin it completely. 

It measures 11.9 x 8.8 x 4.9 inches and weighs 15.2 ounces with a 50 millimeter thickness that makes it quite sturdy to place on a bedside table. It is ideal for both boys and girls, and best for kids over 4 years since it doesn’t have as many color perks as pothers meant for younger babies.


  • Made of hard plastic. 
  • The movement is analog with a large display at the front. 
  • Not waterproof. 

8. Children’s Night Lights

Children's Night Lights

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From Anmones is this little light alarm that is ideal for both boys and girls, and even better for those below 3, thanks to its many features and cute design.  This bunny lamp has six ringtones that can be adjusted in volume by up to 5 levels, and the lights keep changing to keep your little one occupied as they try to go back to sleep. 

Made of ABS material, this clock is easy to handle as it is also quite small, and the material makes it safe for your kid’s room. The screen display is activated by touch or when you set it to ring beyond 56 dB, and will display for 10 seconds before going off. You can set this display to happen every hour or 30 minutes depending on amount of time your child needs to fall asleep. 

Thanks to its magnetic adsorption, this little lamp can be placed anywhere including hanging on walls. It uses a rechargeable 2000mA Lithium battery that you can charge using a cable that is part of the package.

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  • The bottom part has magnetic absorption.
  • The alarm can be lit up by touch or setting it to ring at over 56dB.
  • ABS material that is child-safe but not waterproof. 

7. Tommee Tippee Groclock

Tommee Tippee Groclock

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Most parents who have used Gro Clock must really love it because it is an award winner for sleep training. One of the features on this clock that has made Gro Clock popular is the use of stars and moons to signify changing times of the night, and the little sun that comes on when it’s time to wake up. When left on, stars appear and disappear throughout the night to show how time works. As much as it is an alarm clock, it also teaches kids some things about the universe. Just before morning, the clock’s display changes to orange.

Dual settings allow you to set different schedules for weekdays and weekends. It operates silently though the night and will only let out audible sounds when the alarm goes off. Sound quality is great as is screen brightness which can be adjusted with the touch of a button. You can set time for a nap too if you are training a toddler.

This alarm clock is hooked to a power source at all times since it does not use batteries. The bottom part is sturdy to hold it in place on a bedside table.


  • Dual alarm settings. 
  • Silent operation and a large display at the front. 
  • Is hooked to a power source whenever in use. 

6. Alarm Clock from Mesqool

Alarm Clock from Mesqool

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This simplistic alarm clock from Mesqool is best for teens and pre-teens. With a large LED display and great sound quality that can be adjusted to suit even the heaviest sleeper, this alarm clock is one of the market’s most minimalist products. It changes colors to seven of the selected ones at the touch of the button conveniently placed on its face. You can switch from cobalt blue, to Sky blue then Oyster White, Beige, or even Shocking Pink, Khaki, and Emerald Green. This makes it appeal to both boys and girls. 

The snooze button, large and easy to reach even with eyes closed, allows you nine more minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off again.  On the 7” LED Display, you have options to change brightness to what suits you best. Thanks to dual settings, you can set different alarms for different occasions. It sits perfectly on table tops and will not be toppled easily even when you operate it half a sleep. It comes with a rechargeable battery that you charge using a USB cable, and you also get back-up for emergencies.


  • Rechargeable battery with backup. 
  • Changes colors to up to seven. 
  • Large LED display.

5. Stoplight Sleep Clock

Stoplight Sleep Clock

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It’s About Time’s alarm clock takes the shape of traffic lights complete with the three lights and a boy in a little truck at the front. When the light turns red, toddlers know it is time to sleep, right after being prepared for this by the orange light. Green means times to wake up. You have optional gentle beeps to wake your child up when its time, but the light is sufficient. This alarm clock is reasonably big but has the ideal flat bottom for placing it on a flat surface.

This alarm clock not only guides kids on their sleeping schedules, but it also teaches then traffic rules even before they start school. The only the three traffic lights are available, and you can use orange as night light since it is pretty mild. There is no mention of Bluetooth connectivity or a variation of melodies, but it works just fine. The price is one of this clock’s best features.


  • Has a traffic-like theme, complete with lights and a car. 
  • Flat base for placing on tables. 
  • Quite large. 
  • Orange light can be left on as night light. 

4. Clock on Wheels

Clock on Wheels

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Clocky’s Clock on Wheels is the real deal for kids fascinated by cars. It is also designed for heavy sleepers with its extra loud buzz that you can adjust to your liking, and it is one of the only alarm clocks for kids on the market that will jump off a 3-feet nightstand to roll under your bed just so you don’t abuse the snooze button. 

Thanks to two large wheels, this clock imitates a robot cleaner. It can roll, move on carpeted and wooden floors as long as there are no obstacles, and even change direction mid-run just to do its job. It is ideal for those who snooze a lot and anyone who needs a little motivation to get out of bed. Little kids below 3 years may not enjoy it much, but pre-teens and teens will find it fascinating. The clock lights up when the alarm goes off and starts its run around the room, but you can still snooze it once for 1-8 minutes.



  • Has two large wheels.
  • It jumps off a 3-feet nightstand and rolls off the floor.
  • The screen lights up when the alarm goes off.
  • Snoozes for between 1 and 8 minutes. 

3. Skip Hop Dream

Skip Hop Dream

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This alarm clock by Kip Hop is ideal for toddlers, thanks to its design and functionality. Made to sit comfortably on a flat surface, the body – designed as a cloud – is white, bottom part ocean-blue, and a little sun peeps on the side to give the impression of a sunrise. In its 4-in-1 design, the cloud lights up in this way to guide the child; Red – tells them it’s time for bed while Yellow gets them ready to wake up.  Green is the final light that lets your kid know it is time to get up, and that’s how it doubles up as a sleep trainer.

A 20-minute glow gently shines to let the toddler know what time it is and what they should be doing, and levels of brightness are adjustable. It also plays lullabies in two sounds – white noise and gentle rain – to nudge the little one.


  • Has three lights that turn on for 20 minutes when the alarm rings. 
  • The clock has lullabies and two kinds of sounds – white noise and gentle rain.
  • Has an auto-save mode that allows the light to stay on and music to play for 20 minutes before going off. 

2. Big Red Rooster

Big Red Rooster

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This alarm also doubles up as a sleep trainer ideal for toddlers who are still learning to stay in bed longer than 5 am. It is ideally a ball held by a puppy, making it adorable and appealing to little kids. When the alarm goes off, the ball turns green to let the little one know they should be getting up. It remains red at night to signify bedtime. Because the quality of the ball is great, brightness can be adjusted to suit your preference. 

It has two alarms for weekly and weekend schedules, and there is the nap timer that you can change at will. The settings compartment is hidden to prevent kids from changing these at will, and the base of the clock allows it to be set on a flat surface effortlessly.


  • It has two alarms and a nap timer. 
  • The settings compartment is hidden from kids. 
  • Designed as a ball held by a puppy. 
  • Uses batteries. 

1. LittleHippo Mella

LittleHippo Mella

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Round and cute with a large display on the face, this alarm clock works as a sleep trainer too for toddlers. Mella, as this particular creation is called, turns yellow with a slight smile half an hour from waking up time. It turns green to let the toddler know they can get out of bed. 

Mella has five mild colors that can rotate through the night and three sounds that chime gently to nudge a heavy sleeper up. It is made of ABS and silicone which are safe for kids and the manufacturer throws in a year’s satisfaction guarantee. 


  • Mella has three sounds to choose from and 5 colors. 
  • Made of ABS and silicone. 
  • Uses facial expressions and color to help a child stay in bed longer. 

Buying Guide for Kids’ Alarm Clocks

When looking for the best kids’ alarm clock, these are some of the features we consider vital.

Age-Appropriate Clock

Most of the kids’ clocks on the market are made for age groups 3-13, and so you will want to ensure the one you pick is right for your child’s age. If they are still in fascinated with robots, you will get one with the exact feature, or they could be into minimalist ideas. The more the clock appeals to them, the more likely they are to use it. You may also look for one with a sleep trainer or with settings for naps if the little one is pretty young. 

Features and Functions

A desirable kids’ clock is not only about time and alarms, but it should also be exciting with features likely to get your kid all happy. You are looking at a display that is easy to read and settings you can easily control. When the kid is a little older and able to manipulate those settings by themselves, they will feel more in charge of their schedules, something that most parents want.  

Bluetooth connectivity is a perk you want especially when your child is still sleep-training so you can send them back to sleep with melodies selected from various platforms. 


The material that makes the clock should be sturdy and able to withstand a fall because a kids’ item is likely to fall a few times. You want an item that can be passed on to other kids after yours has outgrown it, and so you should be prepared to spend a little more for quality. 

The quality of sound also matters as nothing is more traumatizing, even for an adult, than being awoken by shrill sounds when you were dead asleep. Go for a clock whose settings allow you to control the volume and other features. 

Other Considerations

Most people will look at the budget because a kids’ alarm clock is only going to be used for a few years. If your child is at the initial stages of their life, they will outgrow a sleep-trainer as soon as they get in the rhythm, which could be in a year, and so you don’t want to spend all your money on a product that was only useful for such a short period. Still, you don’t want to shop for the cheapest that will come apart or have horrible sound quality in the name of saving a few dollars. Online reviews from parents who have used these products before offer some great insight.

Should the brand matter? Not so much because some of the less-known products are also great. Most alarm clocks will have a negligible period of warranty, but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker as long as the product is made of great material. 

As for their operation, most alarm clocks use 3AA or 4AA batteries, and the only thing you need to check is whether they are included in the package. They are also easily available online and in stores, so that shouldn’t be an issue. 

FAQs – Best Alarm Clocks for Kids

Q: Do I really need an alarm clock for my child? 

A: They are not mandatory, but they are a good way to teach kids how to tell time with their cute colors and sounds. They also show the difference between analog and digital clocks. If your kid is a light sleeper that wakes up at all odd hours of the night, you can, through Bluetooth connectivity, play them soothing melodies that will knock them easily back to sleep or keep them occupied. Heavy sleepers are gently awakened by the chimes. 

Q: Are all kids’ alarms the same? 

A: No, they are age-dependent. At the youngest age when they are still sleep-training, they will need the kind of clock that tells them when to wake up and when it is time for bed. These wake-up clocks are quite beneficial even though the kid will take a bit of time to get used to following these new directions. As they grow, the clocks get a little more creative and melodies change to challenge a more developed brain. 

Q: Who benefits more from a kids’ clock between parents and the child? 

A: Both parties benefit immensely from this invention. When toddler can’t sleep, parents have to endure hours of lost sleep too as their little ones wander into their beds and make it impossible to get back to sleep. An alarm clock restores order especially after the child has learned how to use it so that everyone can get their night’s sleep.

Q: When should my child stop using their alarm clock? 

A: When they are finally able to sleep through the night and wake up without intervention. There is no time limit since we still use alarm clocks even as adults, but the overly decorated kind with childish melodies and colors can be put away after your kid hits five because even they will be too grown to be impressed by some features. 

Wrap Up

Found a design that speaks your baby’s language? The alarm clocks we reviewed are ideal for kids at their various stages of life, and some can even be used for a few years. They have varied features and price ranges, and they are all available online. We only reviewed products from verified sellers and renowned brands to give you as many options as possible.

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